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Chautauqua performers singing, 1926
Chautauqua performers singing, 1926

Glenbow Archives Song Sheets collection

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Table of Contents

Series 1 Alberta (including Calgary and Edmonton). -- 1921-[1970s]
Series 2 Camp Songs. -- 1938-1960s
Series 3 Canadian. -- 1930-1985
Series 4 Christmas Carols. -- [1960s]-1970
Series 5 Hymns and Spirituals. -- 1910-[ca. 1940s]
Series 6 Miltary and War. -- 1901-1945
Series 7 Popular Music. -- 1934
Series 8 School and Educational. -- 1927-1961
Series 9 Miscellaneous. -- [ca. 1920-1940s]


Series 1 Alberta (including Calgary and Edmonton). -- 1921-[1970s]. -- Please request: Song Sheets Collection - Alberta.

Lady Old Timers' Valentine Party

Date: 1921

Single sheet of songs for a party of the Kiwanis Club of Calgary, including words to the "Kiwanis Song".


Songs for Everyone – So Let Everyone Sing

Date: 1926

Publisher: Harry Hutchcroft, Calgary.

Printer: S. A. Hynd Litho-Print Limited, 603 Centre Street, Calgary

Small, twenty page song book with lyrics only for 65 songs. Includes national and patriotic songs, (both Canadian and American), plantation songs, Scottish and Irish songs, old-time songs, hymns, popular songs and ballads. Note songs numbered 56 through 65, parodies and songs written by Harry Hutchcroft, including: #56 "Beautiful Banff", #57 "Me For Old Calgary", #58 "Bronco Busters Calgary Stampede Official Song", #59 "Calgary", #60 "The Men Who Wear The Scarlet, Gold and Blue", #62"Golf Struck Sally", #62 "Gallagher and Shean", #63 "Shingled Belles", #64 "Ole Oleson", #65 "My Clothes Are Growing Old". Note on Harry Hutchcroft, Entertainer. "Bridle Bill" of the original Radio Bronco Busters. Whiter of Convention Choruses and Topical Songs. Advertisements for local Calgary businesses included on each page.

Songs for Everyone – So Let Everyone Sing

Date: [ca. 1927]

Small, twenty page song book with lyrics only for 64 songs. Note songs numbered 59 through 64, songs and parodies by Harry Hutchcroft, including #59 "Ole Oleson" , #60 "My Clothes Are growing Old", #61 "Shingled Belles", #62 "Beautiful Banff", #63 "Bronco Busters, Calgary Stampede Official Song" #64 "Calgary" (Calgary's popular community march song, played by the famous Band of His Majesty's Cold Stream Guards). Advertisements for local Calgary businesses included on each page. Front and back cover missing.

Songs for Girls' Clubs

Date: [ca. 1930s]

Sponsor: Alberta Department of Agriculture

Single fold, four page broad sheet style song sheet, printed on newsptin. Songs include: "Hail! Hail! The Club's All Here", "Canning Club Song","Country Homes Ain't What They Used to Be", and a club yell which begins "We're Sunny Alberta born".


The Calgary Herald Song Sheet

Date: 1939

Sponsor: The Calgary Herald

Single fold, four page broad sheet style song sheet, printed on newsprint. Songs include: O Canada (traditional and alternate version), Alouette.

Songs For Everyone – The Royal Visit

Date: 1939

Publisher: The Royal Visit Committee, Edmonton

Single page, tri-fold song sheet with lyrics only for 14 songs. Song sheet printed on the occasion of the Royal Visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to Edmonton Inside page is headed,
We Greet Their Majesties on Their Canadian Visit".

Dad's Cookie Cowboy and Hillbilly Songs

Date: [ca. 1940]

Sponsor: Dad's Cookie Company, 109 – Sixth Avenue SW, Calgary

Features cowboy with red bandana and cowboy hat, strumming a guitar. Small, 96 page song book,

 printed in brown ink on yellow and brown background. Eighty-eight cowboy an hillbilly songs. Revised

  Mammoth Edition. Includes facts about Calgary and Edmonton at the front of the book.

The Knitting Song

Date: [ca. 1940s]

Sponsor: The Caldwell Knitting Company, Calgary

Theme song of the Caldwell Knitting Staff, Calgary. Single fold song sheet with title on front page. Includes music and lyrics. Words to the music of "The Liner Song", by permission. Lyrics to all four verses included on the back page.

Songs For Community Singing, Issue #5

Date: [ca. 1940s]

Publisher: Department of Extension, University of Alberta.

Four page song sheet with lyrics only for 42 songs. Songs include: #1 "The King!" (God Save the King), #4 "Alberta" (not to be confused with Alberta's 2005 Official Centennial Song of the same name, composed by Mary Kieftenbeld). #10 Alouette". Two copies of pages three and four.

Song Book – Tune Up

Calgary, Alberta Canada

Date: [ca. 1940s-1950s]

Sponsor: Calgary Brewing and Malting Company Limited.

Cover features a man in a black top hat and tails singing, on an orange background. Ink stamped with Colonel Belcher, Recreation of Hospitalized Veterans Committee. Forty-four page song book with lyrics only for 271 songs. Songs include: #18 "The Calgary Song", #110 "The Maple Leaf", #203 "Red River Valley".

Alberta Wheat Pool

Date: [ca. 1950]

Single page song sheet with lyrics only for 40 songs

Two copies of song sheet

Everybody Sings

Date: [ca. 1950s]

Sponsored by: The Douglas Printing Company Limited, Edmonton, Alberta

Features Douglas Printers and Bookbinders logo on front cover. Different logo on back cover. Small, eleven page song book with lyrics only for 35 songs printed with blue and red graphics on beige background.

Alpha Iota Sings

Dte: [ca. 1950s]

Single page song sheet. Includes 8 songs, including "Powder Your Face with Sunshine" and "When it's Springtime in the Rockies".


Alberta Sings

Date: [ca 1960s]

Sponsor: Farmers' Union and Co-operative Development Association, Alberta

Features map of Alberta, highlighting Grande Prairie, Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge. Green graphics printed on a beige background. Small 97page song book with lyrics and music for 138 songs. Songs include: p4 "Killigrew's Soiree", p5 "Killigrew's Soiree –Alberta Farm Version", p11 "God Save The Queen", p14 "When Sun Rays Crown (Newfoundland)", p20 "4H Club Pledge", "4H Field Song", 4H Friendship Song", p23 "Vive La Canadienne! (Hail The Canadian Maiden)", p26 "It Is The Oar (C'est l'aviron), p 26 "Donkey Riding", p29 "Red River Valley", p89 "W.I. Ode, "Women's Institute carol, p92"My Bak Canoe" (Ojibway Indian Folk Song), p93 Farm Forums", "Simcoe County", p94 "Join Our Union".

Variety Night Sing-A-Long

Date: [ca. 1960s]

Single page song sheet written entirely in Dutch. Reverse side includes a Happy Birthday song, music and lyrics by Anna Marie Kopp. Song refers to the province of Alberta.

University of Alberta Song Sheet

Date: February, 1964

Single page song sheet. Includes Alberta Cheer Song and Alberta Cheers ( 9 university rally cheers)

Sing Along at Shakey's

Date: [ca. 1960s-1970s]

Sponsored by: Shakey's Pizza Parlors, Calgary - Edmonton

Three page photocopies song sheet featuring 66 sing-a-long style songs. Includes Farewell to Nova Scotia, This Land Is Your Land.
Series 2 Camp Songs. -- 1938-[1960s]. -- Please request: Song Sheets Collection - Camp Songs.

Canadian Camping Association Annual Institute Song Sheet

Date: April 9, 1938

Sponsor: Canadian Camping Association

Three page booklet, stapled at left side. Includes 8 international folk songs.

Songs of Winnebagoe

Date [ca. 1940s]

Under the direction of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Danson, 29 Wells Hill Avenue, Toronto.

Forty-eight page song book. Includes lyrics only to patriotic, campfire, Gilbert and Sullivan songs, spirituals, hymns for Sabbath services. Several songs specific to Camp Winnebagoe, Muskoka.

Canadian Camping Association

Date: December, 1952

Publisher: Canadian Camping Magazine

Single page from an issue of Canadian Camping Magazine. Volume IV, No 4, December 1952. Reverse side includes a photograph of 11 girls and women singing around a piano, captioned "What is Camp Without Music?" and lyrics only to "A Camp Song" (Tune: "I'll see you again").

Songs For Singing

Date: 1963

Sponsor: Alberta Camping Association

Eight page song booklet, compiled by Mrs. Eleanor Albrecht for the Sixth Annual Camp Directors' Seminar. January 23-26, 1963. Banff School of Fine Arts. Includes lyrics only to international, camp and spiritual songs.

A.C.A. Song Book

Date: [ca. 1960s]

Sponsor/Publisher: American Camping Association, Incorporated, 343 South Dearborn Street, Chicago 4, Illinois.

Features American Camping Association logo on front cover of booklet. Small, 64 page song book with lyrics and music for 95 songs. Includes American and International camp songs and rounds.
Series 3 Canadian. -- 1927-1985. -- Please request: Song Sheets - Canadian.
  The Canadian Jubilee Song Book

Date: 1927

Publisher: Leo Feist, Toronto

Consists of 130 page book of music and lyrics for "Songs for School, Club, Church, Fraternal & Community Use". Features Canada's Coat of Arms on the front, and includes these songs: Alouette, Be Strong Ye Sons of Canada, The Land of the Maple, The Maple Leaf Forever, O Canada, Pledge the Canadian Maiden!, and Vive La Canadienne.

Ye Old Songs

Date: [ca 1930]

Sponsor: Pryce Jones (Canada) Limited.

Features woman at piano and man standing beside her, singing from sheet music. Thirty-two page song booklet with lyrics and music for 48 songs. Advertisements for Price Jones products on inside front and back cover.

Old Timer Song Book, No 1.

 Date: 1935

Publisher: Engel-Van Wiseman Inc. and Irving Berlin, Inc. Canadian Office – 73 Adelaide Street West, Toronto, Ontario.

Sixteen page song booklet. Includes National and Fold Songs, Children's Songs, Songs of the West, Spirituals and Sacred Songs and Canadian Songs.

Community Songs

Date: [ca. 1936]

Sponsor: Tooke Brothers Limited

Small, 24 page song book with lyrics only for 52 songs. Advertisements for Tooke Brothers are included on each page. Inside front cover states that "This song book is supplied gratis upon application to Tooke Brothers Limited, Montreal".

Songs of Canada

Date: 1939

Publisher: Gordon V. Thompson Limited, Toronto

Features title and red maple leaves on front cover. Thirty-three page song booklet with 51 songs. Songs include: p.1 "A Toast to Canada",p.2 "God Bless The King", p.3 "Be strong Ye Songs of Canada", p.4 "The Maple Leaf", p.5 "O Canada", p.8 "I Love You Canada", p.9 Voyageur Song", p.10 "Alouette", p.11 "Quintuplets Lullaby, p.33 Youpe! Youpe! River Along!" p.34 "God Save The King". Two copies of song booklet. One copy is inscribed – Jean Norem, Berwyn, Alberta. Pages 15-18 inclusive in unsigned copy.

The Maple Leaf

Date: [ca. 1940]

Sponsor: Cashman Brothers (per Dan)

Lyrics only on small card. Original version of song.

4-H Song Book

Date: [ca. 1960s]

Publisher: Cargill Grain

Administered by: The British Columbia Department of Agriculture 4-H Clubs Branch; The Alberta Department of Culture, Youth and Recreation, 4-H and Junior Forest Warden Branch; The University fo Saskatchewan, Extension Division; The Manitoba Department of Agriculture, 4-H and Youth Section, Community and Family programs Branch.

Compiled by: Ken Shipley

Forty-eight page song book. Features caricatured line drawing of a boy wearing a 4-H tee shirt. Songs include: Alouette, Early Morning Rain by Gordon Lightfoot 1966, Four Strong Winds by Ian and Sylvia 1960s, Land of the Silver Birch, Nova Scotia Farewell. Guitar chords used in the songbook are included on the inside front page.

The Leader-Post Community Song Sheet

Date: [ ca. 1960]

Publisher: The Leader-Post (Daily), The Saskatchewan Farmer (Semi-Monthly), Regina, Saskatchewan. Features a line drawing of the Leader Building, 1853 Hamilton Street, Regina, Saskatchewan on front page. Back page includes advertisement for the Saskatchewan Farmer – An Exclusive Farm Magazine Published Twice Monthly – the Voice of the Prairies. Broadsheet newspaper style song sheet with lyrics only for 59 songs. Includes, Where The Meadow-Lark Sings (dedicated to the World's Grain Show) written by Beatrice Barron Buckley, Regina.

The Newfoundland Song Book - in Commemoration of the Canada Games

Date: 1977

Sponsor: Carling O'Keefe Breweries, St. John's, Newfoundland

Features fisherman singing and playing a concertina, on front cover. Forty-eight page song book. Includes lyrics to Newfoundland song, jigs and reels as well as historical information about Carling O'Keefe brewery. Booklet autographed by Dorothy Wyatt, Mayor or St. John's as well as the Mayor's business card (signed).

Something to Sing About

Date: [ca 1985]

Features yellow cover with brown letting and graphics. Includes stylized flower and Year of the Child and the Family in British Columbia logo. Fifty-six page song book with lyrics only for 72 songs. Table of Contents included at the back of the song book. Message from the Honourable Grace McCarthy, Minister , Ministry of Human Resources.
Series 4 Christmas Carols. -- [1960s]-1970. -- Please request: Song Sheets Collection - Christmas Carols.

The Albertan Christmas Songs and Carols

Date: [ca. 1960s]

Publisher: The Albertan

Sponsor: Safeway

Broadsheet style newsprint Christmas song sheet. A supplement to The Albertan newspaper, Calgary. Includes 15 songs and carols.

The Albertan Christmas Songs and Carols

Date: Thursday, November 30, 1961

Publisher: The Albertan

Sponsor: The City of Calgary Electric System and Safeway

Broadsheetstyle newsprint Christmas song sheet. A supplement to The Albertan newspaper, Calgary. Includes 21 songs and carols.

The Albertan Christmas Songs and Carols

Date: Friday, November 30, 1962

Publisher: The Albertan

Sponsor: The City of Calgary Electric System and Safeway

Broadsheet style newsprint Christmas song sheet. A supplement to The Albertan newspaper, Calgary. Includes 22 songs and carols.

Sing-A-Long Christmas Carol Sheet

Date: Monday, December 24, 1962

Sponsor/Publisher: Kelowna and District Credit Union

Features three carolers on front cover. Sing-A-Long on CHBC – TV with the Penticton Tune-Agers and Kelowna CN Pensioners. Includes 14 Christmas carols. Sing fold song sheet. Handwritten address on front cover – 20955 – 118th Avenue, Maple Ridge, B.C.

Yuletide Favorites

Date: 1970

Sponsor: Super-Valu, Vancouver

Features two girls and a boy singing Christmas carols in the snow, on the front cover. Christmas carol song booklet with carols in first half of the booklet and recipes and household hints in the second half. Advertisements appear throughout.
Series 5 Hymns and Spirituals. -- 1897-[ca. 1940s]. -- Please request: Song Sheets collection - Hymns and Spirituals.
  The Heralds of Peace, An Original Service for Christmas

Date: 1897

Publisher: Methodist Book and Publishing Company, Toronto

Contains songs, choruses, duets and recitations for a Christmas church service, created by Alonzo Stone and Charles A. Bechter.

Revival Hymns

Date: 1910

Sponsor: Central Methodist Church

Features red lettering on a beige background. Used at Central Methodist Church, London, England. Reverend W. J. Dawson, D.D. Evangelist. Small 13 page song book with lyrics only for 25 Christian revival songs.

Revival Gems Number 3 - A Great Collection in a Modest Book

Date: 1929

Publisher: Samuel W. Beazley and Son, 380l Armitage Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.

Small, 70 page song book with music and lyrics for 70 songs. Includes hymns, songs for solos, duets, mixed quartets and choirs.

Singing Together

Date: [ca. 1940s]

Publisher: The Board of Christian Education, The United Church of Canada, 299 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario.

Published for The National Young People's Union. Small, 82 page song book with lyrics and music for 112 songs. Features salmon coloured cover. Drawing of seven people singing around an upright piano and the YPUC(Young People's Union of Canada) logo at top. Back cover features The Official Handclap, complete with words, tempo and count. Inside back cover features a message from Beulah Maitland, National Recreation Convenor, YPUC. Table of contents on inside front cover. Song book belonged to E. Willison. Signed "E Willison – Please Return". Includes international folk, spiritual and popular songs.

Songs for Young People – A Collection of Songs Suitable for Banquets and Social Gatherings of Young People

Date: [ca. 1940s]

Published for: The Young People's Committee of the United Church of Canada and The National Young People's Board.

Eight page song book with lyrics only for 41 songs. Includes Devotionals, Negro Spirituals, Humorous Songs, Rounds, Familiars and Miscellaneous selections.
Series 6 Military and War. -- 1901-1945. -- Please request: Song Sheets collection - Military and War.

Eight Men of Dunmow City, (to the tune of "Little Billee")

Date: June 17, 1901

Publisher: Arthur Willett, Dunmow

Topical Song, specially written and sung by Sergeant T. Gibbons, 2nd Essex Regiment, Volunteer Battalion on the occasion of the return of Volunteers from South Africa. At the Presentation Dinner at Saracen's Head Hotel, Dunmow, June 17th, 1901. Single song sheet with only the 19 verse song "Eight Men of Dunmow City" included. Two copies of song sheet only, no original.

Regimental Songs, Canadian Expeditionary Force

Date: 1914-1915

Donated by: William Southam Esq. of Hamilton, Ontario

Small 64 page booklet of regimental songs and hymns. Includes "Lord Kitchener's Advice – the true character of a British Soldier" – advice from Field Marshall Horatio Herbert Kitchener (1st Earl Kitchener), Also includes a "A Prayer by Lord Roberts" – Field Marshall Frederick Sleigh Roberts (1st Earl Roberts). Songs include: #49 "Mr. Dooley" (with specific reference to Field Marshall Kitchener, #85 "The Land of the Maple Leaf", #87 "The Maple Leaf Forever".

Jolly Songs for Soldiers

[ca. 1914-1918]

Sponsor: The National Council of Young Men's Christian Associations of Canada, Military Service Department.

Single fold, four page, undated song sheet with lyrics only for 49 songs. Songs include: #2" O Canada", #17 "I Love You Canada", #49 "Parody" (Take Me Back to Dear Old Canada), lyrics and music by Will J. White. Two copies of song sheet.

Jolly Songs for Soldiers

[ca. 1914-1918]

Sponsor: YMCA

Features YMCA logo in top left corner. Single fold, four page, undated song sheet with lyrics only for 40 songs. Songs include: #1 "O Canada" (alternate lyrics), #5 "The Maple Leaf For Ever".

Mme Schumann-Heink Song Recital

Date: [ca. 1915]

Sponsors: Steinway & Sons, and Victor-Victrola

Four page song sheet with lyrics only for 15 musical selections. Front page features photograph of Mme. Schumann-Heink in the top right corner of front page as well as recital information – Mrs. Katharine Hoffmann at the piano. Management: Wolfsohn Musical Bureau. Lyrics to songs 1 through 3 also included on front page. Advertisement for Steinway & Sons and Victor-Victrola on back cover page. Included in the programme is an insert which reads, "During the concert Madame Clara Butt will sing the new patriotic song, "March On, Canada". Specially composed for Mme. Butt by Harold Craxton. Words by L. A. Lefevre".

Col. W.W. Foster, DSO

Date: [1938-1940]

Four page song sheet with lyrics for army-related songs, including "When this Blasted War is Over", "If the Sergeant Steals your Rum", "I've Lost my Rifle and Bayonet", and 16 other songs. The cover features a photograph of William Wasbrough Foster, 1875-1954, who was President of the Canadian Legion from 1938-1940.

The Sweet Caporal Song Sheet "Now Altogether Boys"

Date: [ca. 1939-1945]

Sponsor: Sweet Caporal Cigarettes

Features ink sketch, head shot caricatures of Canadian soldiers singing on front cover. Six page, double fold song sheet with lyrics only for 27 songs. Each page includes ink sketch, head shot caricatures of soldiers as well as advertisements for Sweet Caporal cigarettes. Songs include: #3 "Alouette", #9 "The Maple Leaf Forever", #10 "We're On Our Way" (army theme song lyrics and music by Capt. M. Plunkett, originator and producer of "The Dumbells" in France and Canada). By permission of Gordon V. Thompson, Toronto 1939, #26 "Trade Your Frown For a Smile" (lyrics and music by Steve Jones), by permission of Gordon V. Thompson Ltd., Toronto.

Community Singing

Date: [ca 1939-1945]

Single page song sheet with lyrics only for eight patriotic songs.

C'Mon and Sing

Date: [ca. 1939-1945]

Sponsor: YMCA

Small 50 page song book with lyrics only (unless otherwise stated) for 182 anthems, patriotic/war songs, novelty songs, parodies, hymns and sacred songs. Features three British Service Men (Army, Navy, Air Force (Navy hat band indicated HMS …), Canadian YMCA logos in bottom corners of front cover. Blue and red graphics and lettering on beige background. Spine bound with blue binding tape. The War Services Committee of the National Council of the YMCA of Canada acknowledges permission to use copyright lyrics by publishers. Canadian songs include: p2 My Heart in Canada, p5, "Be Strong, Ye Sons of Canada", p5 "O Canada", p7"Land of Glad To-Morrows (Canada Our Own Home Land-Terre de L'Avenir)*, music and lyrics, p10 "Our Canada, From Sea to Sea (When Maple Leaves Turn Red) music and lyrics, p12 "I Love You Canada", p22 All You Et-A (Alouette), p23 "Maple Leaf Forever, the", p24 "Alouette", p25 "My Old Canadian Home",p35 "Red River Valley",p43 "Twilight On The Prairie"*, p50 "Toast To Canada".

*Words and music by Gordon V. Thompson. Gordon V. Thompson Music, Toronto Est. 1932. Preceded by Gordon V. Thompson Publishing Bureau (1909) Reference The Canadian Encyclopedia.

C'Mon and Sing

Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps

November 19, 1942

Six page song sheet with lyrics only for 42 songs and anthems. Songs include: "O Canada", "God Save The King", "The Maple Leaf Forever".

You Can Fight for Canada

Date: 1942

Single page song sheet with lyrics only. Lyrics by John M. Morrison, music by Richard M. Hadden, from the patriotic review, "Pull Together Canada", Gordon V. Thompson Ltd., Toronto.

Thanksgiving For Victory Service

Date: 1945

Sponsor: Anglican Diocese of Calgary

Eight page Order of Service. Includes God Save The King, hymns and psalms to commemorate the end of the Second World War.
Series 7 Popular Music. -- 1934. -- Please request: Song Sheets collection - Popular Music.

Song Hit Folio Volume 1, No. 2

Date: 1934

Sponsor: Song Writers' Protective Association and Music Publishers' Protective Association

Publisher: Paul L Schwartz, Toronto.

Features Carole Lombard and Bing Crosby, as well as head shot photographs of Ruby Keeler, Dick Powell and Ginger Rogers, on the front cover. Eight page song booklet with 76 songs.

  Includes popular song and show tunes of 1934 including: Emaline, Casey Jones, Cocktails Fro Two, Baby Take a Bow, Simple And Sweet, Love Thy Neighbor, The House is Haunted, She Reminds Me Of You, You Oughta Be In Pictures, Waitin' At The Gate For Katy.

Song Hit Folio Volume 1, No. 3

Date: 1934

Sponsor: Songwriters' Protective Association and Music Publishers' Protective Association

Publisher: Paul F. Schwartz, 1200 Front Street West, Toronto, Ontario by arrangement with Engel-Van Wiseman Incorporated.

Features photograph of Rudy Valle and Alice Fay, and head shot photographs of John Boles and Lupe Velez on front cover. Popular song and show tunes of 1934, including I'll String Along with You, Rain In My Heart, I'm Dancing With The Girl of My Dreams, After All You're All I'm After, Two Little Flies on a Lump of Sugar, Night, on the Desert, Frankie and Johnny, In Old Vienna, Freckle Face, Tell Me I'm Wrong. Popularized by Stars of Stage, Screen Radio

Eight page song booklet of popular songs. Back cover includes advertisement for Buescher instruments and Whaley, Royce and Company Limited, Toronto as well as a coupon for purchase of songs printed in this folio.
Series 8 School and Educational. -- 1927-1961. -- Please request: Song Sheets collection - School and Educational.

New Standard Endorsed Harmonica Course

Date: 1927

Publisher: M.M. Cole Publishing House, Chicago Illinois

Sixty-four page song book for harmonica. Includes instruction for harmonica (5 lessons) and songs with lyrics, music and harmonica holes by number. Cover missing.

Concert Francais

Date: May 17, 1940

Sponsor: Western Canada High School

Two page concert programme, with lyrics, produced in French. Participating schools: Balmoral Junior High School, Crescent Heights High School, Hillhurst Junior High School, Langevin Junior High School, Western Canada High School (host).

Soiree Francaise

Date: [ca. 1940]

Sponsors: The Calgary Association of French Teachers assisted by; The Calgary School Board, The Home and School Association of Calgary, The Canadian Youth Hostels, The Alliance Francaise, The Sainte Famillo Parish, and interested individuals.

Single sheet concert programme produced in French.

The Music Hour – Book Two

Date: 1943

Published by: W. J. Gage and Company Limited, Toronto

Local Distributor: F. E. Osborne Bookseller and Stationer, Calgary.

Compiled by Osborne McCnathy, W. Otto Miessner, Edward Bailey Birge, Mabel E. Bray.

Authorized by the Minister of Education for use in the schools of Alberta and New Brunswick. Recommended in the course of study for use in the schools of Ontario.

One hundred eighty-eight page hardcover, illustrated music text book. Features five children standing around a piano, on front cover. Includes extensive Canadian content, including: The Empire Is Our Country p. 132, The Maple Leaf p.134, My Own Canadian Home p. 172, Peace to the Brave p. 172, The Dominion Hymn p. 176, O Canada! Our Fathers' Land of Old p. 178. Also includes illustrations, photographs and art work throughout. Book belonged to David Voth of "D" Class, Calgary Normal School. Signature written several times on inside front cover. Book slightly damaged (page 79). Perncil notations throughout.

Singing At Sight

Date: [ca. 1950s]

Sponsored by: Cultural Activities Branch, Department of Economic Affairs, Province of Alberta.

Fifteen page booklet for elementary sight-singing instruction by Andrew C. Ballantine. Features woman reading sheet music on front cover.

Saskatchewan Sings

Date: 1955

Sponsors: Saskatchewan Department of Education and Saskatchewan Golden Jubilee Committee.

Student Song Book for the School Music Broadcast Series "Saskatchewan Sings" (Songs of Jubilee) 1905-1955. Arrangements for unison, or for soprano, cambiata or alto and baritone voices by Rj Staples. Thirty-two page song book with lyrics and music for 41 songs. Includes Saskatchewan Hymn by Neil Harris; Saskatchewan at Work, melody by Rj Staples; Saskatchewan Song by Rj Staples; Our Prairie Home by Neil Harris; Marching On With Saskatchewan by Neil Harris, The People of Saskatchewan by Neil Harris. Also included are the Words and Songs for the Final Broadcast May 26, 1955.

Your Listen And Sing Song Book – Alberta School Broadcasts

Date: 1959-1960

Printer: L. S. Wall, Queen's Printer, Edmonton, 1959

Features young boy and girl holding hands while twirling each other around as they dance. Eighteen page children's school song book with music and lyrics for 40 songs. Green lettering and graphics on cream background. Booklet belonged to student, Ron Rix.

Your Listen and Sing Song Book – Alberta School Broadcasts

Date: 1960-1961

Printer: L. S. Wall, Queen's Printer, Edmonton, 1960

Features young boy and girl holding hands while twirling each other around as they dance. Twenty-six page children's song book with music and lyrics for 46 songs.
Series 9 Miscellaneous. -- [ca. 1920-1940s]. - Please request: Song Sheets collection - Miscellaneous.

Dame Clara Butt, Programme and Book of Words

Date: [ca 1920]

Sponsor: Heintzman Piano

Thirty-nine page song book with lyrics only for 60 songs. Features soloist and performance information on front page: Dame Clara Butt, Mr. Kennerley Rumford (Ms Butt's husband), Mr. W. H. Squire – Solo Cello, Mrs. Ivor Newton – Solo Pianoforte. "Ye Olde Firme" Heintsman and Co. grand piano used. Management – Harry Cyphers, New York. By arrangement with Lionel Powel and Holt, London. Programme printed on side front cover as well as notification that all proceeds from autographed pictures of Dame Clara Butt will go to the poor in the East End of London. Numbers by Mr. W. H. Squire, Mrs. Ivor Newton and Mr. W. H. Squire included on pages 3-4. Back cover included advertisement for Heintzman and Company, Heintzman Hall, 193;-197 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario. Location of performance not indicated.

I.W.W. Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent

Date: 1923

Publisher: Industrial Workers of the World

1001 West Madison Street, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Features red cover. Small, 64 page song booklet, twentieth edition. Includes union choruses and songs. Also includes data entry card with specific songs noted with page numbers. Preamble of the Industrial Workers of the World on inside front cover. Price ten cents.
  Sing 'Em Cowboy Sing 'Em : Songs of the Trail and Range

Date: 1934

Publisher: Amsco Music Sales, New York

Ninety-six page booklet featuring sketches of cowboys, andthe music and lyrics to songs including Bufalo Skinners, Goodbye Old Paint, Home on the Range, Little Old Sod Shanty, Oh Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie, and Whoopee Ti Yi Yo Git Along LIttle Dogies.

Rebekah Pep Songs

Date: [ca 1940s]

Publisher: The Odd Fellows, Ohio

Single page, double fold song sheet with lyrics only for 25 songs. Primarily a patriotic American song sheet.

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