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Reverend Steinhauer and Saddle Lake congregation, late 1930s
Reverend Steinhauer and Saddle Lake congregation, late 1930s

Robert Bird Steinhauer fonds

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Series 1 Diaries, personal papers and church activities. - 1881-1940, 1955
Series 2 Photographs. - 1880s-1941


Series 1 Diaries, personal papers and church activities. - 1881-1940, 1955
M-1174-1 Personal papers. - 1887-1940. - Consists of university diploma, certificate of admission into ministry, authorizations to perform marriages, pension correspondence, and legal notice clipping.
M-1174-2 Correspondence. - undated. - Consists of letters from relatives and friends relating to personal matters.
M-1174-(3-4) Correspondence. - 1881-1941. - Consists of letters from relatives and friends relating primarily to personal matters; letters from Methodists and government officials concerning Indian affairs (relief, rights to mines on reserves, etc.); a few letters concerning H.B. Steinhauer's papers; and a request for translation of R.T. Rundle's work. Correspondents include E.J. Hodgins, Wesley Steinhauer (son), Sarah Kirkness, Henry Kirkness, R.T. Harden, John W. Niddrie, J.R. Berry, Henry Pruden, Harold G. Lester, Lucy Potts Jamieson, Violet Steinhauer, Norman and Sarah Marsden, and Caroline Steinhauer.
M-1174-5 Diaries. - [ca. 1902]-1930. - 10 volumes. - Consists of journals of personal activities and accounts kept by R.B. Steinhauer. Most of the volumes were used only sporadically. The 1930 diary is that of an unidentified woman.
Micro-Steinhauer Diaries, notes and accounts book, Whitefish Lake, Saddle Lake and Morley. - Microfilmed 1957 and 1963 (originally created 1887-1937).
M-1174-6 Notebooks. - 1883-1938. - Consists of two large notebooks containing copies of letters written by H.B. Steinhauer (1883); James A Youmans on H.B. Steinhauer's death (1884); J.A. McLachlan (1885); John McDougall and John McLean (n.d.); and a brief biography of Robert T. Rundle. Also consists of a Saddle Lake accounts notebook (1938-1939); and two notebooks recording church memberships (1902-1913).
M-1174-7 Cree syllabics. - 1940 and n.d. - Consists primarily of translations of hymns into Cree syllabics. Includes a letter in Cree, dated September 21, 1940.
M-1174-8 Methodist Church papers. - 1938 and n.d. - Consists of Circuit Campaign Treasurer's Record Book, Pastor's Pocket Ritual, Members' Certificate Book, and Missionary and Maintenance Committee Report (1938). Notes on the latter contain a translation of a baptism recorded in Cree syllabics by R.T. Rundle.
M-1174-9 Vital statistics - Correspondence. - September 28, 1917-November 22, 1940
M-1174-10 Vital statistics - Burial permits. - July 17, 1925-April 27, 1936
M-1174-11 Vital statistics - Marriage certificates and baptisms. - January 18, 1933-July 15, 1934
M-1174-12 Vital statistics - Marriage licences. - March 18, 1897-March 16, 1940
M-1174-13 Vital statistics - Registration of mariages. - February 4, 1926-March 1, 1935
M-1174-14 Vital statistics - Registers of burials and certificates of baptism. - 1912-1913, 1927-1940. -- Consists of a baptism register (May 19, 1912-June 4, 1913), and two burial registers (June 30, 1927-September 30, 1940).
M-1174-15 Receipts and statements. - 1903-1938
M-1174-16 Miscellaneous papers. - 1916-1936. - Consists of regulations adopted by the Samson Band for the establishment of a pound and appointment of a poundkeeper for their reserve; accounts of the Saddle Lake Band; resolution of the Amalgamated Band of Saddle Lake Agency concerning rights to Saddle Lake Reserve; lists of bales of clothing sent to Saddle Lake Mission. Also includes an unsigned begging letter, pamphlet entitled "One Hundred Years of Canadian Missions", and recipe for gopher poison.
M-1174-17 A. Henry Norwest papers. - 1935-1937. - Consists of letters, notes, etc. to relief for Metis.
M-1174-18 Counter check books of John Fumerton and Son, General Merchants. - 1908-1910, 1921-1935. - The Fumertons ran a general store in Holland from at least 1908-1910. By 1921 the store was in Saddle Lake. - Consists of customer accounts for the Steinhauers and other Saddle Lake residents, listing their purchases of clothing and dry goods (1921-1935)
M-1174-19 Scrapbook. - 1903-1906, 1925-1927. - Consists of newspaper clippings about Methodist miissions, conventions and Indian Affairs.
M-1174-20 Saddle Lake Circuit Register. - 1910, 1917, 1921-1939. - Consists of lists of members of the Saddle Lake Church kept by Reverend J.A. Seller in 1910 and 1917, and subsequently by Reverend R.B. Steinhauer (1921-1939).
M-3525 Steinhauer family miscellany. - 1931, 1937, 1955 and n.d. - Consists of a letter from R.B. Steinhauer to Mrs. J.J. Moore about the Steinhauer name (1931); a John Laurie newspaper article about the Steinhauers (n.d.); a newspaper article about the R.B. Steinhauer in Onward magazine (1937); and a letter from John Laurie to Mr. J.J. Moore about the Steinhauers (1955).
M-1174-boxes 3 and 4 Religious, Greek and Latin books. - [1840s-1860s]. - 8 volumes. - Consists of seven books from the library of H.B. Steinhauer, and one which had been presented to William Pruden (possible a relative of Charlotte Pruden Steinhauer, wife of R.B. Steinhauer). Jay's Morning and Evening Exercises (in box 4) was annotated in the margins by Lewis Warner, a Methodist minister in charge of the Victoria Mission (Pakan) in 1874 and 1875. The annotations are in the form of a diary, and the annotations have been transcribed. See the accompanying duotang in the box.
Series 2

Photographs. - 1880s-1941. - 22 photographs

Some of these photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-633 Steinhauer portraits and Cree views. - [ca. 1880s]-1929. - 7 photographs. - Consists of portraits of Henry Bird Steinhauer and his wife, Robert Bird Steinhauer, and the R.B. Steinhauer family. Includes views of L. Hunter (Cree, born in Saddle Lake in 1899) and Cree on horseback and in headdresses posed with Mounties at Hobbema (1929).
PC-47 Steinhauer portraits. - [ca. 1880s-1900]. - 3 photographs. - Consists of portraits of Reverend Henry Bird Steinhauer, Mrs. H.B. Steinhauer, and Mrs. R.B. (Charlotte) Steinhauer.
NA-5576 Saddle Lake, Steinhauer family, etc. - 1902, 1930s-1941. - 12 photographs. - Consists of views of Charlotte Pruden Steinhauer; H.B. Steinhauer's Methodist Church at Whitefish Lake; Ed Erasmus and Ruby Steinhauer on their wedding day; Reverend Robert Steinhauer on a visit to Ontario; Saddle Lake church and congregation; and the funeral of Robert Steinhauer.

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