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Autodrome garage, Calgary, Alberta, [ca. 1921-1925]
Autodrome garage, Calgary, Alberta, [ca. 1921-1925]

Okey Strain fonds

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Series 1 Personal papers. -- 1907-1954
Series 2 Photographs. -- 1886, 1904-1932


Series 1

Personal papers. -- 1907-1954. -- 25 cm of textual records. -- The series includes autobiography, correspondence, greeting cards, certificates; and records about the garages he worked for and his oil industry investments.

M-1193-1 Autobiography. -- n.d. -- Consists of handwritten notes.
M-1193-2 Didsbury homestead - Land patent correspondence. -- 1907-1910
M-1193-3 Personal correspondence. -- 1911-1935. -- Includes letters from family and friends in the United States.
M-1193-4 First World War correspondence. -- 1916-1918. -- Consists of letters from friends serving in England.
M-1193-5 Car papers and mortgage. -- 1930-1934. -- Re return of car to the United States.
M-1193-6 Motor Car Supply company correspondence. -- 1938-1939. -- Re debts.
M-1193-7 Miscellaneous correspondence. -- 1907-1954. -- Re sheet music, railway tickets and payment for crops.
M-1193-8 Naturalization papers. -- 1908
M-1193-9 Steam boilers. -- 1906-1913. -- Includes apprenticeship papers and copy of the steam boiler act.
M-1193-10 Bailiff certificate. -- 1917. -- Appointing Okey Strain bailiff to keep charge of car.
M-1193-11 Department of Transport, Private Receiving Station licences. -- 1934-1940
M-1193-12 Miscellaneous bills and accounts. -- 1917-1952
M-1193-13 Letter of reference from former employer J.H. Braun. -- 1913
M-1193-14 Tax papers. -- 1912-1950. -- Includes tax assessments, receipts and income tax forms.
M-1193-15 Insurance papers. -- 1923-1952. -- Includes policy certificates, form letters, insurance for property and life insurance.
M-1193-16 Notebooks. -- 1900-1915. -- Consists of diaries of work, weather, rough notes, etc.
M-1193-17 Land sale agreement. -- 1929. -- Consists of sale of land to Okey Strain by John Cyril Rooper King of York, England, formerly of High River, Alberta.
M-1193-18 Land lease agreement. -- k1911. -- Between H.C. Stain and J. Wallin.
M-1193-19 Deed transfer. -- 1913. -- Between D.F. Strain and A. Strain.
M-1193-20 Estate of Thomas Strain. -- 1945
M-1193-21 Universal Repair Shop, Calgary. -- 1914-1916. -- Consists of records of automobile garage [service station] owned by Strain, including bill of sale; distributor's agreement with Good Year Tires; lease for lot owned by William Roper Hull; and dissolution of partnership.
M-1193-22 Siegel Auto Company bulletins. -- 1919
M-1193-23 Autodrome garage, Calgary. -- 1923-1925. -- Consists of records of automobile garage [service station] re parts, finances, and bankruptcy,
M-1193-24 Aurora Oilfields Ltd. - Prospectus. -- 1924
M-1193-25 Western Ridge Oil Company Ltd. - List of holdings and share certificates. -- 1926
M-1193-26 New Illinois-Alberta Oils Ltd. - Share certificates. -- 1926-1930
M-1193-27 Monalta Oil Company Ltd. - Share certificates and circulars- 1926-1933. -- Includes correspondence re bankruptcy.
M-1193-28 Anaconda Oil Company - Prospectus and circulars. -- 1928-1948
M-1193-29 Weymarn Petroleums Ltd. - Prospectus and correspondence re shares. -- 1929
M-1193-30 Beaver Oils Ltd - Stock certificate. -- 1946
M-1193-31 Miscellaneous oil papers. -- 1926-1927. -- Re Coast to Coast Oil Holdings (prospectus); Continental Oil Company of Canada (circulars); and New Federal Oils (circulars).
M-1193-32 McMurray Oilfields Ltd - Tar sands [oil sands] circular. -- 1924.
M-1193-33 Bituminous Sand Extraction Company Ltd. -- 1924-1938. -- Includes correspondence re Athabasca tar sands [oil sands]; circulars; receipts for shares; account statements; and reports.
M-1193-34 Clark Specialty Manufacturing Company. -- 1921-1925. -- Includes patents, J.Y. Clark and Okey Strain application for shares.
M-1193-35 Vitomen Cereal Ltd. -- 1928-1930. -- Includes circulars to shareholders; share certificates; prospectus; and newspaper clippings.
M-1193-36 Idaho Copper Company - Share certificates. -- 1928
M-1193-37 Dominion Air Industries, Calgary - Brochure. -- 1930
M-1193-38 Miscellaneous investment papers related to Spiral Groove Bearings Ltd; Foundry Engineers Ltd.; McKinnon Expansion Engines Ltd.; and Lee-See Company.
M-1193-39 Pamphlets and brochures. -- 1912-1949. --Regarding cars, Calgary Stampede (1912, 1928); Calgary's transportation system (1943); information for prospective settlers; soldier song sheet; Hotel Canada (Vancouver); and Calgary voters' list (1949).
M-1193-40 Programs and booklets. -- 1909-1928. -- Consists of premium list of Alberta Provincial Exhibition; Capitol Theatre souvenir program; Westerner Oil Examiner Year Book, etc.
M-1193-41 Christmas cards and New Year's cards. -- 1884-1918
M-1193-42 Postcards. -- 1906-1928. -- Includes leather postcards.

Some of the postcards have been scanned. View now.

M-1193-43 Thanksgiving cards and Easter cards. -- 1912-1924
M-1193-44 Birthday cards. -- 1924-1925
M-1193-45 Miscellaneous greeting cards and invitations. -- 1927
M-1193-46 Programs, calling cards. -- 1946-1947
M-1193-47 Valentine cards. -- n.d.
M-1193-48 Ribbon of Highland Grange, Fairfax, Kansas.-- n.d.
M-1193-49 Perpetual calendar
M-1193-50 Broadsides. -- 1907. -- For H.C. Strain auction sale; warning of prairie fires; and cartoon.
M-1193-51 Newspaper clippings. -- 1919-1939. -- Re Okey Strain (as employee of Siegel Garage); fire at the Strain home; and the 1939 Calgary Stampede.

Series 2

Photographs. -- 1886, 1904-1932. -- 84 photographs. -- The series consists of views of Okey Strain, pioneering near Didsbury, automobile garages, Exshaw cement plant, sawmill, and other views.

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PA-1185 Views of Banff and area; Okey Strain; machinery; Calgary garages; and military views. -- [ca. 1914-1930]. -- 43 photographs
PA-1192 Universal Garage; gateway to Rockies; decorated wagon. -- [ca. 1906-1916]. -- 4 photographs
PE-44 1st Depot Battalion, Alberta Regiment, CEF. -- [ca. 1914-1918. -- 1 panoramic photograph
NA-1918 Cyclone at Didsbury; changing a tire; Didsbury rural views; Calgary Stampede; Banff dog team races; hunting; hauling wood, etc. -- 1909-1932. -- 16 photographs
NA-2190 Geronimo; James and Otterbine Sawmill; Exshaw cement plant construction; Universal Repair Shop; Autodrome garage. -- 1886, 1904-1927. -- 20 photographs

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