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Riley and McCormick workshop, Calgary, [ca. 1930s]
Riley and McCormick workshop, [ca. 1930s]

Riley and McCormick fonds

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Table of Contents

indicates that the series includes scanned documents.

Series 1 Management meeting. -- 1975
Series 2Correspondence. -- 1964-2001
Series 3 Financial. -- 1912-1989
Series 4Advertising and promotion. -- 1960-2003
Series 5 Scanned Document Mail order catalogues. -- 1944-2003
Series 6 Suppliers. -- 1971-1981
Series 7 Miscellaneous. -- [ca.1948]-2001
Series 8 Newspaper clippings. -- [ca.1961]-2005
Series 9 Photographs. -- [ca.1930s-1981]


Series 1 Management meeting. -- 1975. -- .5 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of a single management meeting agenda.
M-9630-1 Management meeting agenda. -- 1975
Series 2 Correspondence. -- 1964-2001. -- 1 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of correspondence with customers, suppliers, potential partners, government, etc.
M-9630-2 Letters sent. -- 1964-2001. -- Includes a detailed letter from Carolyn Guichon to Calgary aldermen about the relocation of the Calgary Convention and Visitor's Bureau to the Riley and McCormick store on Stephen Avenue Walk (2001).
M-9630-3 Letters received. -- 1965-1999
M-9630-4 Correspondence between Urban Guichon and various government officials. -- 1968-1979
Series 3 Financial. -- 1912-1989. -- 20 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of account books and other financial material.
M-9630-5 Early inventory or stock book. -- n.d.
M-9630-6 Accounts book. -- 1912-1915
M-9630-7 Miscellaneous invoices and receipts. -- 1915-1965
M-9630-8 Annual listing of bad debts written off. -- 1922-1951
M-9630-9 Accounts and order book. -- 1930-1931, 1943. -- Includes loose sketch drawings and patterns relating to orders.
M-9630-10 Equipment and supplies. -- 1936-1955. -- Includes chattel mortgage between Geoffrey A. Brand and Palm Dairies Ltd. (1948).
M-9630-11 Bank of Montreal pass books. -- 1960-1967
M-9630-12 Insurance coverage. -- 1962-1967
M-9630-13 Annual report to the Registrar of Companies. -- 1963
M-9630-14 Financial re employees. -- 1963-1972. -- Re remuneration structure, unemployment insurance, etc.
M-9630-15 Employee group insurance plan. -- 1969
M-9630-16 Proposed employee pension benefit plans. -- 1970
M-9630-17 Proposed employee pension benefit program. -- 1977
M-9630-18 Proposed employee pension plan. -- 1981
M-9630-19 Lease of property to Gentrix Engineering Ltd. -- 1974-1980. -- Property located in the Alpine Building at 2009-10th Ave. S.W.
M-9630-20 Analysis of mail order catalogue sales. -- 1989
Series 4 Advertising and promotion. -- 1960-2003. -- 66 cm of textual records. -- 45 sound recordings. -- The series consists of mock-up and real advertisements, artwork, photos, recordings, etc. relating to store promotions, sales and advertising campaigns, and examples of advertisements that appeared in print (mainly newspapers and magazines) and on the radio.
M-9630-70 Advertising and promotion. -- 1960
M-9630-21 Advertising and promotion. -- 1972-1979
M-9630-71 Advertising and promotion. -- 1976-[ca.1979]
M-9630-22 Advertising and promotion. -- 1980-1984
M-9630-23 Advertising and promotion. -- 1980-1984
M-9630-72 Advertising and promotion. -- 1980-1984
M-9630-24 Advertising and promotion. -- 1990-1999
M-9630-25 Advertising and promotion. -- [ca.2000]
M-9630-73 Advertising and promotion. -- [ca.2001].
M-9630-26 Advertisements that appeared in print. -- 1960-[ca.1965]
M-9630-27 Advertisements that appeared in print. -- 1970-1979
M-9630-28 Advertisements that appeared in print. -- 1980-1988
M-9630-29 Advertisements that appeared in print. -- 1993-1999
M-9630-30 Advertisements that appeared in print. -- 2000-2003.
RCT-990-(1-45) Advertisements recorded for the radio. -- 1974-[ca.1981]. -- 10 audio cassettes. -- 35 audio reels.
Series 5 Mail order catalogues. -- 1944-2003. -- 22.5 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of catalogues, order forms, files relating to catalogue production and mail orders received in 1944 and 1968. Note: See also Glenbow Library Trade Catalogues for early Riley and McCormick mail order catalogues, including 1916, 1917, 1917-1918, 1918-1919, 1919-1920, 1920-1921, 1921, 1922, 1923, 1924, 1925, 1926-1927, 1928, 1935, 1937?, 1938, etc.
M-9630-31 Mail order catalogues. -- 1948-1955
M-9630-32 Mail order catalogues. -- 1961-1969. -- Includes Riley & McCormick's Cowboy Catalogue, 60th Anniversary Issue, 1901-1961, which features western shirts, bola ties, denim jeans (Levis, Wranglers, Lee, GWG), belt buckles, cowboy boots, cowboy hats, leather purses, chaps, spurs, horse bits, saddle blankets, lariats, farrier tools, halters, bridles, reins, stirrups, packhorse equipment and saddles. Scanned Document View now.
M-9630-33 Mail order catalogues. -- 1970-1974
M-9630-34 Mail order catalogues. -- 1980-1989
M-9630-35 Mail order catalogues. -- 1990-1999
M-9630-36 Mail order catalogues. -- 2000-2003
M-9630-37 1975 mail order catalogue production. -- 1975-1975
M-9630-38 1976 mail order catalogue production. -- 1975
M-9630-39 1977 mail order catalogue production. -- 1977
M-9630-40 Mail orders. -- 1944 and n.d.
M-9630-41 Mail orders. -- December 1967
M-9630-42 Mail orders. -- January 1968
M-9630-43 Mail orders. -- February 1968
M-9630-44 Mail orders. -- March 1968
M-9630-45 Mail orders. -- April 1968
M-9630-46 Mail orders. -- May 1968
M-9630-47 Mail orders. -- June 1968
M-9630-48 Mail orders. -- July 1968
M-9630-49 Mail orders. -- August 1968
M-9630-50 Mail orders. -- September 1968
Series 6 Suppliers. -- 1971-1981. -- 1 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of information, catalogue listings, price lists and correspondence with various suppliers.
M-9630-51 Suppliers: Argentina. -- 1978-1979
M-9630-52 Suppliers: Columbia. -- 1979
M-9630-53 Suppliers: Montana Historical Society. -- 1971-1981
Series 7 Miscellaneous. -- [ca.1948]-2001. -- 8 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of files arranged alphabetically that relate to various aspects of the business including textile labelling regulations, boot quotas, shipping and transport, signage, Riley and McCormick's 100th anniversary, etc.
M-9630-54 Alberta Culture: Early business questionnaire (blank). -- 1982-1983
M-9630-55 Consumer and Corporate Affairs Canada re textile labelling regulations. -- 1981
M-9630-56 Downtown Business Redevelopment Zone minutes and meetings. -- 1987-1990
M-9630-57 Export and Import Permits Act re boot quotas. -- 1980-1981
M-9630-58 Forms, letterhead, etc. -- [ca.1960s]-1983
M-9630-59 Miscellaneous. -- [ca.1948-1949]-1999. -- Includes keys to the Riley and McCormick booth at the Stampede, and a sign to accompany a saddle made by Riley and McCormick for presentation to Toronto Mayor Hiram McCallum by the City of Calgary (ca.1948-1949).
M-9630-60 Miscellaneous information for store employees. -- [ca.1960s-1980s]. -- Includes guide "English Saddlery Product Knowledge," and information about shoplifters and shoplifting.
M-9630-61 New store proposal (Pincher Creek location). -- 1975
M-9630-62 Riley and McCormick 100th anniversary. -- 2001. -- Includes historical timeline and "The History of Riley and McCormick as recounted by Mary Isabelle McCormick Guichon."
M-9630-63 Shipping and transport. -- 1982
M-9630-64 Signage. -- 1967-1974. -- For new and existing store.
M-9630-74 Signs. -- [ca.1970s-ca.1980s]. -- Consists of signs advertising prices and sales offers, and a sign to accompany boots purchased from Riley and McCormick by Vincent Fias in 1949 and donated back to the company by him for display purposes.
Series 8 Newspaper clippings. -- [ca.1961]-2005. -- 6 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of newspaper articles about the history and development of Riley and McCormick. For additional clippings about co-founder Eneas McCormick, see M-6640-4 (McCormick Family Fonds). For additional clippings about later owners of the family business, Mary McCormick Guichon, Urban Guichon and family, see M-6491-(33-36) (Mary Guichon Fonds).
M-9630-65 Newspaper clippings. -- [ca.1961]-1967
M-9630-66 Newspaper clippings. -- 1970-1978
M-9630-67 Newspaper clippings. -- 1980-1989
M-9630-68 Newspaper clippings. -- 1990-1999
M-9630-69 Newspaper clippings. -- 2000-2005. -- Includes clippings about the Calgary Convention and Visitors Bureau relocating its downtown location to the Riley and McCormick store on Stephen Avenue Walk, 2000.
Series 9 Photographs. -- [ca.1930s-1981]. -- 30 photographs. -- The series consists of views of Riley and McCormick stores, displays, saddles, etc. For additional early views of Riley and McCormick workshops, parade floats, etc. and co-founders Eneas McCormick and William James Riley, see NA-3724, NA-3734, NA-5070 and PA-1974 (McCormick Family Fonds). For additional views relating to later owners of the family business, Mary McCormick Guichon, Urban Guichon and family, see PA-3996 and PB-996 (Mary Guichon Fonds).

Many of these photographs have been scanned. View now.
PA-4026-(1-28) Views of Riley and McCormick stores, store displays, saddles, etc. -- [ca.1930s-ca.1981]. -- 28 photographs. -- Includes views of Urban Guichon, saddlemaker Edwin Goettlich, miscellaneous social events, shots for an advertising campaign, etc.
PB-1006-(1-2) Views of Urban Guichon presenting a saddle and the Riley and McCormick boutique store at the Calgary Stampede. -- 1966-[ca.1980s] -- 2 photographs. -- The saddle was presented to the Canadian Chuckwagon Champion, 1966.

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