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Pupils and congregation at Anglican mision, ca. 1890s
Pupils and congregation at Anglican mission,
Sarcee (Tsuut'ina) Reserve, ca. 1890s

Archdeacon J. W. Tims Family fonds

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Series 1 Scanned Document Textual records. -- Personal and missionary papers, etc.
Series 2 Scanned Document Photographs


Series 1

Textual records. -- Personal and missionary papers, etc.

M-1233-1 Correspondence. -- 1883-1899. -- Consists of letters written to Archdeacon Tims. Of special interest are letters from the Bishop of Saskatchewan, John McLean (1883-1886), and letters of instructions from the Church Missionary Society in England (1893, 1890). There is also a letter from Bishop Pinkham (1899). (Typed copies included.)

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M-1233-2Correspondence. -- 1905, 1906. -- Consists of: letter, Alan McGibbon to Mrs. Tims, asking for matches for Mrs. Old Sun (undated); letters in rhyme, Archdeacom Tims (to his daughter?) describing Christmas at Sarcees (one dated October 23, 1905, two undated); letter, Jim Big Plume, Sarcee Reserve, to Archdeacon Tims (August 31, 1906).
M-1233-3Early History of the Diocese of Calgary. -- 1883-1890. - Consists of a paper written by Archdeacon Tims, describing many of his own experiences.
M-1233-4Accounts and Papers of St. Paul's Church, Fish Creek. -- 1888- 1892. -- Consists of statements, receipts and accounts connected with the church building fund, in particular. Also has a letter concerning the use of the Anglican Church at Fish Creek for Presbyterian services, written by Rev. H. Gibbon Stocken (May 30, 1982).
M-1233-5Indian Missions, Notes and Statistics. Notes consist of lists concerned with the need for boarding schools, information re First Nations mode of life, and missions. The statistics were an attempt to conduct a census of the Sarcees (Tsuut'ina). Also contains Blackfoot statistics (one page printed).
M-1233-6Indian Missions, Address by Archdeacon Tims. -- 1909. - Concerns impressions regarding missionary efforts among the First Nations, given to the first convention of First Nations workers in Alberta held in Edmonton.
M-1233-7Indian Missions, Editorial in "The Record" and Reply by S. Gould, General Secretary, M.S.C.C. -- 1923. -- Concerns funds for First Nations and Eskimo missions.
M-1233-8Indian Missions, Accounts, Church Missionary Society, Calgary. -- 1905.
M-1233-9Indian Missions, Drawings and Plans. -- The drawing is of an Indian mission. The plans are two sketch plans of proposed additions to the Industrial Home for Indian children at the Blackfoot Reserve, Gleichen. Also includes sketches showing Rev. Tims participating in activities on the Blackfoot Reserve.
M-1233-10Indian Missions, Diary of W.R. Haynes, Mission House, Brocket, Alberta. -- 1923. -- Includes notes re First Nations.
M-1233-11Annual Returns to Synod and Inventory of Church and Parish Property, St. Paul's, Fish Creek. -- 1924-1925.
M-1233-12Annual Returns to Synod, St. Peter's, Glenmore. -- 1924- 1925.
M-1233-13Annual Returns to Synod, All Saints', Red Deer Lake. - 1924-1925.
M-1233-14Annual Returns to Synod and Inventory of Church and Parish Property, St. Barnabas', Sarcee Reserve. -- 1924-1925.
M-1233-15Statistics, general. Consists of lists of members of various parishes; includes one list of burials (1888-1922).
M-1233-16 Blackfoot language materials.. -- [ca. 1890-1896]. -- Consists of Blackfoot language materials created by J.W. Tims in order to introduce Christianity to the Blackfoot. Includes Blackfoot syllabarium (printed); syllabic alphabet (signed J. Hinchcliffe, St. Peter's Mission, July 24, 1896); and sentences, 2nd collect for peace, Benedicite, Lord's Prayer, Te Deum, Venite and Confession in Blackfoot. Also includes printed leaflet giving elementary religious teaching in Blackfoot language, and St. Matthew's Gospel translated into the Blackfoot language.

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Library 497.3 T586g Grammar and Dictionary of the Blackfoot Language. -- [ca. 1889]. -- Consists of a Blackfoot dictionary written by Reverend J.W. Tims in order to introduce Christianity to the Blackfoot. Pages 9-62 consist of a grammar, and pages 63 to 106 an English-Blackfoot dictionary. The volume was published in London, England by the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge.

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M-1233-17Birth Certificate and Appointment and of Archdeacon J.W. Tims. The birth certificate was issued in 1908 (two copies). The appointment, by Bishop Pinkham, 1914, made Tims the special representative to visit St. Michaels' Parish in Calgary.
M-1233-18Sectional Map of Church of England Parishes. Includes St. Barnabas'; Sarcee (Tsuut'ina) Reserve; All Saints', Red Deer Lake; St. Paul's, Fish Creek and Pine Creek.
M-1233-19Calling cards, railway passes and camp pass to Sarcee (Tsuut'ina) Reserve.
M-1233-20Pamphlets and Programs. -- 1896-1947. - Consists of: pamphlet on "How the Bible is Translated" by Archdeacon Tims (February 22, 1918); report on the first 100 years of the Church Missionary Society (1896); program of reception given by The Gleichen Board of Trade to Imperial Press delegates containing articles entitled "The Gleichen District Fifty Years Ago" and "The Blackfeet Then and Now" by Rev. Canon Stocken (August 19, 1920); program of the enthronement of Rev. Isaac O. Stringer, Archbishop of Rupert's Land (September 1, 1931); Order of Service for dedication of John William Tims memorial window in St. Peter's Church, Glenmore (February 23, 1947).
M-1233-21Diocesan Examinations for Priests and Deacons. Contains examples of examinations set in the Diocese of Calgary. (A few are dated 1896 to 1921.) Also contains two printed leaflets (one dated 1906) of instructions for candidates for Holy Orders in the Diocese of Calgary.
M-1233-22Notebooks. Contains notebook showing general expenditures (1884); memorandum book (1895); notebooks containing historical and biographical notes; and exercise book containing article on "Foreign Missions".
M-1233-23Notebook and Two Diaries. Contains notebook of religious notes and daily journals of Archdeacon Tims (1887 and 1917). See also M-1234-2.
M-1233-24Diaries. Contains sixteen diaries of Archdeacon Tims (1898, 1899, 1901, 1906-1908, 1911-1916, 1919, and 1921-1923). See also M-1234-2.
M-1233-25Diaries. Contains seventeen diaries of Archdeacon Tims (1924-1940). See also M-1234-2.
M-1233-26Newspaper clippings. Contains a newspaper clipping about Canon Stocken's superannuation and a clipping about Rev. Samuel Trivett, Archdeacon Tims, and J.J. McHugh.
M-1233-27Album of Newspaper Clippings. Contains newspaper clippings about church matters; brief index in front of book.
M-1233-28Notes, Articles, Instructions and Receipts and Expenditures. Contains two caricatures; Sunday School receipts and expenditures (1924); list of parishioners; parents' consent to marriage of daughter (1928); notes on surgery (1879); article entitled "A Missionary and A Man: War Experiences of a Canadian in German East Africa" by May L. Armitage (1920); instructions for election to Synod; "One-Eyed Woman: A Story of Pioneer Days in the West" by Emonis.
M-1233-OS1 Three illuminated addresses to Archdeacon Tims by Southern Alberta Old Timers' Association. -- 1931, 1933, and 1943.
M-1233-OS2 Illuminated address from Alex R. McTavish.
M-1233-OS3 Illuminated address from Norman M. Plummer on 50th wedding anniversary.
M-1233-OS4 Account Book for the Calgary C.M.S. Finance Committee. - 1899-1897.
M-1233-OS5 Ledger Book, Anglican Mission, Blood Reserve. -- 1894- 1919.
M-1233-OS6 Ledger Book, Anglican Mission, Sarcee (Tsuut'ina) Reserve. - 1895- 1919.
M-1233-OS7 Ledger Book, Anglican Mission, Peigan Reserve (1896- 1919).
M-1234-1Biographical Sketches. -- n.d. -- Includes Who's Who article and other handwritten notes; also includes interview with R.J. Tims by Ron Getty of the Glenbow re artifacts.
M-1234-2Diaries. -- 1879-1894. -- Includes notes in Blackfoot in 1891 diary. See also M-1233-23-25.
M-1234-3Letterbook. -- 1890-1893. -- Letterbook re Church Missionary Society business, including letters re Girls Home on Blood reserve; also includes Reverend Trivett's accounts.
M-1234-4Correspondence. -- 1883-1890. -- Correspondence from Bishop in Prince Albert.
M-1234-5Personal Correspondence from relatives and friends. -- 1883- 1944.
M-1234-6Personal Correspondence from Mrs. Violet Tims. -- 1892-1893 and n.d.
M-1234-7General Correspondence. -- 1885-1953. -- Includes correspondence: from Commissioner of Indian Affairs re stopping Sun Dance; from Samuel Trivett; from J. Hinchcliffe; application for jobs; from Canon H.W.Stocken; from F.W. Godsal; and from John W. House re tobacco dance.
M-1234-8Old Sun Industrial School Correspondence. -- 1887-1896. - Includes letter from L. Van Koughnet re missionaries engaging in trade with Indians; memo explaining why the Church of England should be assisted in establishing an Industrial School; and report on St. John's house.
M-1234-9Reverend Frank Swainson Correspondence. -- 1895. - Correspondence re enlargement of Boy's Home and re fire at the Kissock Home, Blood Reserve.
M-1234-10Bishop Pinkham correspondence. -- 1890-1905. -- Includes correspondence re consecration of Bishop Holmes.
M-1234-11Correspondence. -- 1905. -- Includes correspondence re congratulations re Doctor of Divinity degree.
M-1234-12J.W. Tims Correspondence. -- July 2, 1895. Correspondence to Bishop re explanation of trouble on Blackfoot Reserve; includes resignation.
M-1234-13J.W. Tims Correspondence. -- 1930. -- Correspondence to Canon Gould re resignation from Sarcee (Tsuut'ina) Mission.
M-1234-14J.W. Tims Correspondence. -- 1930. -- Correspondence re Glenmore Sunday School.
M-1234-15Reports. -- 1898-1922. -- Copies of annual letters re year's work.
M-1234-16Speeches. -- 1909-1932. -- Includes reminiscences re early Calgary and missionary work.
M-1234-17Articles. -- 1883-1941. -- Includes articles about arriving at Blackfoot Crossing; reminiscences re Calgary, and visit of Duke and Duchess of York (1901).
M-1234-18Notebook. -- 1893 and n.d. -Contains history of the Church of England, Calgary Diocese (including envelope subscriptions from St. Andrew's Church, Gleichen), and reminiscences of trip to Blackfoot Crossing.
M-1234-19Notes. -- n.d. -- Notes in shorthand re remarks of Red Crow to Bishop re rations.
M-1234-20 Notebook. -- n.d. -- Notebook re Sarcee (Tsuut'ina).
M-1234-21 Blackfoot Language Papers. -- [ca. 1899-1902]. -- Consists of Blackfoot language materials created by J.W. Tims in order to introduce Christianity to the Blackfoot. Includes notebook of Blackfoot translations for special services: Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Ash Wednesday, Lent, and Easter; Blackfoot Syllabarium; published Blackfoot Prayer Book; a volume of handwritten translations of the Gospels; Thanksgiving prayer for harvest; and translations of hymns.

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M-1234-22Sarcee (Tsuut'ina) Language Papers. -- n.d. -- Contains English and Sarcee (Tsuut'ina) vocabulary for common nouns.

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M-1234-23Certificates. -- 1872-1937. -- Contains Indenture of Apprenticeship as boatbuilder; commemoration of coronation; birth register; and life membership of the British and Foreign Bible Society.
M-1234-24Datebook. -- n.d. -- Contains birth dates.
M-1234-25Account Books. -- 1896-1899.
M-1234-26Canon H.W. Stocken Correspondence. -- 1907. - Correspondence from J. Hinchcliffe re 20th anniversary of the Bishop's consecration.
M-1234-27Canon H.W. Stocken Reports. -- 1898-1904. -- Contains first report of the St. John's Hospital, Blackfoot Reserve and annual letters to the Bishop re year's work.
M-1234-28Stanley Stocken Reports. -- 1901-1902. -- Reports re year's activities at St. John's Boys Home, Blackfoot Reserve.
M-1234-29John Tims Will. -- 1890. (Father of Reverend J.W. Tims)
M-1234-30Winnifred Tims Correspondence. -- 1910-1945. -- Personal correspondence from relatives and former students.
M-1234-31Winnifred Tims Articles. -- 1931-1941. -- Articles re daily life on the Blackfoot and Sarcee reserves, and articles re 50th anniversary of the Anglican Church.
M-1234-32Winnifred Tims School Papers. -- n.d. -- Includes Christmas programs; lesson assignments; examinations; and notebooks.
M-1234-33J. Reginald Tims Papers. -- 1948-1955. -- Includes correspondence; certificate; and school notebook.
M-1234-34Mrs. H.E. Downe Papers. -- 1958-1964. -- Includes papers re history of Reverend J.W. Tims and copies of Tims correspondence (1883).
M-1234-35Marriage License. -- 1883. -- Marriage license of John L. Bowen and Winnifred Thompson, Calgary.
M-1234-36Church Missionary Society Papers. -- 1904. -- Financial statements.
M-1234-37List of Articles. -- 1892-1936. -- Includes articles re First Nations; pioneer experiences; and First Nations legends.
M-1234-38Pioneer History Questionnaire. -- 1956.
M-1234-39Poems and Stories. -- n.d. -- Poems and stories containing religious and First Nations themes.
M-1234-40Menus. -- 1911-1950s. -- Contains Anglican Jubilee Banquet menu and menu from Canadian Pacific Airlines; also includes menu from C.P.R. railway.
M-1234-41Greeting Cards. -- 1892-1906. -- Includes Christmas cards; memorial cards; and postcards, including one signed by Charles Jackson.
M-1234-42Programs. -- 1903-1971. -- Includes programs of Calgary Diocesan Clerical Conference; the Southern Alberta Pioneers' and Old Timers Association; St. Peter's Church civic memorial service for King George VI; Thanksgiving service at the Cathedral Church of the Redeemer; Eton College Chapel; and St. Paul's Church, Fish Creek, Alberta.
M-1234-43Pamphlets and Broadsheets. -- 1888-1920. - Contains Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire; St. Andrew's Church list of subscriptions and donations; appeal and statement of funds, The Kissock homes; British and Foreign Bible Society rules for translators; Memo re "The Needs of Manitoba", circular letter Reverend J.W.Tims; Report of W.A. Annual; papers presented at conference of the clergy, Diocese of Calgary; and "History and Present Status of the Work Among the Native Races in Rupert's Land" by Archdeacon Tims.
M-1234-44Statistics and Biographical Sketches. -- 1911-1942. -- Includes statistics re Alberta First Nations and biographical sketches of Anglican missionaries.
M-1234-45Stamps and envelopes.- 1878-1905.
M-1234-46Newsclippings. -- 1886-1940. -- Contains newsclippings re Archdeacon J.W. Tims and articles that he wrote.
M-1234-47Newsclippings. -- 1945. -- Contains newsclippings re Mrs. Violet Tims.
M-1234-48Newsclippings. -- 1935 and n.d.. -- Contains newsclippings re Winnifred Tims.
M-1234-49Newsclippings. -n.d. -- Contains newsclippings re members of the Tims family.
M-1234-50Newsclippings. -- 1891-1892. -- Contains newsclippings re Reverend Samuel Trivett.
M-1234-51Newsclippings. -1892 and 1938. -- Contains newsclippings re Church.
M-1234-52Newsclippings. -- 1922-1950s. -- Contains newsclippings re Alberta's history.
M-1234-53Newsclippings. -- 1895-1935. -- Contains newsclippings re First Nations of Alberta, including article on Blackfoot language.
M-1234-54Newsclippings. -- 1893-1895.
M-1234-55Scrapbook. -- 1892-1940. -- Scrapbook re First Nations schools and Tims family.
M-1234-56Scrapbook. -- 1933-1940. -- Scrapbook re church.
M-1234-OS1Pioneer's Certificate, V.W. Tims. -- 1930.
M-1234-OS2Certificate, Archdeacon J.W. Tims. -- 1933. - Certificate re 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Church of England.
M-1235 Pictures painted by Sarcee Indian Mission school children. - 1927. -- Twelve items, illustrated and coloured.
M-4418 English-Blackfoot Dictionary written by Jean L'Heureux. - 1878. - Consists of a Blackfoot-English dictionary written by Jean L'Heureux, who was employed by the Department of Indian Affairs as a translator and mediator with the First Nations because of his facility with languages. His dictionary is very practical, with words arranged by categories including names of animals, places, parts of the human body, things found inside a lodge, numbers, and human acts such as sleeping, roasting meat and hunting. The dictionary fell into the possession of Archdeacon Tims, who was also very interested in the Blackfoot language.

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M-4419 Sarcee Indian Grammar, Dictionary and Word List. -- ca. 1905. - Consists of a handwritten dictionary with English words and the Sarcee equivalent, translations of some prayers, and word lists prepared by Archdeacon Tims.

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RCT-106 Interview with J. Reginald Tims about his father's missionary work in southern Alberta, and family recollections. -- 1963. -- 1 audio reel

Series 2


Many of these photographs have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.

PA-124 First Nations and missionary views. -- 121 photographs
PA-1626 Tims family, Sarcee (Tsuut'ina), Peigan and Blackfoot mission views. -- 1880s-1940. -- 300 photographs
PD-9 Albums of Blackfoot and Sarcee (Tsuut'ina) mission views. -- 2 photograph albums
PD-122 Album of views of the Peigan reserve, Blackfoot and Sarcee (Tsuut'ina). -- 1889-1920. -- 117 photographs
NA-127-1 Blackfoot sowing seed. -- [ca. 1880s]. -- 1 photograph
NA-134-1 Rev. J.W. Tims and Rev. W.R. Haynes at a Blackfoot camp. -- [ca. 1880s]. -- 1 photograph
NA-159-(1-2) Pupils at the Sarcee (Tsuut'ina) Anglican mission school; James Starlight family. -- 1895 and [ca. 1910]. -- 2 photographs
NA-192-(1-22) Sarcee (Tsuut'ina) and Blackfoot views. -- [ca. 1880s-1950s]. -- 22 photographs
NA-356-(1-2) Portraits of J.W. Tims. -- 1906 and 1935. -- 2 photographs
NA-516-1 Calgary Industrial School group. -- 1897. -- 1 photograph
NA-641-(1-5) Sketches of Reverend Tims and the Blackfoot, which appeared in Canadian Churchman. -- 1895. -- 5 sketches
NA-754-(1-4) St. Paul's Anglican Church at Fish Creek; Violet Tims; first church on the Sarcee (Tsuut'ina) reserve. -- [ca. 1889-1920s]. -- 3 photographs
NA-896-(1-4) Blackfoot personalities; laying foundation of Anglican Pro-Cathedral. -- [ca. 1886] and 1904. -- 4 photographs
NA-1020-(1-61) Anglican missions and missionaries, Sarcee (Tsuut'ina), and Blackfoot. -- [ca. 1880s-1930s]. -- 61 photographs
NA-1033-(1-4) Sketches of Blackfoot and Tims, done for an unpublished book. -- [ca. 1883]-1885. -- 4 sktetches
NA-1645-1 Wedding of J.W. Tims and Violet Wood. -- 1890. -- 1 photograph
NA-1666-(1-6) Blackfoot personalities and tipis. -- [ca. 1900-1924] and n.d. -- 6 photographs
NA-1875-1 Big Wolf, Sarcee (Tsuut'ina) chief. -- n.d. -- 1 photograph
NA-1934-1 Children at North Camp School, Blackfoot reserve. -- 1892. -- 1 photographs
NA-2164-1 Blood recruits, 191st Battalion. -- 1916. -- 1 photograph
NA-3002-1 Sarcee (Tsuut'ina) boys, Frank One Spot and James Sarcee Woman. -- n.d. -- 1 photograph
S-18 Views of Blackfoot, Peigan and Blood. -- 1913-1914. -- 17 glass slides (3.25" x 3.25")

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