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Dr. Jean Leaper holding logo designs for  Alberta Sports Hall of Fame, [ca. 1982]
Dr. Jean Leaper holding logo designs
for Alberta Sports Hall of Fame, [ca. 1981]

Sport Alberta fonds

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Table of Contents


Series 1 Constitution, bylaws, minutes, financial and personnel. -- 1977-1986
Series 2 Office files. -- 1974-1983
Series 3 Office files. -- 1984
Series 4 Office files. -- 1985
Series 5 Office files. -- 1986
Series 6 Photographs. -- [ca. 1980s]


Series 1 Constitution, bylaws, minutes, financial and personnel. -- 1977-1986. - The series consists of Sports Alberta's constitution and bylaws along with fairly complete runs of the minutes of the Board and the Annual General Meeting, annual report and financial statements. Also included here are the policy guidelines, regulations and minutes of the Alberta Sports Hall of Fme, and some of Sport Alberta's personnel files.
M-8069-1 Sport Alberta constitution, bylaws, policy manuals, certificate of revival of incorporation, and organization structure.
M-8069-2 Minutes - Board of Directors. -- 1977-1979
M-8069-3 Minutes - Board of Directors. -- 1980-1981
M-8069-4 Minutes - Board of Directors. -- 1982
M-8069-5 Minutes - Board of Directors. -- 1983-1984
M-8069-6 Minutes - Board of Directors. -- 1985-1986
M-8069-7 Minutes - Annual General Meeting. -- 1978-1985, 1987
M-8069-8 Annual reports. -- 1979-1986
M-8069-9 Financial statements. -- 1973, 1975-1986
M-8069-10 Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum - Policy guidelines and regulations
M-8069-11 Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum - Minutes. -- 1985-1986
M-8069-12 Sport Alberta - Personnel, A-L
M-8069-13 Sport Alberta - Personnel, M-Z
Series 2 Office files. -- 1974-1983. -- The series consists of alphabetically-arranged office records documenting ten years of Sport Alberta business. Many of the files in fact are from the early 1980s and it would seem possible that those files with earlier dates were active files from and earlier no longer extant series of records.
M-8069-14 Achievements. -- 1981
M-8069-15 Advisory Committee on Sport, Development and Organization in Alberta. - 1981
M-8069-16 Aims and objectives; and budget. -- 1983
M-8069-17 Audit information. -- 1981. -- Includes correspondence regarding a dispute over the accountants' billing.
M-8069-18 Awards program
M-8069-19 Board of Directors business. -- 1981-1982
M-8069-20 Budget. - 1982
M-8069-21 Bylaws, proposed changes. -- 1981
M-8069-22 Calgary office, closure. -- 1982
M-8069-23 Casino, appliations for funds. -- 1981-1982
M-8069-24 Casino information. -- 180-1982
M-8069-25 Correspondence, re funding. -- 1979-1980
M-8069-26 Correspondence, inwards. -- 1981
M-8069-27 Correspondence, outwards. -- 1981
M-8069-28 Correspondence, provincial government. -- 1981
M-8069-29 Correspondence, inwards. -- 1982
M-8069-30 Correspondence, outwards. -- 1982
M-8069-31 Correspondence, Lyle Leslie, executive director. -- 1982
M-8069-32 Creative marketing and management - Sport Press. -- 1981-1982
M-8069-33 Directional statement. -- 1982
M-8069-34 Directory, Sport Alberta. -- 1980
M-8069-35 Directory, Sport Alberta. -- 1981
M-8069-36 Directory, Sport Alberta. -- 1983
M-8069-37 Financial papers. -- 1978-1979
M-8069-38 Five year plan, three year budget. -- 1981
M-8069-39 Funding - Alberta's 75th Anniversary. -- 1980
M-8069-40 Funding - Lotteries, casinos, canvassing. -- 1981
M-8069-41 Hall of Fame. -- 1974-1979
M-8069-42 Hall of Fame. - 1982-1983
M-8069-43 Incorporation. -- 1891-1982
M-8069-44 Intersport ad hoc committee. -- 1977-1980
M-8069-45 Intersport IV, V, VI. -- 1979-1980
M-8069-46 Lease. -- 1981
M-8069-47 Lottery fund. -- 1981-1982
M-8069-48 Media guide. -- 1983
M-8069-49 Membership lists. -- 1979-1983
M-8069-50 Newsletters. -- 1979-1981
M-8069-51 Percy Page Centre. --- 1976-1983
M-8069-52 Percy Page Centre, lease and policy. -- 1973-1980
M-8069-53 Personnel manual. -- 1981
M-8069-54 Position paper. -- 1981. -- "Provincial Sport Organizations Issues and Priorities".
M-8069-55 President's Council - Who, What, Why, Where, When?. -- n.d.
M-8069-56 President's Council meeting. -- 1981
M-8069-57 "Profile" applications. -- 1978-1981
M-8069-58 "Profile" information. -- 1981-1982
M-8069-59 Programs and services, Sport Alberta. -- 1978-1982
M-8069-60 Recreation and Parks. -- 1976-1982
M-8069-61 St. Albert - Correspondence and information sent to the Percy Page Centre. -- 1981
M-8069-62 Sport Alberta Travel. -- 1982-1983. -- Includes legal action against head of Sport Alberta Travel.
M-8069-63 Sport Press. -- 1981-1982
M-8069-64 Sports Fund. -- 1981
M-8069-65 Sport Seminar, presentations. -- 1980
M-8069-66 Western Canada Lottery. -- 1977-1980
M-8069-67 Western Canada Lottery. -- 1980-1984
M-8069-68 Western Canada Lottery, submissions. -- 1980-1984
Series 3 Office files. -- 1984. -- The series consists of a more coherent group of files than does Series 2. Again alphabetically-arranged, the files cover a short span of time and include all aspects of Sport Alberta's activities from budgeting to long term plans to membership lists and correspondence files for various member organizations.
M-8069-69 Alberta Advisory Board on Recreateion for the Disabled
M-8069-70 Alberta Baseball Association
M-8069-71 Alberta Fencing Association
M-8069-72 Alberta Free Balloonists Society
M-8069-73 Alberta Games
M-8069-74 Alberta Sports Council
M-8069-75 Athletic Assistance Programs
M-8069-76 Athletic Assistance Programs, support material
M-8069-77 Basic Bookkeeping Seminar
M-8069-78 Board of Directors, correspondence
M-8069-79 Budget. -- 1984-1985
M-8069-80 Bylaws. -- 1984
M-8069-81 Canadian Amateur Swimming Association
M-8069-82 Canadian Council of Provincial and Territorial Sport Federations Inc.
M-8069-83 Casino funds. -- 1979-1984
M-8069-84 Casino, correspondence
M-8069-85 City of Calgary, correspondence and lease
M-8069-86 Correspondence, general
M-8069-87 Cross Country Ski Alberta
M-8069-88 Development plan. -- 1984-1986
M-8069-89 Directory - Sport Alberta. -- 1984
M-8069-90 Five year plan, information
M-8069-91 Fund drive coordinators
M-8069-92 Hall of Fame
M-8069-93 Hall of Fame - Annual report
M-8069-94 Hall of Fame - Logo
M-8069-95 Implementation strategy. -- 1985-1987
M-8069-96 Intersport VII
M-8069-97 Media information
M-8069-98 Membership list
M-8069-99 Roy A. Philion Professional Corporation (barrister)
M-8069-100 Programs and services
M-8069-101 Program implementation. -- 1984-1985
M-8069-102 Progress report to members
M-8069-103 Recreation and Parks, correspondence
M-8069-104 Saint Albert Reports
M-8069-105 Sport administration - National, provincial and territorial
M-8069-106 Sport Alberta - History
M-8069-107 Sport Alberta - Information
M-8069-108 Sports Federation
M-8069-109 Sports Marketing
M-8069-110 Thorne Riddell
M-8069-111 West-Can Communications Ltd.
M-8069-112 Western Canada Lottery
M-8069-113 Western Canada Lottery - Funds
M-8069-114 Yukon Sports Federation
Series 4 Office files. -- 1985. -- The series consists of alphabetically-arranged records spanning one year of activities. Of particular interest may be the records regarding plan for an amateur sport insurance policy, and those relating to Sport Alberta's special topic seminars on bookkeeping and time management.
M-8069-115 Alberta Sport Council
M-8069-116 Annual General Meeting, information
M-8069-117 1985 Annual Report / 1986 Plan for Transfer
M-8069-118 Athlete assistance correspondence
M-8069-119 Baseball
M-8069-120 Board of Directors, correspondence
M-8069-121 Bookkeeping Seminar
M-8069-122 Budget
M-8069-123 C- Miscellaneous
M-8069-124 Certificates of Recognition - presenteed to Sport Alberta. -- 1984-1985
M-8069-125 Development plan. -- 1985-1987
M-8069-126 Directory - Sport Alberta
M-8069-127 H - Miscellaneous
M-8069-128 Hall of Fame
M-8069-129 Hall of Fame - Induction banquet
M-8069-130 Implementation strategy, correspondence
M-8069-131 Insurance plans - Sport Alberta policies
M-8069-132 Insurance plans - Sport Alberta policies
M-8069-133 Judo Alberta
M-8069-134 Lacrosse Association
M-8069-135 Mailing list - Municipal and regional recreation organizations
M-8069-136 Media guides
M-8069-137 Membership list
M-8069-138 Monthly progress reports
M-8069-139 Percy Page Centre
M-8069-140 Policy and procedures manual
M-8069-141 President's Council meeting
M-8069-142 Programs and services, Budget correspondence
M-8069-143 Programs and Services, manual
M-8069-144 R- Miscellaneous
M-8069-145 Recreation and Parks, corresondence
M-8069-146 Recreation and Parks, funding applications to
M-8069-147 Recreation and Parks - Recreation Work Experience Program
M-8069-148 S- Miscellaneous
M-8069-149 Seagram's Five Star Awards
M-8069-150 Soaring Council
M-8069-151 Soccer Association
M-8069-152 Special Olympics
M-8069-153 Speedskating, Bobsled and Luge
M-8069-154 Sport Heritage
M-8069-155 Sport Promotion Conference
M-8069-156 Sports Council
M-8069-157 Sports Federation
M-8069-158 Sports Fund, guideline and procedures, sample letters 1-5
M-8069-159 Sports Fund
M-8069-160 Sports Fund
M-8069-161 Sports Fund
M-8069-162 Squash Racquet Association
M-8069-163 Time Management Seminar
M-8069-164 University of Alberta, correspondence
M-8069-165 W- Miscellaneous
M-8069-166 Western Canada Lottery - Review
M-8069-167 Workshop correspondence and information
M-8069-168 Y- Miscellaneous
Series 5 Office files. -- 1986. -- The series consists of the final set of office records, including files regarding Sport Alberta's anticipated demise. Although the organization still theoretically exists, it is in a "holding pattern" with a skeleton executive in order to protect and preserve its "society" status.
M-8069-169 A- Miscellaneous
M-8069-170 Amateur Athlete of the Year
M-8069-171 Annual General Meeting, correspondence
M-8069-172 Board of Directors, correspondences
M-8069-173 Board of Directors, orientation information
M-8069-174 Budget. -- 1980-1986
M-8069-175 Budgets. -- 1986
M-8069-176 Canadian Council of Provincial and Territorial Sports Federations
M-8069-177 Canadian Olympic Association
M-8069-178 Committee set up by November 8, 1986 meeting, general notes and information
M-8069-179 Conference Committee
M-8069-180 Correspondence - Sport Alberta. -- 1986
M-8069-181 Correspondence - Sport Alberta. -- 1987
M-8069-182 Funding application - Alberta Sport Council
M-8069-183 Hall of Fame. -- 1980-1986
M-8069-184 Management Committee, report
M-8069-185 N - Miscellaneous
M-8069-186 P - Miscellaneous
M-8069-187 Planning Seminars
M-8069-188 1986 Plan for Transfer - Sport Alberta. -- See also M-8069-117.
M-8069-189 Recreation and Parks, correspondence
M-8069-190 Sport Alberta - Closure of operations
M-8069-191 Sport Conference
M-8069-192 Sports Federation of Canada
M-8069-193 Sports Fund
M-8069-194 Sport Alberta Travel and Insurance
M-8069-195 U - Miscellaneous
M-8069-196 University of Alberta, work experience student

Series 6


Photographs. - [ca. early 1980s]. - 37 photographs. - This single folder contains a collection of views of unidentified Sport Alberta personalities and events. -- One photograph, of Ralph Klein opening the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame, ca. 1981, has been copied as NA-5471-1.

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