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The Wood famiy and Mounties in Dawson City
The Wood family and Mounties in Dawson City, 1900
Z.T. Wood back left, Frances Wood on right, Stuart as child in front

Wood Family fonds

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Series 1 link to scanned documents. Zachary Taylor Wood. -- 1886-1915
Series 2 Stuart Taylor Wood. -- 1904-2007, predominant 1908-1966
Series 3 Stuart Taylor Wood's research collection. -- 1873-1960s
Series 4 John Taylor Wood. -- 1864-1903
Series 5 Donald "Zack" Wood. -- 1940-1945
Series 6 Photographs. -- 1878-1961


Series 1 Zachary Taylor Wood. -- 1886-1915. -- 81 cm of textual records. -- Zachary Taylor Wood, 1860-1915, grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the son of John Taylor Wood and Lola Mckubin. He graduated from the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario in 1882. He served with the Winnipeg Mounted Rifles during the 1885 Riel Rebellion, then on August 1, 1885 joined the North-West Mounted Police. He served under Sam Steele in British Columbia, and then at several posts in Alberta, before being posted to the Yukon in 1897 during the Klondike Gold Rush. He was made Assistant-Commissioner of the Yukon's NWMP in 1902, and remained in the North until 1910. In that year he returned to Regina and became the Deputy-Commissioner of the Mounted Police. He married Frances Augusta Daly in 1888 in Napanee, and they had two children, Stuart Taylor Wood, 1889-1966, and John Taylor Wood (known as Jack), 1901-1930. -- The series consists of diaries which record his activities while serving with the Mounted Police (1886-1909); personal papers; and memorabilia of his time in the Yukon.
  Zachary Taylor Wood - Diaries (primarily NWMP/RNWMP journals). -- 1886-1909
M-9460-1Diaries. -- 1886, 1888, 1889. -- 3 volumes. -- Consists of descriptions of activities while serving with the NWMP at Battleford, Fort Macleod, Tobacco Plains, and Stand Off.

Scanned Document View 1886 diary part 1.
Scanned Document View 1886 diary part 2.
Scanned Document View 1886 diary part 3.
Scanned Document View 1888 diary.
Scanned Document View 1889 diary part 1.
Scanned Document View 1889 diary part 2.
Scanned Document View 1889 diary part 3.
Scanned Document View 1889 diary part 4.
Scanned Document View 1889 diary part 5.
M-9460-2Diaries. -- 1890, 1891, 1892. -- 3 volumes. -- Consists of descriptions of activities while serving with the NWMP at Fort Macleod, Maple Creek, Medicine Hat, Eastend and Farwell.
M-9460-3Diaries. -- 1894, 1895, 1896. -- 3 volumes. -- Consists of descriptions of activities while serving with the NWMP at Maple Creek and Calgary. Very few entries in these volumes.
M-9460-4Diaries. -- 1905, 1906, 1907. -- 3 volumes. -- Consists of descriptions of activities while serving with the RNWMP in the Yukon (1905 and 1907), and during a trip to New York and Europe (1906).
M-9460-5Diaries. -- 1908, 1909. -- 3 volumes. -- Consists of descriptions of activities while serving with the RNWMP in the Yukon, and during a 1909 trip to California. There are two diaries for 1908, one only partially filled.
  Zachary Taylor Wood - Personal papers. -- 1879-1915 and n.d. -- Artificially arranged in chronological order by date.
M-9460-6Royal Military College. -- 1879, 1882, 1899. -- Consists of his admission documents and posted marks (1879); discharge and first class certificate (1882); menu for RMC "Ex Cadets Dinner" in Dawson City (1899); and cabinet card of the RMC.
M-9460-7Royal Military College. -- 1882-1883. -- 1 volume. -- Consists of a book of words to songs (handwritten) sung while a student at the College. Also includes some personal financial accounts while working for the Customs Office in Winnipeg (for room rent, meals, drinks, stamps, tobacco, groceries, etc).
M-9460-8Appointments to NWMP as Inspector. -- 1885-1886
M-9460-205"White Magic Versus Red" by Harwood Steele in Maclean's. -- August 15, 1928. -- Re Z.T. Wood's arrest of Calf Robe in 1889.
M-9460-9"Herchmer Inquiry". -- 1891. -- Conducted by Justice E.L. Wetmore, to investigate charges against Lawrence Herchmer by Nicholas Flood Davin, who thought him unfit for the job. See pages 56-57 for Zachary Taylor Wood's statement.
M-9460-10Master roll of E Division, Calgary. -- January 1895. -- Signed by Z.T. Wood.
M-9460-241 Order book - Mounted Police participation in Royal events. -- 1897 and 1911. -- Consists of handwritten order book for Queen Victoria's 60th Jubilee (1897) and for the coronation of King George V (May 1911).
M-9460-11NWMP - Yukon strength of force and list of names. -- 1897. -- Inspector Wood is listed as being "on Special duty at Skagway".
NotePhotocopies of reports written by Z.T. Wood while stationed in the Yukon are in M-9460-176 below.
M-9460-12 "The Discoverer of the Klondike" by Major Henry J. Woodside. -- 1901. -- Consists of a typewritten version of 13 pages, plus a version published in North magazine in 1964. Scanned Document View now.
M-9460-13Commission appointing him Assistant-Commissioner of the North-West Mounted Police for the Yukon Territory. -- 1902
M-9460-14"Dress Regulations for Officers of the North-West Mounted Police". -- [before 1904]
M-9460-15Newspaper article: "Story of Wonderful Organization". -- [ca. 1904]. -- Consists of an article about the NWMP in the Yukon, and includes a list of 1903 criminal cases, the strength of force, and cost.
M-9460-16 "Arrival of Police in the Yukon". -- 1904. -- Consists of a 32 page document describing NWMP activity in the Yukon from 1894 to 1903, including the reasons for sending police; establishment of posts and detachments and numbers of men stationed at each one; crime dealt with (including statistics on types and numbers); strength of force; and costs of maintaining the force. Scanned Document View now.
M-9460-17"Officers of the RNWMP". -- 1905. -- Zachary Taylor Wood is listed as Assistant-Commissioner.
M-9460-18"Law and Order in the Yukon". -- 1909. -- Consists of 4 page document briefly describing the role of the RNWMP in the Yukon.
M-9460-19Correspondence with Y. Kawakami, Japanese journalist. -- 1909. -- Consists of a request for information from Kawakami, and a lengthy reply with details of strength of force, and crime statistics, etc.
M-9460-20"Royal North West Mounted Police Gaol - Rules for Common Gaol Prisoners". -- 191[?]
M-9460-21"Asst. Commr. Zachary Taylor Wood, C.M.G. (A brief sketch on his short, eventful life". -- [after 1915]. -- Consists of a 145-page, anonymous, undated biography.
M-9460-22"Zachary Taylor Wood - A bare sketch of an eventful life". -- [after 1915]. -- Consists of a brief, 7-page, anonymous biography.
M-9460-23 Last paper read by Zachary Taylor Wood. -- 1915. -- Consists of an issue of The Literary Digest, which has been annotated at the top: "Purchase by Zack on Sunday 10th January 1915. The last paper he read. His latest war clippings".
  Zachary Taylor Wood - Yukon memorabilia. -- 1897-1915
M-9460-24The Skaguay News. -- October-December 1897. -- Consists of 11 issues of the "Paper Published Nearest the Klondike Gold Fields". Includes vol.1, nos. 1-5, 7-9, 11-12.

Scanned Document View Volume 1, Number 1, October 15, 1897.
Scanned Document View Volume 1, Number 2, October 22, 1897.
Scanned Document View Volume 1, Number 3, October 29, 1897.
Scanned Document View Volume 1, Number 4, November 5, 1897.
Scanned Document View Volume 1, Number 5, November 12, 1897.
Scanned Document View Volume 1, Number 7, November 26, 1897.
Scanned Document View Volume 1, Number 8, December 3, 1897.
Scanned Document View Volume 1, Number 9, December 10, 1897.
Scanned Document View Volume 1, Number 11, December 24, 1897.
Scanned Document View Volume 1, Number 12, December 31, 1897.
Scanned Document View Volume 1, Number 12, December 31, 1897 special edition.
M-9460-25 The Morning Alaskan. -- February 1, 1898. -- Consists of the first issue of this Skagway newspaper.
M-9460-26Yukon newspapers. -- 1898-1909. -- Consists of miscellaneous issues.

Dawson City - Souvenir programs, invitations, menus, etc. -- 1899-1902. -- 8 items. -- Consists of the following:

Red Line Transportation Company pass for Major Z.T. Wood. -- 1899

The Eightieth Anniversary of Her Most Gracious Majesty - Queen Victoria's Birth Day, Dawson. -- May 24, 1899

Savoy Theatre pass for Major Wood and friends. -- 1900

Orpheum Theatre and Victoria Day program. -- May 19, 1900

Dinner party given by Jeremiah Lynch for Mrs. Major Wood, at the Mcdonald Hotel - Menu. -- September 20, 1900

Souvenir of the Gold Commission's Office, Dawson. -- 1901

Victoria Day Celebration - Souvenir program. -- May 23 & 24, 1902

Dominion Day & Fourth of July - Program. -- 1902


Dawson City - Souvenir programs, invitations, menus, etc. -- 1904-1910. -- 6 items. -- Consists of the following:

B Division Troop Mess, NWMP Barracks, Dawson Xmas - Program. -- 1904. -- Fragile (in several pieces).

Empire Day Celebration - Program. -- May 24, 1905

Ninth Anniversary Xmas - Menu. -- 1906

St. Andrew's Ball, Dawson. -- November 30, 1908. -- Includes program, names of committee and officers, and menu. Fragile (in several pieces).

CPR Dinner and Blowout. -- March 27, 1910. -- Given by Yukon Sourdoughs on board SS Princess May. Handwritten - two versions.

M-9460-29 A Yukon Souvenir : The Picturesque Land of Gold. -- 1899. -- Consists of an illustrated booklet.
M-9460-30The White Pass and Yukon Route. -- 1900, 1905-1906. -- Consists of souvenir booket, The White Pass and Yukon Route : The Scenic Railway of the World (1900), annotated on the front: "To J. Taylor Wood from G.M.W."; and stage schedule for winter service on the White Pass and Yukon Route (1905-1906).
Scanned Document View part 1.
Scanned Document View part 2.
Scanned Document View part 3.
M-9460-31Souvenir of Alaska and Yukon Territory, Illustrations by E.A. Hegg. -- 1900. -- Consists of a booklet featuring photographs by Hegg.
M-9460-32Yukon Territory : City of Dawson (Illustrated). -- 1900. -- Consists of a promotional booklet with entries re history, mining and businesses.
M-9460-33The Dawson News : Golden Clean-Up Edition. -- 1902. -- Consists of a promotional booklet with information on mines, mining, businesses and services. Includes an article by Major Z.T. Wood on page 67, entitled "Protection Afforded Life and Property in the Yukon".
M-9460-34Zero Club constitution. -- 1902. -- Includes list of members. Z.T. Wood was an honorary member.
M-9460-35 The Northern Light by M. Wilma Sullivan. -- July 1904. -- Consists of poems, articles and advertisements for Dawson businesses. The article on pages 12-15 by Antony Varicle, "My First Aerial Stampede", has a handwritten message to Major Wood re their trip together in 1899. An original photograph of Varicle is pasted into the article, and an ad for Varicle's dentistry practice appears in the business section at the end of the booklet. Scanned Document View now.
M-9460-36Arctic steamboats and transportation. -- 1904-1906. -- Consists of newspaper articles, in both French and English, from Le Soleil, Montreal Gazette, etc. Includes articles about the steamships "Arctic" and "Neptune", as well as about a proposed NWMP patrol boat, Captain Bernier's expedition, the Inuit, northern overland transportation, winter travel, and the delivery of supplies to the area.
M-9460-37The Klondike, Dawson News' Souvenir. -- July 1905. -- Consists of a souvenir booklet as a "Welcome to American Institute of Mining Engineers", with photographs and descriptions of mining.
M-9460-38In the Shadow of the Pole : A Souvenir of the Northland / by Morte H. Craig. -- Dawson, 1906. -- Consists of a booklet of poems with original photographs glued in.
M-9460-39The Yukon Territory : Its History and Resources. -- Ottawa : Minister of Interior, 1907. -- Z.T. Wood signed the cover and title page and top of the first page.
M-9460-40The Soapy Smith Tragedy. -- Skagway : Shea & Patten, 1907. -- Consists of an illustrated booklet about Soapy Smith and his gang. Also includes loose photo pages, some of which match photographs in the booklet.
M-9460-41 Alaska-Yukon Magazine. -- September 1908. -- 2 copies. -- The "Dawson Number". Includes an article by Major Zachary Taylor Wood called "Early Law and Order in the Yukon", on pages 408 through 413.
M-9460-42Calendar of Dawson Yukon Territory. -- 1909. -- Consists of a calendar featuring Robert Services' poem, "The Law of the Yukon" and illustrated with photos of the town, mining, snowshoe club, etc.
M-9460-198Dawson Daily News. -- July 21, 1909. -- Consists of a commemorative issue with a poem written especially for the occasion by Robert Service.
M-9460-43Souvenir of the RNWMP, Canada. -- Regina, 1910. -- Consists of booklet, which includes Yukon views.
M-9460-44Coronation Contingent report. -- 1911. -- Consists of a RNWMP report made to Assistant Commissioner Wood about the Mounties' trip to England for the coronation of King George V.
M-9460-45AYukon Old Boys' Association Dinner, Vancouver. -- [ca. 1912]. -- Consists of a program for a dinner which Major Wood did not attend, but at which he was remembered by his colleagues.
M-9460-45B Yukon miscellany. -- [ca. 1897-1910]. -- Consists of a postcard of the "swiftest dog team on the Yukon"; small card featuring the White Pass and Yukon railway; back page only of a Yukon magazine; and a 1906 seating plan for the Canada Club.
M-9460- 199Poster of wives of NWMP officers. -- n.d. -- Includes Frances Taylor Wood, wife of Z.T. Wood.
M-9460-206Poster re Constable Michael O'Leary, former RNWMP who received the Victoria Cross. -- 1915. -- [He possibly served with Z.T. Wood.]
  Zachary Taylor Wood - Newspaper clippings and cartoons. -- 1901-1904
M-9460-46Arthur Buel cartoons. -- January-June 1903. -- Arthur V. Buel, 1877-1952, was a political cartoonist from Nevada. He started his career in the Yukon in 1897, drawing editorial cartoons for first the Klondike Nugget, and then the Yukon Sun and perhaps other newspapers. he returned to Nevada in 1905. -- Consists of Buel cartoons cut from Dawson newspapers. Extremely fragile.
M-9460-47Arthur Buel cartoons. -- July - December 1903. -- Extemely fragile.
M-9460-48 Arthur Buel cartoons. -- January-April 1904. -- Extemely fragile.
M-9460-49Arthur Buel cartoons. -- May-August 1904. -- Includes a few cartoons from October and November as well. Extremely fragile.
M-9460-50Arthur Buel cartoons. -- [1903-1904]. -- No dates on cartoons.

Scrapbook re crime and the policing in the Yukon. -- 1901-1904, predominant 1903-1904. -- Consists of articles from Dawson City newspapers about a wide variety of topics, including:

Gambling and the closing of gambling "resorts"
Prostitution, "scarlet women" and the keepers of "disorderly houses"
Licensing of dance halls
Statistics re crime convictions
Hanging of Victor Fournier and Edward La Belle for murders
Saloons and the sale of liquor on Sundays
Robbery including gold dust thefts
Major Wood's comings and goings
Suicides, drownings and accidental deaths
Skeletons and human remains found after the spring thaw
Funeral of Constable J.H. Burns
Case of Jack Burpee and his brother Isaac Burpee
Grace Bell forgery case
Starvation of Mackenzie River First Nations
Boundary survey for border between Yukon and Alaska

Series 2 Stuart Taylor Wood. -- 1904-2007, predominant 1908-1966. -- 64 cm of textual records. -- Stuart Taylor Wood, 1889-1966, was born in Napanee, Ontario, the son of Zachary Taylor Wood and Frances Daly. He graduated from the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario in 1912, and then joined the Royal North-West Mounted Police. He served in the cavalry during the First World War. After the war he returned to the RNWMP and was stationed at Herschel Island, Yukon from 1919 to 1924, where he served in various capacities including Justice of the Peace, Coroner, Sheriff, Game Inspector and Customs Officer. From 1938 until his retirement in 1951 he was the 9th Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. In 1937 he attended the coronation of King George VI in England, and in 1939, as head of the Mounties, was involved in the Royal Visit to Canada of King George and Queen Elizabeth. He had a keen interest in researching the history of the North-West Mounted Police, which he pursued during the 1940s and 1950s. He was instrumental in the re-birth of the original Fort Walsh site as a horse-breeding station for the RCMP. He married M. Gertrude Daily and they had five children, Donald Zachary Taylor Wood (known as Zack), 1918-1944; John Taylor Wood, [ca. 1924-1988]; Herschel Taylor Wood, 1925-1950, Frances Wood (later Mrs. Poulsen), 1937- ; and Marjorie Lola Taylor Wood, 1941- . -- The series consists of diaries (primarily Mounted Police journals), personal papers, and records related to Herschel Island.
  Stuart Taylor Wood - Diaries (primarily RNWMP and RCMP journals). -- 1908-1951
M-9460-52Diaries. -- 1908-1912. -- 5 volumes
M-9460-53Diaries. -- 1913-1915. -- 3 volumes
M-9460-54Memoirs based on diaries. -- 1916-1919, written ca. 1954. -- 4 manuscripts
M-9460-55Diaries. -- 1920-1922. -- 3 volumes. -- The 1922 volume is part 1 for that year.
M-9460-56Diaries. -- 1922-1924. -- 3 volumes. -- The 1922 volumes is part 2 for that year.
M-9460-57Diaries. -- 1925-1926. -- 2 volumes
NoteNo diaries for 1927 or 1928
M-9460-58Diaries. -- 1928-1931. -- 3 volumes
M-9460-59Diaries. -- 1932-1935. -- 4 volumes
M-9460-60Diaries. -- 1936-1938. -- 3 volumes
M-9460-61Diaries. -- 1939-1941. -- 3 volumes
M-9460-62Diaries. -- 1942-1944. -- 3 volumes
M-9460-63Diaries. -- 1945-1947. -- 3 volumes
M-9460-64Diaries. -- 1948-1949. -- 2 volumes
M-9460-65Diaries. -- 1950-1951. -- 2 volumes
  Stuart Taylor Wood - Personal papers. -- 1908-1966
M-9460-66A Postcard sent from Whitehorse by Stuart Taylor Wood to his grandfather Dr. O.W. Daly. -- 1908
M-9460-66BRoyal Military College - Memorabilia. -- 1910-1964. -- Consists of dance cards (1911, 1912, 1936); programs for graduation dinners and annual dinners (1911-1913); article, "Canada' Sandhurst : The Royal Military College, Kingston" from Canada : An Illustrated Weekly Journal called "Canada's (January 15, 1910); and booklet, Fight the Good Fight by T.L. Brock (1964).
M-9460-182 "Truth, Duty, Valor" by John Bassett Jr. in Maclean's. -- February 1, 1940, pages 13, 25-26. -- Consists of article about the Royal Military College in Kingston.
M-9460-67Royal Military College - Exam and report card. -- 1912
M-9460-200Hand-drawn map of Royal Military College by S.T. Wood. -- June 7, 1912
M-9460-68Animal Management, textbook from Royal Military College. -- 1908-1911. -- Largely re caring for horses while serving in the military. Annotated inside the front cover: "S.Z.T. Wood, Regimental No. 825, 1908, -09, -10, -11".
M-9460-69Proceedings of the Royal Military College Club of Canada. -- 1910, 1912. -- 2 volumes
M-9460-70The Stone Frigate. -- 1914. -- Yearbook of the Royal Military College.
M-9460-71RNWMP Constables Manual and North-West Brand Book. -- [used by S.T. Wood ca. 1912-1914]
M-9460-72Inspector S.T. Wood's reports of a patrol along the Alberta and Great Waterways Railway line. -- 1915
M-9460-73Lists of RNWMP members and detachments in Edmonton and Northern Alberta. -- 1915
M-9460-74Manitoba Boundary Patrol. -- 1916. -- Orders, list of members and report. [It is not clear if S.T. Wood was part of this patrol.]
M-9460-75First World War - Cavalry pocket and record book. -- 1918. -- S.T. Wood served with the Canadian Light Horse CEF in France.
M-9460-76First World War - Memorabilia. -- 1918. -- Includes a list of RNWMP overseas cavalry drafts from Alberta, wireless news, and postcards.
M-9460-77RCMP nominal roll, Regina. -- 1926. -- [no Woods on the list].
M-9460-78Coronation of King George VI. -- 1937. -- Assistant Commissioner S.T. Wood commanded the RCMP at this event in England. -- Consists of the Official Report of the Activities of the overseas Troops Entertainment Fund. See page 42 for nominal roll of the Mountied who attended.
M-9460-79Coronation of King George VI - Memorabilia. -- 1937. -- Consists of newspaper clipping re arrival of the RCMP in London; program for a Coronation Dinner in their honour, autographed by those attending; and map of London's police districts.
M-9460-180 "The Coronation : Some Impressions of a Canadian" in Canadian Geographical Journal. -- July 1937, pages 2-33. -- Re coronation of King George VI. Includes a photo of the RCMP in the coronation parade on page 26.
M-9460-80Royal Visit to Canada - Memorabilia. -- 1939. -- Consists of invitations to events, Royal Train items, and a booklet of commemorative stamps.
M-9460-181 "The Royal Tour of Canada" by Supt. V.A.M. Kemp in Scarlet and Gold. -- 1939, pages 13-20. -- Re visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. Includes photo on page 17 of Commissioner S.T. Wood with the royal couple.
M-9460-81The Royal Tour of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in Canada and the United States of America, 1939 / Gustave Lanctot. -- Toronto : E.P. Taylor Foundation, 1964. -- Includes a letter from Government House to Brigadier Wood about the book.
M-9460-82Canada Calls You and other Canadian Travel Bureau promotional literature. -- [ca. 1939]. -- Consists of a bound presentation copy given to Commissioner S.T. Wood.
M-9460-183 "Police Cooperation Between Neighbours" by Commissioner S.T. Wood in Scarlet and Gold. -- 1940, pages 14-16. Photos of Wood also appear on pages 35, 39 and 42.
M-9460-83"Diary of the Commissioner's Inspection Trip through the Yukon and Northwest Territories". -- September 4, 1946. -- Consists of typescript of diary. For photographs taken during this trip see file PA-3886-58.
M-9460-186 "Macleod Celebrated its 75th Anniversary" in Scarlet and Gold. -- 1949, pages 11-13. -- Includes a photo of Commissioner S.T. Wood on page 13.
M-9460-187 "Boss of the Royal Mounted" by Richard L. Newberger in Holiday magazine. -- December 1949, pages 141-152. -- Consists of an article about Stuart Taylor Wood as Commissioner of the RCMP.
M-9460-84Programs, invitations, etc. -- 1938-1961. -- Consists of funeral program for Sir James Howden MacBrien (1938); organ dedication service at RCMP chapel in Regina (1941); booklet re 50th anniversary of the NWMP masonic lodge in Regina (1944); acceptance to invitation to President Truman reception (1947); program for unveiling of Fort Benton-Fort Macleod Trail memorial in Fort Macleod (1952); Old Tim Range Men's Dinner program (1961).
M-9460-185 "Career Woman" by Thelma LeCocq in Maclean's Magazine. -- August 1, 1946. -- Re Margaret Cuthbert, from Maple Creek who became one of America's Women of the Year. She was a good friend of S.T. Wood.
M-9460-188 "Commissioner Wood Retires After a Long and Noteworthy Career" in Scarlet and Gold. -- 1951, pages 11-12.
M-9460-189 "Coronation Preparation" in Royal Canadian Mounted Police Quarterly. -- April 1953, pages 330-332. -- Re Mounted Police involvement in the celebrations when Queen Elizabeth II came to the throne.
M-9460-190 "Coronation Contingent" in Scarlet and Gold. -- 1953, pages 11-15. -- Includes photos of the RCMP contingent attending the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.
M-9460-85Memoirs of trip from Vancouver to Skagway to Lake Bennett as a child in 1898. -- [written ca. 1950s]. -- 2 pages. -- Includes mention of Soapy Smith.
M-9460-193Commissioner Harvison - Newspaper and journal articles. -- 1961-1967
M-9460-195 "At 75, No Time for Nostalgia" by Sergeant A. MacEwan in The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Quarterly. -- January 1965, pages 25-26. -- Consists of an article about former Commissioner S.T. Wood during his retirement. Also includes "The Early North-West Mounted Police" by Cecil E. Denny. -- January 1965, pages 7-12.
M-9460-196 "Commissioner Stuart Taylor Wood, CMG, 1889-1966" in Royal Canadian Mounted Police Quarterly. -- January 1966, page 3. -- Consists of obituary.
M-9460-197A "Commissioner Wood Passes" in Scarlet and Gold. -- 1966, page 23. -- Consists of obituary.
M-9460-197B Miscellaneous records. -- 1885-1965. -- Consists of a copy of a NWMP Christmas menu from 1885 [location of original unknown]; photo of Battle of the Somme (1916); National Geographic article about the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II (1953); and a letter from Charlette Vehus of Inuvik re happenings and deaths in the northern community (1965).
  Stuart Taylor Wood - Hershel Island papers. -- 1904-1964
M-9460-86Letter to Sergeant Fitzgerald from RNWMP Commissioner Perry. -- November 13, 1904. -- Consists of a letter regarding Yukon and Herschel Island matters.
M-9460-87"Eskimo Families". -- 1916-1917. -- Consists of a scribbler in which is recorded the baptized name, Inuit name, age, residence and date of death of Herschel Island residents.
M-9460-88Herschel Island - RNWMP correspondence. -- 1920-1924. -- Consists of Inspector Wood's correspondence with Vilhjalmur Stefansson, Colonel Starnes (Commissioner), and the Officer Commanding in Edmonton. Includes an article by Stefansson entitled "The Eskimo Trade Jargon of Herschel Island".
M-9460-89Letter to Colonel Cortlandt Starnes (Commissioner) from S.T. Wood. -- October 15, 1922. -- Consists of a letter re the illness of Mrs. Wood and her return via the "Bear" from Unalaska to Seattle, and also re matters on Herschel Island.
M-9460-90Herschel Island account book. -- 1922-1924. -- Consists of a record of provisions ordered.
M-9460-91Letter from Samson Pederson to S.T. Wood. -- 1939. -- Consists of Pederson's memories of whalers and other people connected to Herschel Island in the 1920s.
M-9460-92Correspondence between Commissioner Wood and Captain C.T. Pederson. -- 1959-1964. -- Captain Pederson was a whaling captain who spent 46 summers and 12 winters in the Arctic. -- Consists of letters re Herschel Island. Includes Pedersen's article, "Record Voyage of the Santa Clara", published in Alaska Sportsman in October 1964.
M-9460-93S.T. Wood's handwritten notes on events in the North from 1919-1924. -- [written ca. 1950s]
M-9460-94Newspaper and journal articles re Herschel Island. -- 1917-2007. -- Collected by S.T. Wood and other Wood family members.
Series 3 Stuart Taylor Wood's research collection. -- 1873-1960s. -- 1.18 m of textual records. -- Stuart Taylor Wood, 9th Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, had a keen interest in the history of the force, and he compiled these records primarily from the 1930s to the 1950s. -- The series consists of research material related to Mounted Police in both western and northern Canada. Many of the records relate to Major James Walsh and his activities at Fort Walsh, Wood Mountain and in the Yukon. There are also copies of Mounties’ diaries, memoirs of former Mounties, and records related to the Cypress Hills Massacre, Sitting Bull, the Riel Rebellion and the Klondike Gold Rush.
  S.T. Wood's research collection re the West - Original documents. -- 1873-1900. -- Artificially arranged in date order.
M-9460-95Memo from Colonel French to A, B and C Divisions of the newly-created North-West Mounted Police, re provisions for the March West. -- [1873 or ealy 1874]
M-9460-96Letter to Major Walsh from Major Guido Ilges in Fort Benton re Sitting Bull's defeat of General Crook. -- September 6, 1876
M-9460-97Major Walsh - Accounts, invoices and receipts for goods purchased from I.G. Baker and others. -- 1877-1881. -- Consists of accounts, invoices and receipts for items purchased by Major Walsh. Includes a letter from I.G. Baker re money owing by Walsh.
M-9460-98 Letter from L. Vankoughnet (Deputy Superintendent General of Indian Affairs) to Major Walsh re the Nez Perce and Sioux. -- July 9, 1878
M-9460-99Envelope sent by Mr. Schofield to his wife with pencil sketch of Fort Walsh. -- 1878. -- Includes an explanatory letter written in 1940 by Harold Schofield.
M-9460-100Letter from General Nelson Miles (USA Army) to Major Walsh. -- August 1879
M-9460-101Letter to Major Walsh from Los Pinos Indian Agency, Colorado re General Miles. -- May 19, 1880
M-9460-102Pay list for two butchers and a carpenter at Wood Mountain. -- April 1881. -- Signed by Commissioner Irvine and Inspector Macdonnell.
M-9460-103Three letters from Major Walsh to the NWMP Commissioner re a herd of cattle and the expenses for keeping them. -- 1882-1883
M-9460-104Proceeding of a Board of Officers inquiring into stores, horses, beef, cattle, provisions, etc. at Fort Qu'Appelle. -- February 26, 1883. -- 57 pages.
M-9460-105Correspondence between Commissioner Irvine and Inspector French re use of wood and hay for personal needs at Fort Qu'Appelle. -- February 1883
M-9460-106Draft of lengthy letter re hay and fuel inquiry at Fort Qu'Appelle. -- April 12, 1883. -- 31 pages. -- It is unclear who wrote this. Part of it is on the letterhead of Sykes & Hughes, Farmers and Managers of Agricultural Lands.
M-9460-107NWMP ration return for A Division at Maple Creek. -- January 11, 1884
M-9460-108Daily Journal [diary]. -- 1884. -- Possibly kept by Commissioner Irvine's secretary. The entries describe the visits by the Commissioner to various NWMP posts, including Maple Creek, Calgary, Fort Macleod, Medicine Hat, Battleford, Prince Albert and Carlton.
M-9460-109Invoices - George A. Adams. -- 1896-1900. -- Re goods and a cow sold to Jem Clauster (general merchant, Maple Creek), Dixon Brothers (general merchant, Maple Creek) and Jos Kipp (postmaster, Kipp).
  S.T. Wood's research collection - Mounties' diaries. -- 1874-1884. -- Primarily re trips to the West, especially the 1874 March West. -- Artificially arranged in alphabetical order by name.
M-9460-110"The '74 Mounties" by Fred Bagley. -- [compiled ca. 1939]. -- Consists of a manuscript based on his diaries.
M-9460-111C.E. Denny. -- 1874. -- Consists of a typed copy of his diary re the March West.
M-9460-112Lieutenant Colonel G.A. French, Commanding. -- 1874. -- Consists of a typed copy of his diary re the March West.
M-9460-113 Inspector Severe Gagnon. -- 1874. -- Consists of a typed copy of his diary re the March West.
M-9460-114Horace A Greeley. -- September-October 1879. -- Consists of typed excerpts of his diary re his trip west from Boston to Fort Walsh.
M-9460-115Sergeant John Hayes. -- 1882. -- Consists of a typed copy of his diary re his trip west from Toronto to Fort Walsh and Fort Macleod.
M-9460-116R.N. Wilson. -- 1881-1884. -- Consists of a typed copy of his diary re his trip west from Toronto and his subsequent activities in the NWMP.
  S.T. Wood's research collection - Recollections of earlier times in the West. -- 1920-1956. -- Consists of information about the early NWMP, written years later by former NWMP and others. Includes several accounts of the March West and the early days of Fort Walsh. -- Artificially arranged in alphabetical order by name of informant.
M-9460-117Fred Bagley - Letter re type of helmut worn by the NWMP in 1874. -- 1939
M-9460-118Colin Bray, J.E.A. Macleod, and Gerald Berry - Letters re Edward McKay, who was at Fort Walsh prior to the arrival of the NWMP in 1875. -- 1954
M-9460-119C.E. Denny - Account of the building of the first HBC store at Calgary in 1876. -- 1920
M-9460-120F.J.E. Fitzpatrick - Personal recollections from 1879-1885. -- 1921. -- Glenbow Library has a published version at 364.971 G559s.
M-9460-121William Grain - Letter re Fort Walsh and area. -- 1935
M-9460-122George Guernsey - Letters re Fort Walsh and East End. -- 1934-1935
M-9460-123Sergeant G.S. Howard - Critique of his article, "Whence the Red Serge". -- 1946
M-9460-124Mrs. Louis Haggai - Memories of living at Fort Walsh. -- 1947
M-9460-125H.S. Jones - Letter re East End detachment in the 1890s. -- 1954-1955
M-9460-126John Le Caine - Memories of the Sioux. -- n.d.
M-9460-127Vernon La Chance - Article re the Wood Mountain Detachment from 1873-1882. -- n.d.
M-9460-128 Gabriel Levallie [Gabe Leveille] - Account of NWMP Scouts from 1874 -1888. -- 1956
NoteJ.E.A. Macleod - See M-9460-118 above.
M-9460-129Norman T. Macleod - Re 1880 trip from Toronto to Fort Macleod. -- n.d.
M-9460-130J.A. Martin - Letter re organization, composition and movement of the 1st Field Force to the West in 1873. -- 1926
M-9460-131W. Henry McKay - Memories of Fort Walsh in 1889. -- 1947
M-9460-132James McKernan - Letters re March West from Dufferin in 1874, especially re the horses. -- 1929
M-9460-133S.H. Middleton et al - Letters re Hind Bull. -- 1949-1950. -- This Indian name was later given to Commissioner S.T. Wood. Includes letters from Donald A. Cadzow, R.D. Regan and Percy Creighton as well.
M-9460-134Mountain Chief - Article, "From Whence Come the Blood Indians". -- February 1950
M-9460-135William Ogle - Account of arrival at Wood Mountain in 1888. -- n.d.
M-9460-136William Parker - Letter re helmets and badges worn by the NWMP in 1874. -- 1939
M-9460-137C. Uniake - Letter re March West in 1874. -- 1923
M-9460-138Colonel Walker - Account of March West in 1874. -- 1929
M-9460-139R.N. Wilson - Letter re Fort Walsh and its layout. -- 1943
  S.T. Wood's research collection - Fort Walsh. -- [compiled 1930s-1950s]
M-9460-140NWMP diaries, Fort Walsh. -- 1880-1882. -- Consists of transcripts, done in 1950 by D.A. Fleming, of the official daily journals of Fort Walsh.
M-9460-141Fort Walsh Order Books. -- 1875-1877. -- Consists of transcripts done in 1950 by D.A. Fleming.
M-9460-142List of commissioned officers who served at Fort Walsh from 1875-1882. -- [compiled ca. 1950s]
M-9460-143Notes re Fort Walsh and Cypress Hills area detachments. -- [written and compiled 1933-1945]. -- Includes information about detachments at Kennedy's Crossing, Ten Mile, Cottonwood Coulee, Head of the Mountain, Bull's Head, McKay Creek and Graburn, Farwell, Willow Creek, Wild Horse (Sage Creek), Medicine Lodge, Willow Creek Crossing and Josefburg. Also includes information about Lady Macdonald's visit, Paper Collar Johnnie, Molly and Annie (Black women), and Griz Adams.
M-9460-144Sketches showing the layout of buildings at Fort Walsh in earlier times. -- 1950 and n.d.
M-8065-4Fort Walsh. -- [ca. 1940s]. -- Consists of manuscript re the fort, maps, layouts, and pencil sketches of the fort and its surroundings.
M-8065-5Fort Walsh. -- [ca. 1940s]. -- Consists of manuscripts, maps, layouts and questionnaires completed by former members of the North-West Mounted Police.
M-8065-6Fort Walsh. -- 1939-1955. -- Consists of records primarily about reserve and leased land.
M-9460-145"The Mounties at Fort Walsh" by Wallace Stegner. -- n.d. -- Incomplete copy of article published in Atlantic Monthly
  S.T. Wood's research collection - Wood Mountain and Sitting Bull. -- [compiled 1930s-1960s]
M-9460-146"La Montagne de Bois" [Wood Mountain] by Rev. Father Clovis Rondeau. -- 1923. -- Consists of a translation by G.C. at the RCMP headquarters, probably done in the 1950s. -- 241 pages.
M-9460-147Correspondence with John Okutesica re Sitting Bull and his winter camps. -- 1960-1962. -- Includes a map annotated by Okutesica, plus an anonymous manuscript about the history of Wood Mountain.
M-9460-148"Custer's Indian Battles" by Colonel Charles Francis Bates. -- 1936
M-9460-149Letter from J.M. Walsh to his sister Cora re Sitting Bull and the NWMP. -- May 21, 1890. -- Copy only.
M-8065-11a "The Custer Fight on the Little Big Horn, June 25, 1876" as told by Lieutenant Godfrey. -- n.d. -- Consists of transcript provided to Wood by RCMP historian J.P. Turner.
  S.T. Wood's research collection - Cypress Hills Massacre. -- [compiled 1930s-1960s]
M-9460-150Cypress Hills Massacre of 1873. -- compiled 1934-1964. -- Consists of Dan Kennedy's brief history from the First Nations point of view (1940); 1875 Helena Herald article re the Hardwick gang (copied 1934); notes and "interpretation" of the massacre by "DAF" (n.d.); and miscellany (1945-1964).
M-9460-151Cypress Hills Massacre. -- compiled 1941-1945. -- Consists of notes, letters, written accounts, sketches, etc. compiled by RCMP historian J.P. Turner. Includes Turner's article, "Massacre in the Hills", published in the RCMP Quarterly in January 1941.
M-9460-152"Extracts from Department of Justice Files Relative to Early Days of the NWMP, Cypress Hills Massacre, Rounding up of the Hardwick Gang, etc., etc.". -- 1873-1875. -- Consists of typescript copies probably compiled in the 1950s.
M-9460-201Aerial photograph of the site of the Cypress Hills Massacre. -- 1955. - Annotated by S.T. Wood.
  S.T. Wood's research collection - Riel Rebellion, other NWMP forts, First Nations, etc. -- [compiled 1930s-1960s]
M-9460-153 Riel Rebellion / Frog Lake. -- [compiled 1933-1940s]. -- Consists of sketches, maps, a copy of an 1878 report by James Morrow Walsh giving his firsthand account of events leading to the Rebellion, etc.
M-9460-202"Battle of Fish Creek" in the Illustrated War news. -- May 9, 1885 (original).
M-9460-154Fort Battleford. -- [compiled 1960s]. -- Consists of correspondence, sketches, layouts, chronological history, brochures, etc.
M-8065-1 Fort Macleod. -- 1940-1949. -- Consists of a brief history of the building of the fort, map, sketch of the fort's layout, and newspaper clippings about N.T. Macleod.
M-9460-155Fort Macleod. -- June 18, 1877. -- Consists of a copy of part of a letter from Commissioner Irvine to his sister from Fort Macleod.
M-9460-156Fort Macleod description. -- July 2, 1881. -- Consists of a copy of a letter to the editor of the Canadian Illustrated News about life in Fort Macleod and Fort Calgary.
M-9460-157Fort Macleod - Dominion Land Survey township map. -- n.d.
M-8065-2Fort Whoop-Up. -- 1908, 1941-1942. -- Consists of a brief history; maps of the Whoop-Up Trail and locations of Fort Hamilton and Fort Whoop-Up; and newspaper clippings about Captain John J. Healy.
M-8065-7Maple Creek Detachment. -- 1941-1955. -- Consists of a layout, and newspaper clippings about George Stewart, John English and the detachment.
M-9460-158Maple Creek Detachment. -- n.d. -- Consists of a postcard annotated with identifications of all the buildings.
M-8065-3Bow Fort (Peigan Post), Chesterfield House and Rocky Mountain House. -- 1950-1956. -- Consists of extracts from reports of Captain John Palliser, brief histories, map and sketches.
M-9460-159Fort Benton. -- 1937. -- Consists of an article from The River Press
M-9460-203Fort Benton. -- 1946. -- Consists of the Centennial edition of The River Press. -- August 21, 1946
M-9460-160First Nations of Western Canada. -- [compiled 1940s-1950s]. -- Consists of articles, notes and newspaper clippings. Includes Chief Mountain's book The Blackfoot Confederacy Ancient and Modern; copy of an 1881 Canadian Illustrated News article; and Cecil E. Denny article, "Indian Medicine Man".
M-9460-161The Earl of Southesk - Extracts from travel diary re 1859-1860 trip through the west. -- 1875. -- Copy only.
M-9460-162RNWMP General Orders, issued by the Commissioner. -- June 22, 1917 and October 5, 1917. -- Lists members of the force, transfers, furloughs, re-engagements, etc.
M-8065-8Maps of Western Canada. -- Copied 1940s and 1950s (originally created 1860-1888). -- Consists primarily of copies of maps of Mounted Police posts and patrols, obtained by S.T. Wood from the National Archives of Canada during his research.
M-8065-9 Hugh Monroe. -- [compiled 1949-1950]. -- Consists of extracts from Hudson's Bay Company records regarding Monroe.
M-9460-163Various documents re early days of the NWMP. -- Copied ca. 1950s, originally created 1870-1905. -- The copies are very hard to read, and the location of the originals is not clear.
M-8065-10Miscellaneous. -- 1952. -- Consists of letter re rusted percussion cap revolver, written to S.T. Wood by the RCMP Crime Detection Laboratory.
M-9460-164Miscellaneous. -- [compiled 1950s]. -- Consists of NWMP cashbook entries from 1873-1880; notes re NWMP horses from 1874-1912; notes re Finnerty, Medicine Lodge Coulee, and Touchwood Hills Post; sessional paper no. 188 re NWMP expenditures from 1876-1878; and a poem, "The Old Hand and the Editor".
  S.T. Wood's research collection - Yukon during the Klondike gold rush. -- 1897-1898. - The records are a combination of original documents and copies; the descriptions below identify which. Also includes gold rush related material created at later dates from 1906 to 1964.
M-9460-165Letter from Fred White to L.W. Herchmer re Major Walsh. -- September 25, 1897 (original)
M-9460-166Major Walsh's party on trip to Yukon. -- [1897]. -- Consists of a list of members of the party, their place of birth, next of kin, marital status, age, and parents' address. (original)
M-9460-167Daily Journal of Yukon trip by D. Pattullo. -- October 5, 1897-December 13, 1897. -- Consists of a diary kept by the secretary to Commissioner Walsh on their trip to the Yukon, beginning with the voyage on the S.S. Quadra. (copy)
M-9460-168Commissioner L.W. Herchmer's letters re conditions in the Yukon. -- 1897, 1898. -- Consists of a letter from J.H. McIllree (October 2, 1897); and a letter from Fred White (May 12, 1898). (originals)
M-9460-169Letter from C. Constantine to Captain McIllree. -- June 26, 1897 (copy)
M-9460-170Yukon diary of F.C. Wade. -- 1897 (copy)
M-9460-171Letter from Sam Steele at Lake Bennett to Colonel Herchmer. -- April 18, 1898 (copy)
M-9460-172Commissioner J.M. Walsh's reports and correspondence. -- 1897 (copies)
M-9460-173Commissioner J.M. Walsh's reports and correspondence. -- 1898 (copies)
M-9460-174Yukon sketchbook of Christopher Read. -- 1897-1898. -- Read was a hospital sergeant with the NWMP. -- Consists of 16 watercolour paintings of Skagway River, Skagway Trail, Lake Bennett, Lewis River, Fort Herchmer, Forty Mile, Fort Constantine, Yukon River and Fort Cudaley. (original)
M-9460-175"The North West Mounted Police in the Yukon". -- n.d. -- Consists of brief biographies of members of the first detachment. Compiled by Sergeant Jacques. Includes Superintendent Charles Constantine.
M-9460-176Yukon research materials. -- 1897-1898. -- Consists of photocopies of reports and correspondence, including some by Zachary Taylor Wood. Many of the copies are of poor quality and are hard to read. The source of the originals is unclear.
M-9460-204"Policing the Golden Mining Camps of the Yukon" by Mrs. R.C. Miller, in Leslie's Weekly. -- August 23, 1906 (original)
M-9460-177Poems of Klondyke's Early Days and Alaska's Long White Trail by Fred Crewe. -- 1921. -- Consists of an illustrated souvenir book. (original)
M-9460-184 "The Gold Rush" in Scarlet and Gold. -- 1945, pages 12-16. -- Includes a photo of Zachary Taylor Wood on page 14.
M-9460-191 "O.C. Yukon Territory in 1904, Asst. Commr. Z.T. Wood" in Scarlet and Gold. -- 1956, page 135. -- Includes photo and brief article about him.
M-9460-192 "Echoes of the Trail of '98" in Scarlet and Gold. -- 1958, pages 69-71. -- Re exploits of Soapy Smith.
M-9460-178Yukon-related articles and newspaper clippings. -- 1962, 1973 and n.d. -- Includes 17 pages article, "The Early Days of the North West Mounted Police in the Yukon" (n.d.), and W.D. MacBride's article, "The Story of the White Pass and Yukon Route" (1962).
M-9460-194 "Sixty Years on the Klondike : And Let there be Music", by Solway Fyke in Western Miner. -- April 1964, pages 20-28. -- Re Johnny Dines and his musical contribution to Dawson City. Includes a personal letter from Solway Dines Fyke to S.T. Wood, as the two families knew each other in the Yukon.
M-9460-179Brief history of the Palace Grand Theatre in Dawson City. -- n.d.
Series 4 John Taylor Wood. -- 1864-1903. -- 12.5 cm of textual records. -- John Taylor Wood, 1830-1904, was the son of Robert C. Wood and Anne Taylor, who was the daughter of American President Zachary Taylor. He was a US naval officer, who resigned at the outbreak of the American Civil War. He served on the Confederate warship CSS Virginia (made from hull of the USS Merrimack), and then in the Confederate Army. After the war, in about 1865, he settled in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In 1856 he married Lola Mckubin, [ca. 1835-1909], and they had eleven children, including Zachary Taylor Wood, 1860-1915; Eleanor McKubin Wood (later Mrs. Duncan Campbell), 1868-[?] and Charles Carroll Wood, 1876-1899. -- The series consists of his diaries, speeches and miscellaneous correspondence. Includes letters from his son, Charles Carroll Wood, and material he compiled about William Hall.
M-9460-206Biographical notes. -- [ca. 1903]
M-9460-207Diaries. -- 1869, 1884, 1885. -- Written in Halifax.
M-9460-208Diaries. -- 1887, 1889, 1898. -- Written in Halifax.
M-9460-209Speech, "Blockade Running". -- 1903. -- Presented by J.T. Wood to Dalhousie College, Dartmouth in January, and to the Halifax Garrison Club in February. Includes earlier versions and notes about the events he discussed.
M-9460-210Speeches. -- [ca. 1898-1903]. -- Consists of these speeches by J.T. Wood: "A Navy on Wheels", "A Naval Sketch of Halifax", "Enterprise and Boxer", "First Cruise of Midshipman George Dewey".
M-9460-211William Hall material. -- 1899 and n.d. -- Consists of records re William Hall, first Black and first Nova Scotian to receive the Victoria Cross. Includes letter written by Hall to J.T. Wood (1899); Ellen MacKubin's article about the meeting her Uncle William Hall and J.T. Wood (n.d.); picture of Hall wearing his medals; and article (speech?) by J.T. Wood: "William Hall, V.C. - Veteran of Three Navies".
M-9460-212Notes and writings, likely for speeches. -- n.d. -- Consists of notes re of vessels captured by the Tallahasee; causes of the war, 1861-1865; Alabama claims; and the Boxer and Enterprise.
M-9460-213Letters from Charles Tupper and Richard Grave MacDonell re the Tallahasee. -- 1864
M-9460-214Letters re the 1813 battle of the HMS Shannon and USS Chesapeake. -- 1892
M-9460-215Letters from son, Charles Carroll Wood. -- 1896-1899. -- Charles Carroll Wood, 1876-1899, was the youngest child of John Taylor Wood and Lola Mckubin. He graduated from the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario in 1896. He died during the South African War, and is believed to be the first Canadian casualty. -- Copies only. Includes original 1897 Christmas card from Charles to his brothers Frank and Zack.
M-9460-216Letter from Queen Victoria's Equerry-in-Waiting, F.M. Ponsonby, thanking J.T. Wood for sending a photo of his son Charles. -- January 17, 1900
M-9460-217Booklets re South African War. -- 1900. -- Consists of Our Boys Under Fire : Canadians in South Africa by Annie Elizabeth Mellish, which includes a sketch of C.C. Wood on page 16; and Lest We Forget Them by Lady Glover.
M-9460-218Trading cards. -- [ca. 1887]. -- Consists of two Civil War naval battle trading cards: "Merrimac ramming the Cumberland" and "Foote supporting assault on Fort Donelson".
Series 5 Donald Zachary Taylor Wood. -- 1939-1945. -- 25 cm of textual records. -- Donald Zachary Taylor Wood (known as Zack), 1918-1944, was the son of Stuart Taylor Wood and M. Gertrude Daily. He graduated from the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario, and in 1940 joined the Royal Canadian Air Force. He rose to the rank of Flight Lieutenant, and served overseas during the Second World War. He was killed on October 14, 1944 when the plane he was piloting on a mission from England to Germany crashed after its engine caught fire. He married Mignonne Elaine Castonguay in 1942 and they had one daughter, Sheryl Ann Taylor Wood, born in 1943. -- The series consists of letters written by Zack to Mignonne during their courtship and after their marriage, while serving in the RCAF and overseas during the Second World War.
M-9460-219Royal Military College. -- 1939. -- Consists of a graduation dinner program including D.Z.T. Wood, regimental no. 2500.
M-9460-220Newspaper clipping re D.Z.T. Wood receiving his "wings". -- [1940]
M-9460-221RCAF Pilot's Flying Log Book. -- 1940-1944. -- Consists of volume recording details of Zack Wood's flights, including the one on the day he died.
M-9460-222Letters to Mignonne Castonguay. -- April 28-May 26, 1940. -- Written from No. 1 Initial Training Schook, Toronto, Ontario.
M-9460-223Letters to Mignonne Castonguay. -- June 18-July 12, 1940. -- Written from Vancouver, British Columbia.
M-9460-224Letters to Mignonne Castonguay. -- July 26-October 23, 1940. -- Written from Camp Borden, Ontario.
M-9460-225Letters to Mignonne Castonguay. -- November 10-December 28, 1940. -- Written from Patricia Bay, British Columbia.
M-9460-226Letters to Mignonne Castonguay. -- January-March 1941. -- Written from Pat Bay, British Columbia. One letter is from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.
M-9460-227Letters to Mignonne Castonguay. -- April-August 1941. -- Written from Pat Bay, British Columbia. One letter is from Lethbridge, Alberta.
M-9460-228Letters to Mignonne Castonguay. -- September-December 1941. -- Written from Pat Bay, British Columbia, Lethbridge, Alberta and Winnipeg, Manitoba.
M-9460-229Letters to Mignonne Castonguay. -- January-March 9, 1942. -- Written from Pat Bay, British Columbia. Planning for their wedding begins in March.
M-9460-230Letters to Mignonne Castonguay. -- April-May 1942. -- Written from Pat Bay, British Columbia. Their wedding was in May and couple then lived together in British Columbia.
M-9460-231Letters to wife Mignonne Wood in Sidney, British Columbia. -- June-November 8, 1943. -- Written primarily from No. 16 Service Flying Training School (SFTS) in Hagersville, Ontario. Their daughter was born on July 8th.
M-9460-232Letters to wife Mignonne. -- November-December 1943. -- Written from overseas. The letters are numbered 1 through 9, with three unnumbered.
M-9460-233Letters to wife Mignonne. -- January 2-February 29, 1944. -- Written from overseas.
M-9460-234Letters to wife Mignonne. -- March 1-April 13, 1944. -- Written from overseas. Numbered 1-20
M-9460-235Letters to wife Mignonne. -- April 15-June 24, 1944. -- Written from overseas. -- Numbered 21-40, with 29 missing.
M-9460-236Letters to wife Mignonne. -- July 1-30, 1944. -- Written from overseas. -- Numbered 41-60, with 59 missing.
M-9460-237Letters to wife Mignonne. -- July 31-September 15, 1944. -- Written from overseas. Numbered 61-71, plus a new series beginning with number 1.
M-9460-238Ordnance survey maps of England, RAF Edition (war). -- 1941, 1943
M-9460-239Covering letter from Minister of National Defence which accompanied F/L Donald Z.T. Wood's war medals. -- [ca. 1945]
Series 6 Photographs. -- 1878-1961. -- 1586 photographs. -- 185 negatives. -- The series consists of Z.T. Woods photographs, primarily related to his time in the Yukon; S.T. Wood's photographs, primarily related to his time on Herschel Island; and photographs related to Mounted Police history in both northern and western Canada, which were collected by S.T. Wood as part of his research.

Many of these photographs have been scanned. View now. The photographs will appear in date order. See also more specific links below.

  Zachary Taylor Wood's photographs. -- 1878-1911. -- 431 photographs. -- 185 negatives

Yukon album of Zachary Taylor Wood and his wife Frances. -- 1897-1901. -- 287 photographs. -- Consists of the following:

Photos 1-17 Calgary, Alberta, including the NWMP barracks, 1897

Photos 18-66 Government part on trip to Yukon on the S.S. Quadra; Sheep Camp; Chilkoot Pass and summit; Lindeman; transporting "boodle" [gold] from Bennett to Victoria; Bennett; Skagway railway; and Dyea, 1897-1898

Photos 67-100 Wood family's visit to Vancouver, July-August 1898 Photos 101-117 Miscellaneous views, including Vancouver, boat, and Tagish

Photos 118-156, 158-215 Atlin, Bennett, dogs, Strickland family, Tagish, interiors of houses, 1899

Photo 157 Maple Creek group, 1894 (cyanotype)

Photos 216-228 Sitka views

Photos 229-260 Stikine detachment, Miles Canyon, "The Club", Bennett

Photos 261-265 O'Brien murder trial, Dawson, 1901

Photos 266-287 Miscellaneous photos, many copies of ones which appear earlier in this album

Some of the photographs in this album have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.

NA-5725Negatives for Wood family photographs. -- 1898-1899. -- 185 nitrate negatives. -- Consists of views taken by Z.T. and Frances Wood during their first two years in the Yukon, including the trip north and Tagish. Some prints from these negatives appear in album PD-383-vol.1 above. The negatives are extremely fragile. The envelopes have been numbered to match the pages of the storage booklets listed below.
M-9460-240Storage booklets from negatives above. -- 1898-1899. -- Consists of two booklets with sleeves used by the Woods to store their negatives. Many of them have been labeled with the contents and dates.
PA-3886-1Portraits of Zachary Taylor Wood. -- 1878-1914. -- 6 photographs
Some have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.
PB-977-1 Frances "Frank" Daly's engagement portrait. -- [1887 or 1888]. -- 1 photograph. -- Taken in Napanee, Ontario before her marriage to Z.T. Wood.
PA-3886-2 Zachary Taylor Wood family views. -- 1897-1905. -- 4 photos. -- Consists of photos of the Woods with their son Stuart in Vancouver (1897); Mrs. Wood (Frances Wood) in Montreal and London (1902 and n.d.); and Z.T. and Mrs. Wood in Egypt (1905). Some have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.
PA-3886-3 RNWMP in Calgary. -- 1890. -- 1 photograph. -- Consists of a W.E. Wing photo of Inspector A.R. Cuthbert, Inspector Frank Harper, Superintendent E.W. Jarvis, Surgeon A.E. Wills and Inpector McPherson. Scanned 
Document View now.
PA-3886-4 Sheriff Duncan Campbell's Indian curios, Fort Macleod. -- 1896. -- 1 photograph. -- Sheriff Campbell was married to Z.T. Wood's sister, Eleanor Wood.
PA-3886-5NWMP Customs House, Chilkoot Summit, and packers ascending the pass. -- 1898. -- 2 photographs. -- E.A. Hegg, photographer.
PA-3886-6 Whitehorse. -- [ca. 1902]. -- 1 photograph. -- Annotated on back: "NWMP barracks right backgroung; two storey barrack room; flagpole in centre of barrack square. Nine river steamers in the river or on the river bank." Scanned Document View now.
PA-3886-7Fort McPherson. -- 1903-1910. -- 10 photographs. -- Consists of views of the Mounted Police detachment, buildings, a funeral, cemetery, etc.
PA-3886-8 Visit of Earl Grey to King Solomon Dome, Yukon. -- August 1909. -- 2 photographs. -- E.L. Ellingsen photos. One has been scanned. Scanned Document View now.
PA-3886-9 Skagway [also spelled Skaguay] and Soapy Smith. -- 1898. -- 11 photographs. Some have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.
PA-3886-10 Chilkoot Pass / en route to the Klondike. -- 1898-1899. -- 16 photographs. -- Includes views of Lindeman and Sheep Camp. Several by E.A. Hegg, photographer. Some have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.
PA-3886-11 Dawson City. -- 1899-1910. -- 45 photographs. -- Includes views of the town, NWMP / RNWMP barracks, members of the force (B Division), commemorations (last salute) on death of King Edward VII (1910), tennis club, picnic group, fire department, Mounted Police bands, Wood's house, etc. Some have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.
PA-3886-12 Wood family in Dawson City. -- 1899 and n.d. -- 9 photographs. -- Two have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.
PA-3886-13Visit of the Governor General to Dawson. -- 1899. -- 11 photographs
PB-977-2 Group of NWMP officers in Dawson City. -- 1902. -- 1 photograph. -- Includes W.E. Thompson, A.E.C. Macdonnell, A.M. Jarvis, F. Cosby, T.A. Wroughton, C. Starnes, Z.T. Wood, W.R. Routledge, and D. Howard.
PB-977-3 Dawson Lawn Tennis Tournament. -- August 2, 1902. -- 1 photograph
PB-977-4Bobsleigh on Church Street, Dawson City. -- 1905. -- 1 photograph
PB-977-(5-6)RNWMP shooting cannon in Dawson City to commemorate death of King Edward VII. -- May 1910. -- 2 photographs
PA-3886-14 Commissioner Walsh on trip North. -- 1898. -- 3 photographs. -- Consists of views aboard the S.S. Quadra and at Lake Bennett. One has been scanned. Scanned Document View now.
PA-3886-15 Yukon detachments. -- [ca. 1898-1900]. -- 7 photographs. -- Consists of views of Upper Dominion, Hunker, Gold Run, Halfway and Tagish detachments. Some have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.
PA-3886-16Miscellaneous Yukon views. -- [ca. 1898-1910]. -- 19 photographs. -- Includes views of pack horses, mastodon skull, unnamed detachments, a collage of NWMP views used a a Christmas greeting, sled dogs on ice, Five Finger Rapids, portrait of Lewis McLauchlan, the steamboat "Vidette", and British Columbia First Nations.
PB-977-7 Officers Mess, Regina. -- 1911. -- 1 photograph. -- Assistant Commissioner Wood seated on right.
  Stuart Taylor Wood's photographs. -- 1894-1952. -- 931 photographs

S.T. Wood's album of the North. -- 1905-1909, 1914-1915, 1919-1923. -- 88 photographs. -- Consists of the following:

Dawson Church (1905) and the McPherson detachments and patrol (1908-1909). These photos date from the time that Z.T. Wood lived in the Yukon, and may have been his photos.

Views of Athabasca River, Fort McMurray detachment and Fort Fitzgerald (1914-1915). S.T. Wood probably collected these photos from Inspector Rheault, who was stationed in the North at this time. For more Rheault photos, see file PA-3886-61 below.

Views of the North during the time he and his family lived on Herschel Island (1919-1923), including Fort Norman, Vermilion Chutes, Fort Fitzgerald, Fort Norman, Fort Good Hope, Arctic Red River, Hay River, Fort Simpson, Fort Providence, Peel River and Fort McPherson.

Some of the photographs in this album have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.

PA-3886-17 Portraits of S.T. Wood. -- 1894-1940. -- 8 photographs. -- Some have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.
PA-3886-18Royal Military College. -- 1912 and 1952. -- 33 photographs. -- Consists of individual portraits of S.T. Wood's classmates (1912), and a photo of those attending the 40th anniversary class reunion (1952). Includes a class list.
PB-977-8 19th Alberta Dragoons on their horses, Edmonton. -- [ca. 1916]. -- 1 photograph. -- S.T. Wood is on the left. Note: Glenbow Archives has the original negative for this photo at NA-1328-66873.
PA-3886-19 Victory Loan parade, Regina. -- 1917. -- 1 photograph. -- S.T. Wood leads the parade on horseback. Scanned Document View now.
PB-977-(9-10)RNWMP cavalry draft for the First World War. -- 1917-1918. -- 2 photographs. -- S.T. Wood appears in both.
PA-3886-20 First World War. -- 1918-1919. -- 8 photographs. -- Consists of views of S.T. Wood in France and Belgium. One has been scanned. Scanned Document View now.
PA-3886-21 The Wood family on Herschel Island and in the North. -- 1919-1924. -- 42 photographs. -- Consists of views of Inspector Wood, Gertrude Wood and their son Donald. Includes their departure in 1924. Some have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.
PA-3886-22 Trip to Herschel Island. -- 1919. -- 37 photographs. -- Some have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.
PA-3886-23Herschel Island and the North. -- 1920. -- 14 photographs
PA-3886-24 Herschel Island and the North. -- 1921. -- 32 photographs. -- Some have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.
PA-3886-25Herschel Island and the North. -- 1922. -- 17 photographs
PA-3886-26 Herschel Island and the North. -- 1923. -- 59 photographs. -- Some have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.
PA-3886-27 Herschel Island and the North. -- 1924. -- 49 photographs. -- Includes photos of Knud Rasmussen. Some have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.
PA-3886-28 Photo of Knud Rasmussen, presented to S.T. Wood. -- April 28, 1924. -- 1 photograph. -- Inscribed by Rasmussen: "Inspector S.T. Wood - with my best thanks for hospitality and helpfulness - at Herschell Island." Scanned Document View now.
PA-3886-29 Judicial Party at Herschel Island for murder trials. -- 1923-1924. -- 38 photographs. -- Some have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.
PA-3886-30Herschel Island - Buildings. -- [ca. 1919-1924]. -- 17 photographs
PA-3886-31Herschel Island - Inuit schooners. -- [ca. 1919-1924]. -- 10 photographs
PA-3886-32Herschel Island and the North - Ships. -- [ca. 1919-1924] and 1925-1942. -- 51 photographs. -- Includes the "St. Roch" and the wreck of the "Arctic".
PA-3886-33 Herschel Island and the North - Whaling and walrus hunting. -- 1920-1921. -- 20 photographs. -- Primarily the whaling ship "Herman", under Captain C.T. Pedersen. See also PA-3886-65 below. Some have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.
PA-3886-34 Herschel Island - Dogs. -- 1923 and n.d. -- 10 photographs. -- Includes "Lou", a sled dog which S.T. Wood brought to the South, only to have her run over at the Regina Barracks. One has been scanned. Scanned Document View now.
PA-3886-35Jim Firth and family. -- [ca. 1919-1924]. -- 20 photographs. -- Possibly at Fort McPherson.
PA-3886-36Herschel Island and the North - Unidentified people. -- [ca. 1919-1924]. -- 33 photographs. -- Mostly Inuit.
PA-3886-37Herschel Island and the North - Unidentified buildings and views. -- [ca. 1919-1924. -- 30 photographs
PB-977-11Arctic fox in trap, Hershel Island. -- [ca. 1919-1924]. -- 1 photograph
PA-3886-38 Aklavik, NWT. -- 1922-1925. -- 29 photographs. -- Some have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.
PA-3886-39 Baillie Island / Horton River, NWT. -- [ca. 1919-1924]. -- 10 photographs. -- Some have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.
PA-3886-40 Bernard Harbour, Nunavut. -- 1921-1922. -- 8 photographs. -- Some have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.
PA-3886-41 Fort McPherson, NWT. -- 1918-1921. -- 10 photographs. -- Some have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.
PA-3886-42 Fort Yukon, Alaska. -- 1923 and n.d. -- 5 photographs. -- Includes photos of Circle City, Alaska, and Haly's Road House in Fort Yukon. Some have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.
PA-3886-43 Kent Peninsula / Bathurst Inlet, Nunavut. -- 1924. -- 26 photographs. -- Taken by C.H. Clarke of the Hudson's Bay Company. Some have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.
PA-3886-44Norman Wells, NWT. -- 1919 and n.d. -- 3 photographs. -- Imperial Oil activities.
PA-3886-45 Old Crow / Porcupine River, Yukon. -- 1923, 1935 and n.d. -- 8 photographs. -- One has been scanned. Scanned Document View now.
PA-3886-46Point Barrow, Alaska. -- 1922. -- 6 photographs
PA-3886-47 Rampart House, Yukon. -- 1923 and n.d. -- 23 photographs. -- Some have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.
PA-3886-48 Shingle Point, Yukon. -- 1919-1925. -- 25 photographs. -- Some have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.
PA-3886-49 Tree River, Nunavut. -- 1919-1924. -- 12 photographs. -- Some of have scanned. Scanned Document View now.
PA-3886-50 Victoria Island / Cambridge Bay, NWT and Nunavut. -- [ca. 1919-1924]. -- 9 photographs. -- Some have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.
PA-3886-51Mrs. S.T. Wood (Gertrude Wood). -- 1926. -- 1 photograph
PA-3886-52 S.T. Wood - Mounted Police postings. -- 1912-1917 and 1926-1933. -- 60 photographs. -- Includes views of Southern Alberta Land Company (summer job), Fort Macleod, Stand Off, Edmonton, Big Muddy, Willow Bunch, Wood Mountain, Regina and Prince Rupert. Some have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.
PB-977-12Inspector Wood, Superintendent Acland and Commissioner MacBrien at Edmonton Barracks. -- 1931. -- 1 photograph
PB-977-13The Commissioner with Staff Officers, Instructors and Members of the 8th Instructional Class, Regina. -- 1934. -- 1 photograph. -- S.T. Wood is in the photo.
PA-3886-53Unidentified groups in uniform. -- n.d. -- 2 photographs
PA-3886-54Coronation of King George VI in London, England. -- 1937. -- 15 photographs. -- Primarily of RCMP in processions.
PA-3886-55Royal Visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. -- 1939. -- 14 photographs. -- Consists of views in Regina, including the RCMP musical ride.
PA-3886-56Royal Visit. -- 1939. -- 39 photographs. -- Consists of a numbered set of photos (# 2 is missing) of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary, Banff, Vancouver, Victoria, Mount Robson, Jasper, Edmonton, Saskatoon, London (Ontario), Niagara Falls, Fredericton, Charlottetown and Halifax. The RCMP feature prominently.
PA-3886-57S.T. Wood and Gertrude Wood - Royal Visit identification photos. -- 1939. -- 2 photographs. -- Consists of passport-style shots.
PA-3886-58 Trip North. -- 1946. -- 30 photographs. -- Consists of views of Fort McPherson, Tuktoyaktuk, Klondike River, Fort Reliance, Old Crow, Aklavik, Cambridge Bay, the St. Roch, Herschel Island and Fort Yukon. For S.T. Wood's written account of this trip see file M-9460-83.
  Stuart Taylor Wood's research collection photographs - The North. -- 1903-1961. -- 127 photographs
PA-3886-59Herschel Island views (before S.T.Wood moved there). -- 1903-1907 and 1917. -- 22 photographs
PA-3886-60Ships and whaling in the North. -- 1907-1909. -- 16 photographs. -- Includes views of King Point, the wreck of the steamboat "Bonanza", steam boat "Karluk" wintering in Pauline Cove and at Herschel Island, and chasing bowhead whales.
PA-3886-61Inspector Charlie Rheault's pictures. -- 1914-1915 and n.d. -- 22 photographs. -- Includes views of Fort Fitzgerald and the Athabasca River.
PA-3886-62Lomen Brothers, Nome, Alaska - Inuit portraits. -- 1903-1907 and n.d. -- 8 photographs. -- Note: Glenbow Archives also holds the original Lomen Brothers negatives. See back of print for negative numbers.
PA-3886-63 Lomen Brothers, Nome, Alaska - Schooners. -- 1909 and n.d. -- 2 photographs. -- Consists of views of the USRC "Bear" and SS "Corwin" in the snowpack; and the wreck of the Olga. Note: Glenbow Archives also holds the original Lomen Brothers negatives. See back of print for negative numbers.
PA-3886-64Lomen Brothers, Nome, Alaska - Postcards of Inuit. -- [ca. 1903-1915]. -- 8 photographs. -- Note: Glenbow Archives also holds the original Lomen Brothers negatives.

Captain C.T. Pedersen's Arctic photographs. -- [ca. 1920-1928]. -- 38 photographs. -- Consists of a series of photographs of whaling and walrus hunting near Herschel Island and in Alaska, complied and arranged by Captain Christian Theodore Pedersen. Includes a typed list describing the photographs, which are numbered from 1 to 37. Photograph 5 is missing. See also PA-3386-33 above.

The photos include views of bowhead whales, polar bears, walrus, Herschel Island, Diomede Island, Unalaska, King Island, Captain and Mrs. Pedersen, Roald Amundsen, and the ships Patterson, Lady Kindersley, Maud, Nanuk, Arctic and Nigalik. Also includes an autographed photograph of C.T. Pedersen. Scanned Document View now.

Note: An album of the same photographs is in the Henry Larsen fonds at Library and Archives Canada.

PA-3886-66 Dawson City and Whitehorse. -- 1929 and n.d. -- 8 photographs. -- Includes a photo annotated "Our Dawson House".
PA-3886-67Herschel Island Detachment and Inuvik. -- 1961. -- 3 photographs
PA-3886-67aMiscellaneous northern views. -- 1914-1926 and n.d. -- 8 photographs. -- Consists of views of the Fort Chipewyan detachment of the Royal North-West Mounted Police (1914); Roald Amundsen's ship (1926); Seward, Alaska; Unalaska, Alaska; and chasing a polar bear during the S.S. Corwin Expedition (1915).
  Stuart Taylor Wood's research collection photographs - The West and Mounted Police. -- 1881-1950s. -- 86 photographs
PA-3214 Mounted Police forts. -- 1886-1950s. -- 8 photographs. -- Consists of views of buildings at Mountie forts (locations unidentified) and of the Spencer round-up in Pendant D'Orielle Coulee.
PA-3886-68 "D" Troop of the NWMP in the Kootenays. -- [ca. 1886-1890s]. -- 1 photograph. -- Consists of a photograph of men and tents, taken by Boorne and May of Calgary.
PA-3886-69NWMP at Fort Macleod. -- 1890-1894. -- 6 photographs. -- Consists of photos of officers, men and buildings at Fort Macleod, taken by Steele and Wing of Winnipeg.
PA-3886-70 Writing -on-Stone. -- 1893-1897. -- 10 photographs. -- Consists of R.N. Wilson's photos of Mounties, the Detachment buildings, and rock art.
PA-3886-71 Various Mountie views. -- [1888-1940]. -- 22 photographs. -- Consists of views of the following: NWMP scouts (see M-9460-128 above for more information); Corky Jones and Chimney Coulee (see M-9460-125 above for more information); Inspector's residence in Maple Creek; Custer Battlefield postcards; illegal liquor stills; Fort Macleod Mounties in 1908 (identified); North-West Mounted Police Band in Fort Macleod (1888); and Fort Macleod old timers taken in 1940 (identified).
PA-3886-72Bow Fort site. -- n.d. -- 3 photographs. -- Consists of views of where the Fort stood between 1832 and 1834. These images were provided to S.T. Wood by the Public Archives of Canada (now Library and Archives Canada).
PA-3886-73 Various First Nations views. -- 1881-1949. -- 12 photographs. -- Consists of photos of First Nations and tipis near Fort Macleod; and copies of Canadian Illustrated News pages featuring R.B. Nevitt sketches of the North-West.
PA-3886-74 Prince of Wales visit to Fort Macleod. -- 1919. -- 1 photograph. -- Consists of a view of the Prince golfing. S.T. Wood's sister's husband, Sheriff Duncan Campbell, entertained the Prince during his visit.
PA-3886-75Fort Battleford. -- [1890s-1960s]. -- 11 photographs. -- Consists of views of Mounties and buildings at Fort Battleford, including interior shots. Copies only.
PA-3886-76Wooden gun and ammunition boxes. -- n.d. -- 8 photographs. -- Consists of photos of boxes used at Fort Walsh, Fish Creek and Batoched in 1885.
PB-977-(14-17) Charlie Russell memorabilia. -- n.d. -- 4 photographs. -- Consists of photos of Russell sketches of Mounted Police and his letters to Ralph Kendall and "Harry". The location of the originals is unknown.
  Photographs - Other family members. -- 1892-1944. -- 11 photographs
PA-3886-77 John Taylor Wood. -- [1890s?]. -- 1 photograph. -- Consists of a cabinet card portrait taken by William Notman. Scanned Document View now.
PA-3886-78 Charles Carroll Wood. -- 1892 and [ca. 1896]. -- 2 photographs. -- One has been scanned. Scanned Document View now.
PA-3886-79 Donald Zachary Taylor Wood. -- 1939-1944. -- 8 photographs. -- Consists of views of his Royal Military College class, wedding, wife and daughter, in uniform, and while serving in the RCAF. Some have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.

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