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Carl Rungius painting in his studio

Carl Rungius fonds

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Series 1 Textual records. -- 1882-1962
Series 2 Photographs. -- 1885-[ca. 1950]


Series 1

Textual records. -- 1882-1962

M-1084 History and genealogy of the Rungius family (in German). -- 1933. -- Written by Carl Rungius. Includes his English translation.
M-1085 Correspondence (in German). -- 1922-1925, 1961-1962. -- Consists of letters from Carl Rungius to his mother (1922-1925), including English translations; and letters written to Elizabeth Fulda about Carl Rungius (1961-1962). Includes a brief history of the "Pfarrhaus Britz" (Rungius family home).
M-1086-1Correspondence, report cards, etc. (in German). -- 1882-1893. -- Regarding education and family activities.
M-1086-2Letter from brother, Heini (inGerman). -- 1900. -- Consists of a letter about family activities, with two butterfly paintings attached. Includes an English translation.
M-1086-3Correspondence. -- 1904-1909. -- Regarding paintings, and hunting in the Yukon and Alaska. Includes letters from Frederic Remington, and a permit to take animal specimens from the Yukon.
M-1086-4Correspondence. -- 1913-1918. -- Regarding meeting with Theodore Roosevelt, articles about Rungius, election as association member of National Academy of Design, copies of paintings, wife's (Louise's) trip back from Europe during the war, election as life member of National Arts Club, congratulations on paintings, and participation in art shows. Includes letters from William T. Hornaday.
M-1086-5Correspondence. -- 1920-1929. -- Regarding paintings, election as academician of National Academy of Design, prizes received for paintings, and membership in various organizations. Includes letter from William T. Hornaday, regarding changes in his painting style; letter from Kermit Roosevelt regarding pandas; and letters to Louise Rungius from her niece, Ruth.
M-1086-6Correspondence. -- 1930-1939. -- Regarding family activities, sale of paintings, relations with William T. Hornaday, investments, donation of painting to University of Chicago, and membership in Alberta Society of Artists. Includes letters to Louise Rungius from her niece, Ruth.
M-1086-7Correspondence. -- 1938. -- Consists of letters to Louise Rungius from her niece, Ruth.
M-1086-8Correspondence. -- 1940. -- Consists of condolence letters to Carl Rungius on the death of his wife, Louise Fulda Rungius.
M-1086-9Correspondence. -- 1941-1944. -- Regarding donation to Seton hospital in Jasper, and William G, Sheldon's service in the Second World War.
M-1086-10Correspondence. -- 1940-1949. -- Regarding weapon permit, family activities, resignation from Camp Fire Club of America, paintings, sketches, trip to Alaska, and skull specimens.
M-1086-11Correspondence (in German). -- 1946-1949. -- From relatives in Germany.
M-1086-12Correspondence. -- 1951-1953. -- Regarding paintings and friends' activities.
M-1086-13Correspondence. -- 1954-1957. -- Regarding bank account, investments, friends' activities, membership in associations, prints of paintings, shipments to Eric Harvie, and testimony for artists magazine.
M-1086-14Telegrams. -- 1955. -- Extending good wishes to Carl Rungius on his 85th birthday.
M-1086-15Correspondence. -- nd. -- Regarding friends' activities. Some letters incomplete.
M-1086-16Wyoming game licence. -- 1898
M-1086-17Carl and Louise Rungius' wills. -- 1912-1941
M-1086-18Carl Rungius' will. -- 1958
M-1086-19Hotel and meal receipts, Europe trip. -- 1911
M-1086-20Menus, etc. -- 1934. -- Includes material from Empress of Japan, Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Canadian Pacific Railway, and Moana-Seaside Hotel.
M-1086-21Menu from Desert Inn, Palm Springs. -- 1936
M-1086-22Hotel and restaurant brochures and receipt, Europe trip. -- nd
M-1086-23Certificates of copyright (Library of Congress) for three moose paintings. -- 1908, 1909, 1912. -- See also M-1086-86-89.
M-1086-24Copyright application forms (Library of Congress). -- nd
M-1086-25Contract for land sale by Margaret Fulda, New York. -- 1914
M-1086-26Allegheny Corporation bonds circular. -- 1941
M-1086-27Royalty statement. -- 1947-1950
M-1086-28Financial papers. -- 1953-1954. -- Includes bank statement and invoices.
M-1086-29Bank books. -- [ca. 1922-1930]
M-1086-30American Tobacco Company investment circular. -- 1956
M-1086-31Catalogue of Weber Artists Materials. -- 1934. -- Badly stained.
M-1086-32Trail rides. -- 1937, 1938, 1941 and nd. -- Consists of Certificate of Life Membership in the Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies (nd); ticket for Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies annual ride (1937); and programs for trail rides of the Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies (1938, 1941)and Skyline Hikers of the Canadian Rockies (1941).
M-1086-33Weddings. -- 1934-1940 and nd. -- Consists of invitation to wedding of Belle Wyatt Roosevelt and John G. Palfrey, Jr.; and announcements of marriages of Ruth Fulda to George A. Wacker, and Catherine M. Simpson to Paul V. Brown.
M-1086-34Bills for Louise Rungius' funeral expenses, New York. -- 1940
M-1086-35Second World War ration books. -- [ca. 1940s]. -- In Carl Rungius' name.
M-1086-36Licences. -- 1930-1949. -- Includes driver's, fishing, and radio licences.
M-1086-37Booklets. -- 1949-1957. -- Showing prize winning trophies in the North American big game competition sponsored by the Boone and Crocket club.
M-1086-38Catalogue: "Salon of Fine Arts". -- 1961. -- Of art exhibition held at the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, which featured Annora Brown, Carl Rungius, and Ernest Tonk.
M-1086-39"The Yukon Valley" (poem). -- nd. -- Written by M.E. Merrill, who was inspired by the Carl Rungius painting, "On Yukon Waters".
M-1086-40School notes for Greek studies. -- nd
M-1086-41Social calendars and sundry papers. -- 1926-1956. -- Includes Louise Rungius' social calendars (one line per day) for their time spent in Banff every summer (ca. 1926-1935). Also includes birthday card, newsclipping regarding Canadian troop in Germany, Barbados advertisements, and notes regarding painting.
M-1086-42Christmas cards sent to Carl Rungius. -- nd
M-1086-43Christmas card sent to Carl Rungius. -- nd. -- Featuring works by Adolph Alexander Weinman.
M-1086-44Christmas cards sent to Carl Rungius. -- nd. -- 4 items. -- Featuring original paintings by Philip R. Goodwin.
M-1086-45Christmas cards sent by Carl Rungius. -- nd. -- Featuring his own paintings.
M-1086-46Birthday cards sent to Carl Rungius. -- nd
M-1086-47Louise Fulda's postcards from friends and family. -- 1893- 1904. -- Predominantly from Germany, and in German.
M-1086-48Bark postcard fromYukon. -- 1904. -- Sent to Louise Fulda by Carl Rungius.
M-1086-49Postcard to Carl Rungius (in German). -- 1912. -- From a Rungius relative.
M-1086-50Postcards from Three Islands Camp, Quebec. -- 1936-1954. - - Regarding Carl Rungius' ongoing orders for fresh salmon.
M-1086-51Postcards from family and friends. -- 1936-1956 and nd
M-1086-52Zero Club membership card. -- nd
M-1086-53Membership cards, etc.. -- 1942-1959. -- Consists of memberships for the New York Zoological Society (1949), Salmagundi Club (1942), and Boone and Crockett Club (1959). Includes meal ticket for Mount Royal Hotel, Banff (1949).
M-1086-54"The German Peasant" (essay). -- [ca. 1903]. -- Probably written by Carl Rungius.
M-1086-55"Hunting the Mountain Caribou" by Carl Rungius. -- nd. -- Consists of two handwritten versions, and a typewritten version.
M-1086-56W.W. Denslow sketch: "Oliver, drummer of the guards". -- [ca. 1890s]. -- Given to Carl Rungius.
M-1086-57Sketches given to Carl Runguis. -- 1944 and nd. -- Consists of a sketch by Svoboda, entitled "Rungius - The Great Rough Mountain Man" (1944); and a sketch of a harbour by M. Bampard [?] (nd).
M-1086-58Painting notes and small sketches by Roland Gissing. -- [ca. 1955]. -- Includes page of notes about "Rungius Tecknique" [sic]. See also M-1086-85 and M 1986/90.
M-1086-59Clemens F. Fulda's certificate of naturalization. -- 1892
M-1086-60Louise Fulda Rungius' personal papers. -- 1905-1907, 1940. -- Consists of her Columbia University graduation program and student cards (1905-1907); and her funeral program (1940).
M-1086-61"Lessing and Pseudo-Classicism" (essay). -- [ca. 1905-1907]. -- Written by Louise Fulda.
M-1086-62Catalogues of art shows by Elizabeth Fulda. -- nd
M-1086-63Elizabeth Fulda's autobiography (handwritten). -- 1962
M-1086-64Elizabeth Fulda's autobiography (typewritten). -- 1962
M-1086-65Biography of Carl Rungius by Elizabeth Fulda (handwritten). -- 1962
M-1086-66Biography of Carl Rungius by Elizabeth Fulda (typewritten). -- 1962
M-1086-67Photographs of Rungius' paintings. -- nd. -- A miscellaneous selection. See PA-1875 for an extensive set of photographs of his paintings.
M-1086-68Newsclippings and journal articles, featuring works by Carl Rungius. -- 1902-1936 and nd
M-1086-69Newsclippings. -- 1896-1956 and nd. -- Regarding paintings, awards and shows.
M-1086-70Newsclippings. -- 1911 and nd. -- Regarding Charles Beil, James A. Hutchinson, and Elizabeth Beardsley Butler.
M-1086-71Newsclippings about Carl Rungius. -- 1932-1964 and nd
M-1086-72Biographical sketches and newsclippings. -- 1930-1973 and nd. -- Regarding the life and works of Carl Rungius.
M-1086-73Newsclippings about the death of Carl Rungius. -- 1959
M-1086-74Newsclippings featuring big game animals. -- 1907-1964 and nd
M-1086-75Newsclippings. -- 1896-1948. -- Regarding Elizabeth Fulda, big game, and paintings.
M-1086-76Certificates. -- 1922, 1946, 1949 and nd. -- Consists of certificates from the New York Zoological Society (1922 and 1946), National Geographic Society (1949), and State of California (nd).
M-1086-77Sale of paintings. -- 1925-1938. -- Consists of correspondence between Rungius and agent, Arthur H. Harlow and Company.
M-1086-78Boy Scouts of America. -- 1927-1942. -- Consists of correspondence, including invitation from Theodore Roosevelt to become an Honorary Scout.
M-1086-79Pamphlets and catalogues showing Rungius' art. -- 1905- 1959. -- From the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, Arthur H. Harlow and Company, American Bison Society, Camp Fire Club of America, and others.
M-1086-80Carl Rungius' handwritten manuscripts. -- nd. -- Entitled: "Goat or Hoodoo"; "Alberta"; "My Studio Home in Alberta"; "Studio. My Home in Alberta"; "Wyoming"; "Big Game"; "N.B." (New Brunswick); and "Wyo. later part".
M-1086-81Articles from German hunting magazines. -- 1912, 1936. -- About wildlife, hunting and Alberta.
M-1086-82Carl Rungius' military pass book. -- 1891-1903
M-1086-83Letter regarding the design of an insignia for the Royal Canadian Air Force. -- 1942
M-1086-84Contract between William J. Schaldach and Carl Rungius. -- [ca. 1940s]. -- For the writing of a biography of Carl Rungius.
M-1086-85Roland Gissing's painting notebook. -- 1944
M-1086-86Certificates of copyright (Library of Congress) for elk paintings. -- 1906-1908
M-1086-87Certificates of copyright (Library of Congress) for antelope paintings. -- 1902-1906
M-1086-88Certificates of copyright (Library of Congress) for lion paintings. -- 1905-1908
M-1086-89Certificates of copyright (Library of Congress) for miscellaneous paintings. -- 1905-1909
M-1086-90Roland Gissing's paint colour samples. -- nd
M-1086-91Plates from publications featuring work by Rungius and others. -- nd
M-1086-92Skyline Trail and Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies. -- 1925-1950. -- Consists of miscellaneous issues of the journals of Skyline Hikers of the Canadian Rockies, and Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies.
M-1086-93Periodicals with references to Rungius. -- 1929- 1942
M-1086-94Newsclippings. -- nd. -- Regarding Carl Rungius, C.D. LaNauze, Dr. Harlow Brooks, and art shows.
M-1086-95"Wild West" diary (in German). -- [ca. 1890s]. -- Kept by Carl Rungius during and early trip to the west.
M-1086-96Scrapbook of Louise Fulda. -- [ca. 1884-1910]. -- Includes Fulda family photographs.
M-1086-97Scrapbook of Harry Fulda. -- [ca. 1884-1910]. -- Includes Fulda family photographs.
M-1086-98Carl and Louise Rungius' certificates. -- 1903-1920. -- Consists of Louise's diploma from Packer Collegiate Institute, New York (1903); Louise's BA diploma from Adelphi College, New York (1905); marriage certificate for Carl and Louise Fulda (1907); Carl's life membership for the New York Zoological Society (1910); Carl's associate level certificate for the National Academy of Design (1913); Louise's diploma from Columbia University (1916); Carl's academician level certificate for the National Academy of Design (1920).
M-1086-99Autographed fly leaves from a book by Rungius. -- nd
M-1086-100Two paint-colour sample boards. -- nd
M-1086-101Miscellany. -- 1896, 1897 and nd. -- Consists of menu for testimonial dinner to Dr. Fridtjof Nansen (1897); infantry regiment certificate (1896); Blackfoot speech regarding Rungius (nd).
M-1086-102 Magazine articles about Carl Rungius, or featuring his art. - - 1902, 1926, 1929. -- Includes Shooting and Fishing, Christmas Number, 1902, which featured a photograph of Rungius doing a moose painting. See also photograph NA-4877-1.
M-1086-103Sky Line Hikers of the Canadian Rockies posters for trail rides. -- 1938-1939. -- Featuring Rungius art.
M-4843-52 Letters from Carl Rungius to Elizabeth Rungius (in German). -- 1898-1905. -- Consists of six letters, primarily about their wildlife art. Includes English translations of four of the letters. Includes linocut Christmas Card by Elisabeth Fulda.
M-7493 Letters from Carl Rungius to Rainer Rungius (in German) . -- 1948-1949. -- Photocopies only.
AR-9 Six colour prints by Samuel T. Shaw. -- 1911-1917

Series 2

Photographs. -- 1885-[ca. 1950]

Many of the photographs have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.


Photographs of Carl Rungius' paintings (black and white prints)

PA-1875-(1-10) Rungius' paintings of Wyoming.
PA-1875-(11-17)Rungius' paintings of pack trains.
PA-1875-(18-53)Rungius' paintings of bears.
PA-1875-(54-82)Rungius' paintings of caribou.
PA-1875-(83-88)Rungius' paintings of deer.
PA-1875-(89-118)Rungius' paintings of elk.
PA-1875-(119-137)Rungius' paintings of mountain goats.
PA-1875-(138-151)Rungius' paintings of moose in pairs or families, left- side views.
PA-1875-(152-164)Rungius' paintings of moose in pairs or families, right-side views.
PA-1875-(165-207)Rungius' paintings of moose, left-side views.
PA-1875-(208-248)Rungius' paintings of moose, right-side views.
PA-1875-(249-253)Rungius' paintings of moose, charging or in action.
PA-1875-(254-266)Rungius' paintings of Dall sheep.
PA-1875-(267-311)Rungius' paintings of bighorn sheep.
PA-1875-(312-316)Rungius' paintings of pronghorn (antelope).
PA-1875-(317-340)Rungius' painting for the New York Zoological Society.
PA-1875-(341-354)Rungius' paintings of mountain scenery.


Photographs of animals

PA-1875-(355-399)Assorted animals.
PA-1875-(413-477)Deer, alive and dead.
PA-1875-(478-603)Elk, alive and dead.
PA-1875-(604-678)Moose, alive in water.
PA-1875-(679-797)Moose, alive in groups, close ups, in distance.
PA-1875-(798-871)Moose, dead in wilds.
PA-1875-(872-1000)Moose, stuffed and strung up.
PA-1875-(1001-1027)Dall sheep, alive, dead, stuffed.
PA-1875-(1028-1088)Bighorn sheep.
PA-1875-(1089-1148)Bighorn sheep, pairs in wilds and captivity.
PA-1875-(1149-1212)Bighorn sheep, dead and stuffed.
PA-1875-(1213-1224)"Foreign" sheep (not North American)
PA-1875-(1225-1330)Bighorn sheep in groups in wilds.
PA-1875-(1331-1336)Pronghorn (antelope).
PA-1875-(1337-1355)Walrus, dead and alive.
PA-1875-(1356-1360)Carl Rungius' hunting trophies.
PA-1875-(1361-1472)Animal pictures from magazines and newspapers; postcards of western landscapes.


Photographs of landscapes

PA-1875-(1473-1517)American West, probably Wyoming.
PA-1875-(1518-1555)New Brunswick, 1905. [Some of Yukon trip may be mixed in.]
PA-1875-(1556-1580)Western Canada, 1910. [Other trip pictures may be mixed in at end.]
PA-1875-(1581-1622)Banff, including "The Paint Box" and other studios.
PA-1875-(1623-1671)Canadian mountain scenes with water.
PA-1875-(1672-1809)Canadian Rockies in spring or early summer.
PA-1875-(1810-1898)Canadian Rockies in summer.
PA-1875-(1899-1968)Canadian Rockies with snow cover.
PA-1875-(1969-2109)Rocky Mountain terrain at close range.
PA-1875-(2110-2187)Mountain views selected by Carl Rungius and marked "Goat and Sheep Landscape".
PA-1875-(2188-2298)Trees at close range, showing stumps, fallen trees, brush and shrubs.
PA-1875-(2299-2369)Trees, mostly evergreens, in summer and winter.
PA-1875-(2370-2462)Landscapes for landscape painting.


Family photographs

PA-1875-(2463-2473)Fulda family.
PA-1875-(2474-2506)Rungius family.
PA-1875-(2507-2529)Unidentified family members.
PA-1875-(2530-2553)Fulda family branch in USA.
PA-1875-(2554-2603)Louise Fulda Rungius
PA-1875-(2604-2674)Carl Rungius
PA-1875-(2675-2714)Carl Rungius with friends.
PA-1875-(2715-2762)Friends of Carl Rungius.
PA-1875-(2763-2766)Sculpture (bust of Carl Rungius by Sonja Grandmaison).


Photographs of hunting trips, round-ups, pack trains, and hikes

PA-1875-(2767-2774)Wyoming and Yukon hunting trips.
PA-1875-(2775-2783)Trips to Wyoming to Ira Dodge Ranch to hunt, 1900-1902.
PA-1875-(2784-2832)Carl Rungius trip to MacMillan River in the Yukon, 1904.
PA-1875-(2833-2942)Carl Rungius trip to Yukon, 1904. Views on the water and at the camp site.
PA-1875-(2943-2952)Early camping and hunting trips, New Brunswick and Wyoming.
PA-1875-(2953-3067)Cattle and horse round-up, Wyoming, 1912.
PA-1875-(3068-3166)Wyoming trips, ca. 1912, 1915.
PA-1875-(3167-3319)James Simpson pack trains, Canadian Rockies, after 1910.
PA-1875-(3320-3337)Banff Indian Days.
PA-1875-(3338-3421)Two fishing trips with friends on Columbia River, 1930s.
PA-1875-(3422-3447)Trip to Alaska, 1936, with many aerial views.
PA-1875-(3448-3546)Louise and Carl Rungius on trips to California.
PA-1875-(3547-3568)Carl Rungius trip to the "Ram", 1937.
PA-1875-(3569-3595)Miscellaneous hunting trips after 1936.
PA-1875-(3596-3774)Trail rides in Rockies, 1931-1937.
PA-1875-(3775-3938)Trail rides in Rockies, 1938-1941.
PA-1875-(3939-4084)Hikes and other trips, including Trail Hikers.
PA-1875-(4085-4281)Hikes, 1939-1942, 1955, and nd.


Large format photographs

PB-502-(1-33) Photographs of paintings.
PB-502-(34-44) Personal and family photographs.
PB-502-(45-72) Photographs of animals.


Framed photograph

PC- 165-1 Louise Rungius on horseback.


Carl Rungius' photograph albums (probably for reference purposes when painting)

PD-141-1Photograph album. -- 312 photoprints. -- Consists of views of camp scenes, winter scenes, dead wildlife.
PD-141-2Photograph album. -- 179 photoprints. -- Consists of views of mountain scenery, and camp scenes.
PD-141-3Photograph album. -- 198 photoprints. -- Consists of views of bears and caribou.
PD-141-4Photograph album. -- 188 photoprints. -- Consists of views of mountain scenery and dead wildlife.
PD-141-5Photograph album. -- 276 photoprints. -- Consists of views of mountain scenery and hunting scenes.
PD-141-6Photograph album. -- 244 photoprints. -- Consists of views of campsites, and panoramic mountain scenery, Alberta.
PD-141-7Photograph album. -- 246 photoprints. -- Consists of views of water and mountain scenery, hunting scenes, dead wildlife, Yukon trip, MacMillan River (1904). -- Loose pages; handle with care.
PD-141-8Photograph album. -- 210 photoprints. -- Consists of views of mountain scenery and dead wildlife.
PD-141-9Photograph album. -- 122 photoprints. -- Consists of views of moose, some alive, but most dead and arranged up for sketching.
PD-141-10Photograph album. -- 280 photoprints. -- Consists of views of landscapes, hunting scenes, and dead wildlife, New Brunswick.
PD-141-11Photograph album. -- 156 photoprints. -- Consists of views of mountain sheep.
PD-141-12Photograph album. -- 250 photoprints. -- Consists of views of mountain scenery, hunting scenes, dead wildlife. -- Loose pages; handle with care.
PD-141-13Photograph album. -- 267 photoprints. -- Consists of views of Lake region, dead wildlife, New Brunswick.
PD-141-14Photograph album. -- 187 photoprints. -- Consists of views of mountain scenery, including Lake Louise.


Louise Rungius' photograph albums

PD-141-15Photograph album. -- 100 photoprints. -- Consists of views of Louise Rungius camping in the Rockies with Jim Simpson's outfit. Includes some views of Jim Simpson's sisters.
PD-141-16Photograph album. -- 49 photoprints. -- Consists of views of Louise Rungius on horseback and camping in the mountains.


Presentation photograph albums

PD-141-17Photograph album: "To Carl Rungius with regards of James Simpson". -- 41 photoprints. -- Consists of views of captive wildlife, hunting shots, and mountain scenery. One image is dated "ca. 1910".
PD-141-18Photograph album: "Old Friends, Old Scenes, Old Thoughts". -- 8 photoprints. -- Consists of photographs of Carl Rungius' paintings, with poetry written on top.


NA-3466; NA-4877; NB-30; NC-49; ND-26 Original and copy negatives for many of the photographs described above.

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