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Charles, Marie Rose and Mary Ann Smith, [ca. 1890s]
Charles, Marie Rose and Mary Ann Smith, [ca. 1890s]

Marie Rose Smith fonds

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Series 1 Textual records. -- 1897-1954
Series 2 Photographs. -- [ca. 1886-1915]


Series 1

Textual records. -- 1897-1954

M-1154-1 Correspondence. -- 1897-1954. -- Consists of correspondence from H.A. Riviere regarding personal history; death of Mary Ann; and manuscript. Includes information related to O.G. Brooke, the Cree language, Ermineskin (Cree), and H.A. Riviere.
M-1154-2 Personal papers - Greeting cards, notice re pension, etc. -- 1947
M-1154-3 Manuscript: "The Adventures of the Wild West" by Mary Rose Smith. Includes rough copy, revised master copy, and revised carbon copy.
M-1154-4 Manuscript: "Eighty Years on the Plains". Includes revision of the master copy. Later published in Canadian Cattlemen, vols. 11 and 12.

Scanned Document View part 1. Scanned Document View part 2.

M-1154-5 Articles and stories. -- [ca. 1919-1935]. -- Consists of the following:

Historique de la fondation of Convent of Pincher Creek
Historique de la fondation of Hospital of Pincher Creek
A Fire in Mid-Ocean [poem]
Does God Know His Business?
Recollections of Kootenai Brown, July 5, 1919
I Remember, Recollections of Kootenai Brown, October 20, 1919
More Recollections of Kootenai Brown, December 5, 1922
I Remember Kootenai Brown
Horses were Rounded Up Separately
Old Time Home Remedies
In 1888, the Thos. Scott Property
Some Little Article of Famous Kootenai George Brown
Late Lionel Lord Brooke
Death of George Levasseur
First Homestead in Western Canada
Canada's Greatest Indian, Chief Crowfoot of the Blackfoot
Such a Cataclysm Proving Very Distastrous in May of 1903 [Frank Slide]
I Will Recall in the Year, November 2, 1935
Historic Time is Recalled by Pioneer Women
In the Fall of 1880
A.H. Lynch-Staunton Dies
Home Annual, 1925
I Remember
When Father Lacombe Stopped and Indian War
History of the Early Days of Pincher Creek
This is in Early Days
This Article may be Coming in Use
Black scribbler containing pioneer stories
Death of Ed La Grandeur
The Pioneer [poem]
Tribulations of Mrs. C. Smith
Lionel Lord Brooke Dies
10 pages of unrelated and miscellanous writing

The Kootenai Brown material has been digitized:
Scanned Document View part 1. Scanned Document View part 2. Scanned Document View part 3. Scanned Document View part 4.
Scanned Document View part 5. Scanned Document View part 6. Scanned Document View part 7.

"'I remember' : recollections of 'Kootenai' Brown related verbatim to W.M.T. (W. McD. Tait)", a typescript copied from Farm and Ranch Review, v.15, no.9 (May 5, 1919) to v.16, no.11 (June 5, 1920), has been digitized:
Scanned Document View part 1. Scanned Document View part 2.

M-1154-6 Manuscript: "The Twenty Warnings". -- Includes information about Louis Riel.
M-1154-7 Pamphlet: "Our Lady of Snows"
M-1154-8 Newspaper clippings re Pincher Creek pioneers; story of Louis Riel; and a printed version of "My Eighty Years on the Plains".
M-1154-oversize Oversize items. Consists of the following:

Missionary Father Albert Lacombe's "Catholic Ladder of Heaven and Hell" Scanned Document View now.
Printed letter from Father Lacombe to "The Half-Breeds of Manitoba and the North-West" re St. Paul des Metis. [in French]
Golden Jubilee Senior Citizen Award, 1955.

Series 2

Photographs. -- [ca. 1886-1915]. -- 46 photographs. -- Consists of Pincher Creek and Waterton views, personalities and events; the Smith family, Levasseur Ranch, Kootenai Brown, H.A. Riviere home, Weasel Feather and others.

Some of the photographs have been scanned.
View now.

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