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Thorn, Frank
Frank Thorn's Orchestra, Camrose, Alberta, 1947

Frank Thorn fonds

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M-1229-1Alberta Social Credit League, Wetaskiwin. -- 1935-1936. -- Correspondence re organizing efforts, includes information on social events, donations, campaign funds, conventions, broadcasts, speakers.
M-1229-2Alberta Social Credit League, Wetaskiwin. -- 1935-1946. -- Correspondence re formation, includes information on conference, meetings.
M-1229-3Wetaskiwin Constituency, federal. -- 1935- 1962. -- Campaign literature for federal elections.
M-1229-4Wetaskiwin Constituency, federal. -- 1935- 1962. -- Correspondence re organizing, includes information on credentials, conventions, membership, election expenses.
M-1229-5Social Credit. -- 1935-1948. -- Correspondence and resolutions re leaflets, meetings, donations, speakers, officers, accounts, includes convention resolutions.
M-1229-6Social Credit. -- 1935-1939. -- Correspondence and resolutions re convention agenda, secretary-treasurer's report, scrutineers, conference expenses, leaflets, officers, fees, supplies, speakers, picnics.
M-1229-7Social Credit. -- 1935. -- Correspondence re resolutions, speakers, information on voting procedures, nominating conventions, constitution and bylaws, supplies, campaign fund, pamphlets in foreign languages, meetings, picnics, scrutineers, leaflets.
M-1229-8Alberta Social Credit League. -- 1937-1938. -- Correspondence re Alberta Chiropractic Association, office management, conference expenses and resolutions.
M-1229-9Alberta Social Credit League, Wetaskiwin branch. -- 1935-1948. -- Scrutineer lists, straw votes of various surrounding districts and constituencies.
M-1229-10William Aberhart. -- 1935. -- Correspondence re convention resolutions.
M-1229-11Norman Jaques. -- 1938. -- Proposed letter to constituents of Wetaskiwin.
M-1229-12Norman Jaques. -- 1948. -- Speeches in House of Commons.
M-1229-13Solon Low. -- 1950. -- Correspondence re political issues.
M-1229-14Alberta Social Credit League. -- 1938-1940. -- Reports re provincial convention, includes resolutions, treasurer's report and answers to resolutions of 1939 convention not dealt with.
M-1229-15Alberta Social Credit League. -- 1943-1949. -- Reports of provincial conventions.
M-1229-16Cashbook. -- 1935. -- Donations of various constituency associations.
M-1229-17Wetaskiwin Times. -- 1935. -- Invoices for work done for Social Credit.
M-1229-18The Canadian. -- 1930. -- Published in the interests of the Liberal-Conservative party, volume 1, number 7, June 28, 1930; volume 1, number 8, July 8, 1930.
M-1229-19Alberta Social Credit Clarion. -- 1936-1937. -- November, December, 1936, February, March, May, August, September, October, 1937.
M-1229-20Canadian Intelligence Service. -- 1951-1963.- Various issues.
M-1229-21Social Credit. -- 1936. -- Program of celebration of first anniversary of victory.
M-1229-22Pamphlets. -- no date. -- Re Canadian and international politics, economics, Social Credit, Alberta government services, chartered banking in Canada.
M-1229-23Social Credit. -- 1948. -- Press release re banning of anti-Semitic articles.
M-1229-24Norman Jaques. -- no date. -- Leaflets "Demand Results, the Political Philosophy of Social Credit" " Never was such evil done to so many by so few".
M-1229-25William Irvine. -- 1935. -- Declaration re candidacy in federal constituency of Wetaskiwin.
M-1229-26Social Credit nominating convention. -- 1935. -- Appointments, credentials.
M-1229-27Wetaskiwin vote. -- no date. -- Straw vote estimate.
M-1229-28'Canadian Brand of Socialism'. -- no date. -- Commentary discussing Social Planning for Canada and Democracy needs Socialism.
M-1229-29Radio broadcasts. -- no date. -- Synopses of provincial broadcasts by Ernest Manning, Solon Low, D. B. MacMillan, A. J. Hooke, W. A. Fallow, N. E. Tanner, Lucien Maynard.
M-1229-30Clippings. -- 1935-1950. -- Re Social Credit conventions, World War II, Norman Jaques, Powell and Unwin court case, Solon Low, Major Douglas, William Aberhart, Social Credit legislation, Cooperative Commonwealth Federation, scrip.
M-1229-31Clippings. -- 1935-1948. -- Re Norman Jaques, Social Credit, socialism, 'Union Now' movement, Rowell-Sirois report, Unwin-Powell court case, Labour-Progressive party, Ernest Manning, W. A. Fallow, World War II, Social Credit legislation.
M-1229-32Clippings. -- 1944. -- Re nomination and resignation of Frank Thorn in Provincial election.
M-1229-33Clippings. -- 1938-1948. -- Re Social Credit meetings, Norman Jaques, Elmer Roper, Wetaskiwin Pioneer Savings and Credit Union.
M-1229-34Wetaskiwin Federal Constituency. -- 1935- 1962. -- Correspondence.
M-1229-35Wetaskiwin Social Credit League. -- 1935- 1938. -- Correspondence.
M-1229-36Posters. -- 1943-1963. -- For events featuring Frank Thorn's orchestra.
NA-3555 Photographs. -- 1947-1951. -- 2 photographs. - - Frank Thorn's orchestra at Camrose, Alberta. Scanned Document View now.

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