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Curling at the Calgary Winter Club, [ca. 1960s]
Curling at the Calgary Winter Club, [ca. 1960s]

Calgary Winter Club fonds

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M-7110-1 Articles of asssociation, memorandum of association, prospectus and certificate of incorporation. -- 1958
M-7110-2 General club rules and regulations booklets. -- 1966-1970
M-7110-3 Constitution of the Men's Curling Section. -- n.d.
M-7110-4 Annual reports. -- 1982-1984
M-7110-5 Minutes. -- 1957. -- Of meeting related to the proposed building of the club.
M-7110-6 Minutes. -- 1957-1967. -- Board of Directors.
M-7110-7 Minutes. -- 1959-1967. -- Board of Directors.
M-7110-8 Minutes. -- 1960. -- General meeting re building additions.
M-7110-9 Minutes. -- 1960-1963. -- Of various sports / activities meetings (i.e. bowling, bridge, curling, skating, swimming, tennis).
M-7110-10 Minutes. -- 1961. -- Management Committee.
M-7110-11 Minutes. -- 1961 and n.d. -- Activities Committee.
M-7110-12 Minutes. -- 1961-1967. -- Shareholders' meetings.
M-7110-13 Minutes. -- 1966-1967. -- Of meetings relating to membership.
M-7110-14 Correspondence. -- 1958-1985 and n.d. -- Re land matters, construction, building plans and improvements, financial matters, social activities, memberships, etc.
M-7110-15 Membership material. -- 1984 and n.d.
M-7110-16 Lists of past presidents, directors and sports teams. -- 1959-1960 and n.d.
M-7110-17 Legal papers - Agreements between the Calgary Winter Club and the City of Calgary. -- 1961
M-7110-18 Financial papers. -- 1959-1978 and n.d.
M-7110-19 Planning material and expansion proposals. -- 1957-1980
M-7110-20 Miscellaneous. -- 1960-1969 and n.d. -- Includes assorted sports schedules, bowling score sheets, fee schedules, curling bonspiel program and rules, invitations, various sign-up forms, etc.
M-7110-21 Newspaper clippings. -- 1958-1981 and n.d. -- Re elections of club officers and directors, membership, building expansion, Glencoe Club fire, sports events, etc.
M-7110-22 Publications. -- 1960, 1971. -- Includes North Hill News, 1960 and The Herald Magazine, 1971, and articles on the opening and expansion of the Club.
M-7110-23 "Calgary Winter Club Newsletter". -- 1963-1966
M-7110-24 "Calgary Winter Club Newsletter". -- 1967-1968
M-7110-25 "Calgary Winter Club Newsletter". -- 1968-1973
M-7110-26 "Lookout" newsletters. -- 1973-1976
M-7110-27 "Lookout: newsletters. -- 1976-1978
M-7110-28 Magazines. -- 1961-1981. -- Consists of Calgary Winter Club News, 1961-1981; Winter Club Beacon, 1961; Glencoe News, 1961; and Newlook, 1971-1972.
M-7110-29 Magazine - Calgary Winter Club News. -- 1982-1985
M-7110-oversize North Hill News and hand-drawn poster of Ice Carnival. -- 1960 and 1965
PA-2713 Photographs of the Calgary Winter Club buildings, personalities, sports teams, sports events, and social events. -- 1959-1980. -- 77 photographs
S-156 Slides of architectural drawings and plans, sports and miscellaneous views of the Calgary Winter Club. -- 1959-1972. -- 35 slides
RCT-690 Recorded interviews with various people involved with the Calgary Winer Club, conducted by Bob and Gail Wakulich. -- February-April 1985. -- 14 audio cassettes. -- Consists of interview with Don Baldwin, Jim Channon, Norma Clark, Tom Clark, Lori Darroch, Brian Dick, Bridget Dunton, Myrtle Ellis, Gordie Fox, Al Grose, Bernice MacEwan, Tommy Malcom, Bill McCallum, Barb McNabb, Chal McNichol, John McNichol, Bill Murray, George Robertson, "Robbie" Robinson, Peter Robuta, Linda Rogers, Marg Scott, Al Seguin, Winnie Silverthorne, Gord Smith, Ester Terriff, Charlie Thompson, Ila Webber, Jim Whiteford, and Baba Zonda.

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