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Inglis Sheldon-Williams, artist and writer, 1935
Inglis Sheldon-Williams, artist and writer, 1935

Inglis Sheldon Williams family fonds

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Table of Contents

indicates that the series includes scanned documents.

Series 1 Correspondence. -- 1902-1939
Series 2 Notebooks. -- 1900-1919
Series 3 Writings. -- 1900-1939 and n.d.
Series 4 Personal papers. -- 1903-1965
Series 5 Photographs. -- [ca. 1904-1940]


Series 1 Correspondence. -- 1902-1929
M-1134-1 Inglis' correspondence. -- 1902-1903. -- Re visit to Durbur and exhibition in Delhi.
M-1134-36 Inglis' correspondence. -- 1902-1939. -- Re Dehli, credentials, introductions and war paintings.
M-1134-2 Inglis' correspondence. -- 1907-1936. -- Re Canadian activities and war service.
M-1134-3 Inglis' correspondence. -- 1913-1934. -- Wwith his wife Ina.
M-1134-4 Dorothea Sheldon-Williams correspondence. -- 1916-1940
M-1134-5 Inglis' correspondence. -- 1916-1940. -- Re family activities and speeches.
M-1134-6 Inglis' correspondence. -- 1918-1919. -- While serving during the First World War as a commemorative painter.
M-1134-7 Inglis' correspondence. -- 1918-1923. -- Re Canadian War Memorials Fund. Includes letters re paintings "Arrival of Canadian Forces on the Rhine" and "The Relief of Mons".
M-1134-37 Inglis' correspondence. -- 1918-1919, 1933-1938. -- With his friend Philip re personal affairs and paintings.
M-1134-8 Inglis' correspondence. -- 1922-1939 and n.d. -- Re his paintings and articles.
M-1134-9 Ina Sheldon-Williams correspondence. -- 1941-1953. -- Re the estate of her husband Inglis.
M-1134-10 Inglis' correspondence. -- 1936-1938. -- Re article, "The War Correspondent Then and Now". Includes drafts of the article as well as correspondence with the Earl of Derby about the article.
M-1134-38 Inglis' correspondence. -- 1938-1940. -- Re his articles for the Sphere. Includes notices of payment for articles published by Illustrated Newspapers Ltd.
Series 2 Notebookss. -- 1900-1919
M-1134-11 Notebooks. -- 1900-1902, 1915. -- 2 volumes. -- Consists of notebook kept while in South Africa during the Boer War (1900-1902); and another kept in Canada (1915) which includes small sketches as well as written notes to himself.

Notebooks. -- 1902-1919. -- 3 volumes. -- Consists of the following:

Lists of paintings, household articles stored, etc. , 1902-1917

"List of numbered war drawings. Notes re disposition and publishers, exhibitions, etc", February 1919

"Memoranda of painting. Cash and business transactions. General notes. Priced listof Household Furniture purchases," 1916-1917

Series 3 Writings. -- 1900-1939 and n.d.

Articles, notes and letters re Italy. -- [ca. 1934-1939]. - Consists of the following:

Old Caspar at Solferino
Notes for Impressions of Rome, March 1934
The Italians' Point of View
Outline of Italian History
About the Italian Language
Letter to Percy Home


Articles. -- n.d. -- Consists of the following:

Letters of Mercutio
Going to Church
List of proposed subjects
First Letter
Democracy and the Feudal System
On Death
Strawberry Plants


Articles. -- n.d. -- Consists of the following:

A Dawdle in France
The Tribute Money by Vandyke
God in the Making
Men and Women
His Reverence
The Cat
Re-armament and scrap iron
The Test
The British Government in India


Articles. --n.d. -- Consists of the following:

On Architecture
Unemployment and Immigration
Letter to the Editor, the Times, re Earl Haig statue
Arts Peace Guild
Clerical Prayer Book
Poem re Correspondent in Japan and Two Sketches
Chronicle of the Golden Calf
Meaning of History by N. Berdyaev
Personal philosophy
Infants in Arms


Articles re wartime Britain. -- n.d. -- Consists of the following:

Gas Proof Rooms
The Dual Effect of Explosives
British Art in 1939
Importation of Livestock
I.R.A. Catspaws
The Ship Burial
Sutton Hoo


Articles re Canada. -- n.d. -- Consists of the following:

I wan an Emigrant
The Track of a Rolling Stone
The Courts of Saskatchewan
File Hills
Farmer Leckie's Homestead (a ballad)
Brockman's Shanty

M-1134-18 Article re the South African War. -- n.d.
M-1134-35 Notes and reminiscences of his South African War experiences from 1900-1902.
M-1134-19 Reviews. -- n.d. -- Of Armlet of Jade, Lysistrata, The Dog Beneath the Skin, Jack B. Yeats (painting exhibition).

Notes re politics. -- 1924 and n.d. -- Consists of the following:

Free Trade and Protection
Constitutional Revolution vs Evolution
Efficiency and Modern Industry
The Capital Levy
National Strategy and Party Tactics
Collective Bargaining
Elementary Political Economy and Unemployment
The Metaphysical Element in Politics
The Fostering of Class Hatred
Communism and the British Socialist
Significance of the General Election, 1924
Miscellaneous notes
Anti-socialist appeal article from Daily mail, 1924

M-1134-21 Rough notes for articles on war, politics and art. -- n.d.
M-1134-22 Rough notes for articles on Air Raid Precautions (ARP). -- [ca. 1939]
M-1134-23 Newspaper clippings re ARP. -- 1938
M-1134-24 Reports re ARP. -- 1938-1939

Articles re ARP. -- [ca. 1939]. -- Consists of the following:

Why I Became a Warden
Women Volunteers
Home and Public Shelters
Letter to the editor of The Times
Air Raid Warnings and the Public Morale
Air Defence Today and Yesterday
ARP in Peace and War
The Householder and the ARP
Warden exchange confidences
Some Public Reactions to ARP


Articles. -- 1939 and n.d. -- Consists of the following:

Polands Part
Lawful Combatants
Home Talks about the Air Raid Warden
The Convoy : 1917, 1939
The Fall of Barcelona, Physical and Social Aspects
Barcelona Resurgent
A Swiss Talks about Switzerland
The United States Moves
Vienna Gossip, the City Keeps up her Spirits


Articles re Canada. -- 1934-1938. -- Consists of the following:

Canada in the Last War and Next, September 1937
Canada and the Commonwealth
Canada's Forests
Canada and Peace [incomplete]
Newspaper copy re immigration
Proposed Alaska Highway, June 4, 1934
Letter to the Electorate re Bennett Government, June 15, 1935


Articles re art. -- 1916 and n.d. -- Consists of the following:

How to Look at Pictures
The Essence of Art in Daily Life
The Application of Some Principles of Titian and the Renaissance to the Modern Study of Painting

M-1134-26 Manuscript for novel, "A Cure of Souls". -- n.d.
M-1134-27 Poetry. -- 1917 and n.d. -- Includes untitled piece, Hermitage, A Bit of Rocky Mountain Quartz, and To the Canadian Expeditionary Forces.
Series 4 Personal papers. -- 1903-1965
M-1134-28 Membership cards. -- 1903-1939 and n.d.
M-1134-29 Catalogues and invitations for art exhibitis by Inglis Sheldon-Williams. -- 1920-1950
M-1134-30 Catalogues and invitations for art exhibitis by Inglis Sheldon-Williams. -- 1931, 1939
M-1134-31 Sheet music, "The Sisters", by Ralf Sheldon-Williams and Alastair Dalziel. -- n.d.
M-1134-32 Sketches by Inglis Sheldon-Williams and others. -- 1903 and n.d.
M-1134-33 Biographical infomaton about Inglis Sheldon-Williams. -- 1960-1967 and n.d.
M-1134-34 Newspaper clippings. -- 1917-1938. -- Re Inglis and Ina, and re the armistice of the First World War.
M-1134-47 Newspaper clippings. -- 1916-1940. -- Re Canadian artists, portraits, Regina College, honours, Norman Mackenzie, James Balfour, and the Sheldon-Williams family.
M-1134-48 Newspaper clippings. -- 1902-1905 and n.d. -- Reproductions of paintings.
M-1134-40 Correspondence with Glenbow Archives re donation of the Sheldon-Williams papers. -- 1960-1962
M-1134-44 Lists of paintings. -- 1942 and n.d.
M-1134-45 Mons Peace poster [photographic copy]. -- 1918
M-1134-46 Reproductions of Inglis Sheldon-Williams paintings. -- n.d.
RCT-209 Interview with Eve Sheldon-Williams and Christina Singer about their father Inglis. -- July 17, 1965. - 1 audio reel
Series 5 Photographs. -- [ca. 1904-1940]. -- 185 photographs
PA-2049 View of the Sheldon-Williams family, taken in Saskatchewan, Japan, China and India. -- 183 photographs
PA-2617 Dorothea Sheldon-Williams and Peter the dog, Regina, Saskatchewan. -- 1 photograph.
PB-507 Foreign correspondents, Shiba Palace, Tokyo, during the Russo-Japanese war. -- [ca. 1904-1905]. -- 1 photograph

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