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New Walrond Ranche cowboys
June 13, 1901

New Walrond Ranche Company Ltd. fonds

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Table of Contents

Series 1Documents related to incorporation. -- 1885, 1891, 1898
Series 2Annual reports. -- 1904- 1923
Series 3Letterbooks and correspondence. -- 1887-1927
Series 4Inventories. -- 1890, 1892-1900, 1907
Series 5Daily journals. -- 1886-1922
Series 6Financial records and contracts. -- 1883-1912, 1922
Series 7Livestock records. -- 1885-1919
Series 8Township plans and topographical maps. -- 1897-1906, 1942
Series 9Meteorological records. -- 1916-1957
Series 10Miscellaneous


Series 1

Documents related to incorporation. -- 1885, 1891, 1898. -- Consists of documents related to the establishment of the Walrond Cattle Ranch Ltd. and it successor, the New Walrond Ranche Company Ltd.

M-3355 Declaration of lease of land to Sir John Walrond. -- November 18, 1885
M-8688-1 New Walrond Ranche Company establishment. -- 1891, 1898. -- Consists of House of Commons debates regarding the ranch (1891); resolution from shareholders' meeting (February 23, 1898); prospectus (February 26, 1898); and memorandum and township plans regarding purchase of the ranch (April 20, 1898).
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Series 2

Annual reports. -- 1904-1923. -- Consists of annual reports presented to shareholders at the company's annual general meetings.

M-8688-2New Walrond Ranche Company annual report. -- 1903-1923. -- Consists of the 6th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, and 25th annual reports of the company.
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Series 3

Letterbooks and correspondence. -- 1887-1927. -- Consists of copies of letters written by Walrond Ranche local managers, primarily reporting ranch business to the Managing Director, Dr. Duncan McNab McEachran, and to the Secretary-Treasurer, James G. Ross, both in Montreal. Includes some of Dr. McEachran's correspondence, written from the ranch. Also includes circulars to shareholders.

M-8688-3Letterbook. -- 1887-1894. -- Consists of letter press copies of letters written by William Bell (January 1887- October 1888); J.W. Mollison (October 1888- August 1890); J.F. Scott (September 1890-July 1893); and David Warnock (November 1893- November 1894). Includes an index at the front, although some sections have been torn out.
M-8688-4Letterbook. -- November 1894-December 1897. -- Consists of letter press copies of letters written by David Warnock. The index at the front has been torn out.
M-8688-5Letterbook. -- December 1897-November 1901. -- Consists of letter press copies of letters written by David Warnock. The index at the front has been torn out.
M-8688-6Letterbook. -- November 1901-July 1903. -- Consists of letter press copies of letter written by David Warnock.
M-8688-7Letterbook. -- 1904, 1908-1915. -- Consists of carbon copies of letters written by A.D. Harrington (May 1904), and M.C. Connolly (June-October 1904), primarily to J.G. Ross and Dr. McEachran in Montreal. Also includes carbon copies of letters written from the ranch by Duncan McEachran and J. McConachey (November 1908-December 1915).
M-8688-8Correspondence. -- 1883, 1898, 1901,1903-1906, 1908-1911. -- Consists of miscellaneous ranch correspondence, primarily to and from Dr. McEachran.
M-8688-9Circulars to shareholders. -- 1908, 1917, 1918. 1920, 1923, 1927
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Series 4

Inventories. -- 1890, 1892-1900, 1907. -- Consists of lists of "moveable effects"at Five Mile Ranche, Beaver Creek Thoroughbred Ranche, Beaver Creek Lower Ranche, Horse Ranche, Peigan Agency, Upper Ranche, Damon Creek Feeding Camp, and Jones Creek including: Dr. McEachran's room, house furnishings, provisions, wagons and harnesses, tools and implements, fuel and light, feed, poultry, instruments and medicine, stallion stable, and cook shack.

M-8688-10Inventory. -- September 1, 1890
M-8688-11Inventory. -- December 31, 1892
M-8688-12Inventory. -- December 31, 1893
M-8688-13Inventory. -- December 31, 1894
M-8688-14Inventory. -- December 31, 1895
M-8688-15Inventory. -- December 31, 1896
M-8688-16Inventory. -- December 31, 1897
M-8688-17Inventory. -- December 31, 1898
M-8688-18Inventory. -- December 31, 1899
M-8688-19Inventory. -- December 31, 1900


See M-8688-38 for part of the 1902 inventory, and M-8688-27 for the 1904 inventory.
M-8688-20Inventory. -- December 31, 1907. -- For New Walrond Ranche.
M-8688-21Draft inventory and horse counts. -- 1893-1898. -- Consists of record book with draft inventory (December 31, 1893) in front, and horse counts (1893-1898) in the rest of the volume.
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Series 5

Daily journals. -- 1886-1922. -- Consists of volumes in which were recorded details of daily activities on the ranch, and a variety of other information such as amounts of beef supplied to the Mounties, how to treat livestock medical problems, hay contracts, petty accounts, etc.

M-8688-22Daily journal. -- January, May-December, 1893. -- Consists of journal kept by David Warnock (it appears to be in his handwriting), in which he recorded details of the weather and his ranch work undertaken each day.
M-8688-23Daily journal. -- 1886-1888, 1893-1901. -- Consists of volume entitled "Day Book", in which a variety of things were recorded. Includes a few entries recording daily ranch activities such as branding and butchering (1893); records of beef supplied to the North-West Mounted Police and others, including amounts and costs (1893-1901); records of hides received from the Peigans and Bloods (1886-1888); details of hay contracts (1895- 1901); and prescriptions for treating livestock problems such as wounds, colic, worms, rheumatism, mange, etc.
M-8688-24Daily journal. -- 1903-1905, 1907-1922. -- Consists of volume recording petty accounts, and daily activities. Pages 1-200 do not exist. Pages 201-229 consist of petty accounts (1903-1905). Pages 229-315 consist of daily journal entries, describing weather and ranch activities (1907-1912). Pages 316-332 consist of petty accounts (1912-1922). Pages 388-400 consist of miscellaneous records related to horses sold (1909), cattle delivered to Patrick Burns (1908), and horses serviced by Dr. Jim (1913-1915).
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Series 6

Financial records and contracts. -- 1883-1912, 1922. -- Consists of cashbooks, payroll records, Dr. McEachran's expenses, contracts, receipts, and bank statements.

M-264-vol.1 Cashbook. -- 1883-1898
M-8688-25Cashbook. -- October 1888-October 1902
M-8688-26Cashbook: "Petty Disbursements". -- September 1890- December 1902
M-8688-27Cashbook: "New Walrond Ranche Petty Cash Account". -- June 1904-November 1911. -- Consists of petty accounts. Includes 1904 inventory on pages 288- 293.
M-8688-28Payroll cashbook. -- 1904-1911. -- Consists of volume recording men's wages and board of men for round-ups. Includes a variety of other accounts, such coyote bounties, service of mares, and horses bought and sold.


For other petty accounts see M-8688-24.
M-8688-29Miscellaneous contracts and agreements. -- 1895, 1900, 1902, 1903, 1905, 1907. -- Predominantly contracts for wintering livestock.
M-8688-30Hay contracts. -- 1895, 1901, 1903, 1904, 1907. -- Consists predominantly of 1904 pay advices.
M-8688-31Beef accounts notebook. -- 1895-1905. -- Consists of beef accounts, including beef sales to the North-West Mounted Police, and some hay contract accounts.
M-8688-32Receipts for supplying beef to the North-West Mounted Police. -- 1893, 1901-1902
M-8688-33Receipt books. -- 1908-1910, and 1922. -- Consist of receipt stubs for payment of wages and purchases of supplies.
M-8688-34Dr. McEachran's expenses. -- 1906-1907, 1909. -- Consists of invoices predominantly related to hotel stays and personal purchases.
M-8688-35New Walrond Ranche bank statements. -- 1908-1909, 1912. -- Consists of statements from the Union Bank of Canada, which include lists of cheques paid to ranch staff.
M-8688-36Catalogue for sale of New Walronds lands. -- 1917
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Series 7

Livestock records. -- 1885-1919. -- Consists of pedigree certificates, and records of cattle received and branded. See also M-8688-21, 24 and 29 for further records related to livestock.

M-8688-37Livestock notebook. -- 1885-1892, 1895. -- Consists of notebook recording livestock counts; numbers of cattle branded; and lists of foals born.
M-8688-38Cattle notebook. -- 1898-1899. -- Consists of notebook recording cattle received from W.M. Gunn; numbers of cattle branded; shorthorn bulls, and part of the 1902 inventory.
M-8688-39Short Horn pedigree certificates, and certificates of transfer. - - 1989-1904
M-8688-40Hereford pedigree certificates, and certificates of transfer. -- 1904
M-8688-41"Auction Sale of Purebred Cattle", supplementary list. -- May 1904. -- Consists of a list of cattle, at least on of which (No. 507, a hereford) was purchased by the Walrond.
M-8688-42Clydesdale horses pedigree certificates. -- 1906- 1919
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Series 8

Township plans and topographical maps. -- 1897-1906, 1942. -- Consists of plans and maps for the part of Alberta in which the Walrond Ranche was located. Some of the plans relate to irrigation works undertaken by the ranch.

M-8688-43Township plans. -- nd. -- Consists of plans for 9-1-W5; 10-1- W5; 11-1-W5; 9-2-W5; 10-2-W5; and 11-2-W5. -- The plans are annotated to show Walrond Ranche holdings.
M-8688-OS1 Township plans. -- 1897-1906. -- Consists of Department of the Interior township plans for 8-29-W4; 8-1-W5; 8-2-W5; 9-29-W4; 9-1-W5; 9- 2-W5; 10-29-W4; 10-30-W4; 10-1-W5; 10-2-W5; and 12-1-W5. Some plans are annotated to show Walrond Ranche holdings.
M-8688-OS2 Callum Creek plans. -- 1942 and nd. -- Consists of Department of Mines and Resources topographical map of Callum Creek (1942); township plans showing Callum and Meadow Creeks; and drawings of ditches, lateral gates, and a diversion weir. Also includes topographical maps of Langford Creek and the Gap (1942).
M-8688-OS3 Upper Walrond Ranche plan and miscellaneous plans. -- 1902, [ca. 1950s], and nd. -- Consists of "Plan of Upper Walrond Ranche", with an enlargement showing the buildings (nd); "Plan showing Proposed Location of Canal to Divert Water from Frenchmen's Creek to Swift Current Creek" (1902); "Planting Plan Waldron Ranches for the Home Ranch (ca. 1950s); and map of Dominion Lands Agency District of Calgary (nd).
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Series 9

Meteorological records. -- 1916-1957. -- Consists of meteorological registers for Playle Creek, recording temperature, precipitation, and notes about the weather. The information was recorded by F.M. MacLennan (1916-1917), George Porter (1917-1945), Alf Cote (1946-1955), and Gerald Matheson (1955-1957). Includes some published manuals and circulars for climatological observers.

M-8688-44Meteorological register. -- 1916-1917
M-8688-45Meteorological register. -- 1917-1918
M-8688-46Meteorological register. -- 1918-1919
M-8688-47Meteorological register. -- 1920-1921
M-8688-48Meteorological register. -- 1921-1922
M-8688-49Meteorological register. -- 1922-1923
M-8688-50Meteorological register. -- 1924
M-8688-51Meteorological register. -- 1925
M-8688-52Meteorological register. -- 1926
M-8688-53Meteorological register. -- 1927
M-8688-54Meteorological register. -- 1928
M-8688-55Meteorological register. -- 1929
M-8688-56Meteorological register. -- 1930-1931
M-8688-57Meteorological register. -- 1931-1932
M-8688-58Meteorological register. -- 1932-1933
M-8688-59Meteorological register. -- 1933-1934
M-8688-60Meteorological register. -- 1934-1936
M-8688-61Meteorological register. -- 1936-1938
M-8688-62Meteorological register. -- 1938-1941
M-8688-63Meteorological register. -- 1941-1943
M-8688-64Meteorological register. -- 1943-1945
M-8688-65Meteorological register. -- 1946-1947
M-8688-66Meteorological register. -- 1948-1950
M-8688-67Meteorological register. -- 1950-1952
M-8688-68Meteorological register. -- 1952-1954
M-8688-69Meteorological register. -- 1955-1957
M-8688-70Manuals and circulars for climatological observer. -- 1952- 1956
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Series 10


M-8688-71Dr. McEachran's copy of The Industry of Nations, as Exemplified in the Great Exhibition of 1851. -- London : Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1852. -- The book has a stamp in the front saying "Montreal Veterinary College, D. McEachran, M.R.C.V.S., Veterinary Surgeon".

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