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On left: Nurse Emma Griffis (right) and friend, [before 1910]
On right: Doctor Harold McGill (in tie) treating soldier at the Battle of Amiens, 1918
NA-4938-11 and NA-4938-17

Harold and Emma McGill fonds

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Table of Contents

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Series 1Harold McGill's diaries and notebooks. -- 1916-1937
Series 2 Harold McGill's First World War correspondence and war diaries. -- 1915-1919
Series 3Harold McGill's personal correspondence. -- 1921-1965
Series 4Harold McGill's Indian Affairs Branch records. -- 1928-1946
Series 5Harold McGill's memoirs and speeches. -- 1927-1947
Series 6 Emma Griffis McGill papers. -- 1911-1965
Series 7Enid Griffis papers. -- 1938-1961
Series 8Miscellaneous family papers. -- 1933-1961
Series 9Certificates, invitations, greeting cards, programs, etc. -- 1901-1965
Series 10Newsclippings. -- 1906-1965
Series 11 Photographs. -- 1881- 1967


Series 1

Harold McGill's diaries and notebooks. -- 1916-1937

M-742-1Diaries. -- 1916-1918. -- Regarding military service in the 31st Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF), First World War.
M-742-2Diaries. -- 1927, 1932-1944. -- Regarding personal and government daily activities.
M-742-3Diaries. -- 1933-1956. -- Regarding personal and government daily activities.
M-742-4Diaries. -- 1946-1959. -- Regarding personal activities during retirement.
M-742-5Notebooks. -- 1919, 1931-1937. -- Includes brief notes to himself; household accounts.
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Series 2

Harold McGill's First World War correspondence and war diaries. -- 1915-1919


Letters from Harold McGill to Emma Griffis. -- 1915-1916. -- Consists of letters written by Dr. Harold McGill, a Calgary doctor serving in France during the First World War, to Emma Griffis, a Calgary nurse working at a military hospital in England. The letters describe life in the trenches, his medical duties at the front, inspections, parades, casualties, and mutual friends.

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Letters from Harold McGill to Emma Griffis. -- 1917. -- The letters describe life in the trenches, his medical duties at the front, his views on the war, and his engagement to Emma. (They marry in England in December 1917.)

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Letters from Harold McGill to Emma Griffis McGill. -- 1917-1918. -- The letters describe life in the trenches, his medical duties at the front, his views on the war, and their plans for the future.

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Letters from Harold McGill to Emma Griffis McGill. -- 1918

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Letters from Harold McGill to Emma Griffis McGill. -- 1919

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M-742-11Letters from Harold McGill to his sister, Frances. -- 1915-1919
M-742-12Miscellaneous correspondence . -- 1914-1919. -- Consists of letters to Harold McGill from his sister, Margaret; letters of congratulation on his marriage; extracts of letters from soldiers' wives to officer paying separate allowances.
M-742-13Bills and receipts. -- 1917-1919
M-742-14Army orders. -- 1915-1919
M-742-15War diaries. -- 1916-1917. -- Regarding his duties as medical officer.
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Series 3

Harold McGill's personal correspondence. -- 1921-1965

M-742-16Letters to his wife, Emma Griffis McGill. -- 1921- 1935
M-742-17Letters to his wife, Emma Griffis McGill, and to his daughter, Doris and Kathleen. -- 1936-1953
M-742-18Letters to his brother, Herb McGill. -- 1938-1939. -- Includes letter describing trip around James Bay and into Hudson Bay.
M-742-19Letters to the editors of the Calgary Daily Herald and the Albertan. -- 1929. -- Regarding hospitals in Calgary.
M-742-20Correspondence with the Royal Bank. -- 1932-1933. -- Regarding payment of overdue bank note.
M-742-21Correspondence with medical associations. -- 1925- 1933. -- From the Canadian Medical Association, the Calgary Medical Society, and the College of Physicians and Surgeons.
M-742-22Miscellaneous correspondence. -- 1940-1955. -- Regarding subscription cancellation and his superannuation cheques.
M-742-23Gun registration correspondence. -- 1943- 1958
M-742-24Correspondence from Mr. H.G. Scott. -- 1955-1960. -- Includes discussions of various political events.
M-742-25Monarch Life Assurance Company business correspondence. -- 1958-1959
M-742-26Miscellaneous correspondence. -- 1929-1959 and nd. - - Consists of questionnaire from Biographical Encyclopaedia of the World; letters from the Bishop of Grouard; letters from George H. Gooderham on his retirement; and letters from Colonel D. Harkness (MP).
M-742-27Letters from daughters, Doris and Kathleen. -- 1940- 1963 and nd. -- Includes letters, poems and stories written as young children.
M-742-28Correspondence from R.B. Bennett. -- 1930-1947. -- Consists of letters regarding political and personal affairs, including verification of Harold McGill's appointment to the Indian Affairs Branch.
M-742-29Correspondence from Louis Moraud, OMI (Oblates of Mary Immaculate). -- 1950-1965. -- Regarding missionary work in northern Saskatchewan.
M-742-30Correspondence from Mr. A.G. Christie. -- 1959- 1961
M-742-31Miscellaneous correspondence. -- 1929-1960 and nd. - - To both Dr. and Mrs. Mcgill, including correspondence while on trip to the South Pacific.
M-742-3231st Battalion. -- 1917-1965. -- Consists of correspondence, certificate, constitution, etc. of the 31st Battalion CEF, and the 31st Battalion Association.
M-742-33Miscellaneous business papers. -- 1958-1960. -- Consists of correspondence regarding the estate of Theodore J. Klossoski; list of contents of safety deposit box; income tax return; and tax receipt.
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Series 4

Harold McGill's Indian Affairs Branch records. -- 1928-1946

M-742-34Letters of congratulation on appointment as Deputy Superintendent of Indian Affairs. -- 1932
M-742-35Correspondence regarding tour of Indian Agencies in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. -- 1934
M-742-36Correspondence regarding hospitals and health care for First Nations, including letters from the Roman Catholic church clergy. -- 1928- 1941
M-742-37Memorandum regarding residential school building administration. -- 1934
M-742-38Correspondence regarding tour of the Northwest Territories. -- 1935
M-742-39Radiograms regarding tour of the Northwest Territories. -- 1935
M-742-40Memorandum regarding tour of the Northwest Territories. -- 1935
M-742-os15Map of tour of the Northwest Territories. -- 1935.
M-742-41Correspondence regarding Northern Whaling and Trading Company. -- 1936. -- Includes photograph of silver fox farm at Barnston, Quebec.
M-742-42Memoranda regarding land and timber sales on First Nations reserves. -- 1936-1937
M-742-43Memoranda regarding vacation and biographical sketch of Harold McGill.
M-742-44Correspondence. -- 1937-1942. -- Consists of letter by F.M. Steel regarding petroleum and natural gas on the Sarcee (Tsuut'ina) reserve; letter by A.E. Caldwell regarding First Nations marriage; and letter of thanks upon retirement of Indian Agent, Jack Waddy.
M-742-45Correspondence. -- 1938-1939. -- Includes letters of thanks by Harold McGill regarding his trip into James Bay.
M-742-46Memorandum regarding white residents and merchants on the Caughnawaga reserve. -- 1940
M-742-47Memoranda regarding proposed tour of western Canada. -- 1941
M-742-48Index to correspondence with various government departments. -- 1940
M 3281Correspondence regarding Indian Pass system. -- 1941. - - Photocopy only.
M-742-49Correspondence regarding the enfranchisement of William Lorne Montour, and staff reorganization. -- 1942
M-742-50Correspondence regarding Cowichan agricultural leases. -- 1943-1944
M-742-51Correspondence regarding retirement and superannuation pay. -- 1944
M-742-52Correspondence regarding Sarcee (Tsuut'ina) reserve oil leases. -- 1942-1943
M-742-53Correspondence. -- 1942-1943. -- Regarding the resignation of D.J. Allan, Superintendent, Reserves and Trusts; and office procedures.
M-742-54Memoranda. -- 1934-1943. -- Regarding Irrigation Supervision, Blackfoot Agency; employment of staff; and purchasing of First Nations supplies in Quebec.
M-742-55Correspondence and report. -- 1939. -- Regarding inspection trip of Indian Agencies on the north shore and gulf of the St. Lawrence River.
M-742-56Correspondence regarding Roman Catholic hospital care for First Nations. -- 1928-1936
M-742-57Memoranda regarding tour of Indian Agencies in western Ontario. - 1934-1935
M-742-58Memorandum regarding tour of Indian Agencies in western Canada. -- 1933
M-742-59Memorandum regarding tour of Indian Agencies in western Canada. -- 1934
M-742-60Memorandum regarding relief activities for First Nations. -- 1933
M-742-61Correspondence regarding tour of Indian Agencies in western Canada. -- 1936
M-742-62Correspondence regarding proposed excursion around north shore of Lake Superior. -- 1938
M-742-63Correspondence with Senator Cairine Wilson. -- 1938- 1940. -- Regarding international politics and League of Nations Society in Canada. Includes copies of speeches by Senatore A.K. Hugessen and Senator Cairine Wilson regarding the world political situation.
M-742-64Memorandum regarding visit to three small First Nations reserves in Quebec. -- 1936
M-742-65Memorandum regarding short visit to several Indian Agencies and reserves in western Ontario. -- 1939
M-742-66Memorandum regarding inspection tour of the Northwest Territories. -- 1935
M-742-67Memorandum regarding Lands Branch administration, Department of Mines and Resources. -- 1935
M-742-68Correspondence and report regarding tour of Indian Agencies and reserves in western Canada. -- 1941
M-742-69Miscellaneous correspondence and reports. -- 1881, 1918, 1926, 1933-1934. -- Consists of correspondence, reports and statements regarding First Nations and reserves; copies of Privy Council orders and reports; correspondence regarding the work of the Anglican Church with First Nations; correspondence with Indian Affairs employees; and a copy of an address by Hon. Crerar regarding First Nations.
M-742-70Correspondence and newsclippings regarding death of Miss Winnifred Churchill (Harold McGill's secretary). -- 1942
M-742-71Memorandum regarding tour of Indian Agencies in western Ontario and Manitoba. -- 1943
M-742-72Memorandum and minutes regarding the Special Committee on Reconstruction and Re-Establishment. -- 1944
M-742-73Memoranda regarding administration and staff organization in the Indian Affairs Branch. -- 1936-1943
M-742-74Correspondence and newsclippings regarding Toronto News editorials. -- 1943-1946
M-742-75Correspondence regarding invitations. -- 1932- 1942
M-742-76Excerpts of letters from members of the Indian Affairs field staff upon Harold McGill's retirement. -- 1945
M-742-77Letter of greeting from the First Nations of Caughnawaga. -- nd
M-742-78List of Indian Agents. -- nd
M-742-79Stationery samples from Indian Affairs Branch. -- nd
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Series 5

Harold McGill's memoirs and speeches. -- 1927-1947

M-742-80Correspondence and manuscript, "Reminiscences of a Battalion M.O." [Medical Officer] by Harold McGill. -- 1935. -- This manuscript is an incomplete version of the one in files M-742-152-155, listed immediately below.
M-742-152-155Manuscripts of "Reminiscences of a Battalion M.O." [Medical Officer] by Harold McGill. -- [ca. 1935]
M-742-81Speeches regarding Calgary civic matters and hospital facilities. -- 1927-1929
M-742-82Speeches regarding prevention of disease. -- nd
M-742-83Speeches. -- nd. -- Regarding Calgary General Hospital, income tax, crime and punishment. Includes copies of speeches made as a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) in the Alberta legislature.
M-742-84Speeches. -- 1933-1939. -- Includes copy of his speech at the "North American Indian Today" conference; speech at the unveiling of a monument at Ohwesken; speech on the story of Almighty Voice; and a report on tuberculosis among First Nations.
M-742-85Speeches and essays. -- 1947 and nd. -- Regarding totalitarianism in Canada, First Nations medical services, Prime Minister Mackenzie King, conscription, and war administration.
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Series 6

Emma Griffis McGill papers. -- 1911-1965

M-742-86 Diaries. -- 1917-1918, 1931-1933. -- Consists of a diary kept by nursing sister Emma Griffis while serving overseas during the First World War. The entries describe the trip from Calgary to Halifax, crossing the Atlantic on a hospital ship, nursing duties at Bramshott Military Hospital in England, social activities, and her engagement and marriage to Harold McGill.

The 1917-1918 diary has been scanned. View now.

M-742-87Diaries and notebook. -- 1938-1941, 1945. -- Consists of diaries regarding social activities, and a notebook on household expenses.
M-742-88Correspondence. -- 1911-1919. -- Includes letters from her sisters, Elora and "Teenie" regarding personal affairs and nursing.
M-742-89Correspondence. -- 1920-1959. -- Consists of letters written to Emma Griffis McGill, including thank you letter and telegram from Marie Willingdon, wife of the Governor-General regarding a dinner held by Mrs. McGill; letters from her uncle, A.B. Ingalsbee, in Mexico; and from her sisters, relatives and friends.
M-742-90Correspondence. -- 1960-1966 and nd. -- Includes letters of condolence on the deaths of sisters Edith and Enid.
M-742-91Army orders. -- 1917. -- Regarding acceptance as a nurse, departure orders, and notification of pay and allowances.
M-742-92Correspondence from her sister, Enid. -- 1912-1956. -- Includes information about teaching experiences in Manitoba and near Standard, Alberta.
M-742-93Letters of condolence on death of husband, Harold McGill. -- 1961
M-742-94Letters from Mr. Gordon McGee. -- 1963- 1965
M-742-95Correspondence, invoices and receipts related to the settlement of Harold McGill's estate. -- 1961-1965
M-742-96Correspondence regarding sale of cottage near Kenora, Ontario. -- 1964-1965
M-742-os16Map of district of Kenora and Lake of the Woods, Ontario. -- 1940. -- Shows location of cottage.
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Series 7

Enid Griffis papers. -- 1938-1961

M-742-97Diary and notebook. -- nd. -- Consists of the personal thoughts and impressions of Enid Griffis.
M-742-98Correspondence. -- 1952-1961. -- Includes correspondence regarding the potential publication of her book, "Retreat to White Rock"; and a radio script, "The Ant and I".
M-742-99Manuscripts. -- nd. -- Consists of incomplete drafts by Enid Griffis, including excerpt of "Retreat to White Rock", describing her nervous breakdown, and a sketch of a childhood experience.
M-742-99aAutobiography. -- [ca. 1958]
M-742-100Receipts and identification cards. -- 1938- 1947
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Series 8

Miscellaneous family papers. -- 1933-1961

M-742-101Kathleen McGill Odell's correspondence. -- 1933- 1961. -- Includes telegrams from Harold and Emma McGill, letters from Harold, correspondence regarding the awarding of medals to her late husband, and a receipt for hospital care for her son.
M-742-146Correspondence to Kathleen and Emma McGill. -- 1915-1961. -- Includes letter from R.B. Bennett acknowledging gift from Doris and Kathleen McGill.
M-742-102Arthur "Bud" Odell correspondence. -- 1940-1941. -- Consists of letters from Bud to his Aunt Bessie regarding medical school. Includes a letter from Dr. J.J. Robertson regarding payment for his upkeep and education.
M-742-os14Registered nurse certificate of Elora Marion Griffis, Port Arthur, Ontario. -- 1909. -- [noted missing, March 2000].
M-742-103Miscellaneous correspondence. -- 1942- 1960
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Series 9

Certificates, invitations, greeting cards, programs, etc. -- 1901-1965

M-742-104Family history of the James McGill family. -- nd
M-742-105Certificates. -- 1901-1953. -- Consists of family birth certificates, nursing and medical school certificates, war service badge, driver's licence, railway pass, etc.
M-742-os1-13Medical, military, and fraternal lodge (Masons) certificates of Harold McGill and Emma Griffis. -- 1905-1950
M-742-os2Harold McGill's Doctorate of Medicine degree, University of Manitoba. -- 1905
M-742-os3Harold McGill's College of Physicians and Surgeons of the North-West Territories certificate. -- 1905
M-742-os4Harold McGill's College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta certificate. -- 1906
M-742-os5Harold McGill's Military Instruction certificate
M-742-106Passports of Emma McGill, Harold McGill and Enid Griffis. -- 1919-1959
M-742-107Membership cards. -- 1931-1962 and nd.
M-742-147Identification cards, invitations, menus. -- 1919- 1967
M-742-108Memorials for James W. Davidson, Forrest Magill Clark, and Dr. Arthur Charles Odell. -- 1934, 1951 and nd.
M-742-109Passes, greeting cards and menus. -- 1914-1918. -- Includes Defence of the Realm Permit issued to Emma McGill.
M-742-110Ration books. -- 1918, [ca. 1939-1945]
M-742-111Nursing directory and instructions. -- 1920, 1931 and nd. -- Includes pamphlet: "Instructions for Member of Canadian Army Medical Corps Nursing Service"; General Directory, Overseas Nursing Sisters' Association; Notice of Election regarding the Alberta Association of Registered Nurses; and directions for front line application of a "Thomas" splint.
M-742-148Miscellaneous papers. -- 1921-1926, 1936 and nd. -- Includes farewell notebook from fellow nurses to Emma Griffis, cancelled cheques, song lyrics, leaflet regarding civic election, ship passenger list with autographs from the Vimy and Battlefields pilgrimage.
M-742-112Campaign literature for Harold McGill's candidacy as a Conservative in the provincial election. -- 1930
M-742-113Wedding announcements and invitations. -- 1917- 1965. -- Includes wedding announcements of Emma Griffis and Harold McGill; Kathleen McGill and Dr. Arthur Odell; and Doris McGill and Duncan McNab.
M-742-114Royal Club for Ladies from Beyond the Seas membership cards and rules. -- 1918
M-742-115Rideau Club charter, constitution and rules. -- 1932, 1952
M-742-116Programs and orders of service. -- 1919-1960. -- Consists of programs of the Calgary Industrial Exhibition Automobile Race; and Great-West Canadian Folkdance, Folksong, and Handicrafts Festival.
M-742-117Dance programs. -- 1912-1927
M-742-118Royal commands and acknowledgements. -- 1935, 1937, nd. -- Regarding the awarding of medals, and acknowledgement of contribution to the Cancer Fund.
M-742-119Regulations, programs, seating plans. -- 1933-1943. - - For the Opening of Parliament, royal presentations, and state dinners.
M-742-120Invitations to dinners, receptions, balls and "at homes". -- 1919-1964
M-742-121Invitations and admission cards to the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede. -- 1927-1943
M-742-122Admission cards. -- 1919-1944. -- Includes admissions to the Reserve Gallery, House of Commons, formal opening of Parliament, and the Alberta Legislative Assembly.
M-742-123Menus for banquets and Canadian Pacific Railway dining cars. -- 1904-1953
M-742-124Guide books for England, Cote d'Azur, and Ottawa. -- 192-[ca. 1960s]
M-742-125South Pacific brochures, souvenirs and menus. -- 1960
M-742-126Art show catalogues. -- 1919-1949
M-742-127Postcards. -- 1907-1964
M-742-149Postcards of France and England. -- [ca. 1914- 1918]
M-742-128Calling cards and business cards. -- nd. -- Includes cards of Captain Harold W. McGill and Miss E.M. Griffis.
M-742-129Christmas cards. -- 1911-1953
M-742-130Sympathy cards on death of Harold McGill. -- 1961
M-742-131Greeting cards. -- nd. -- Includes birthday cards, Valentines, Mother's Day cards, Father's Day cards, and birth announcements.
M-742-132Form letters and copies of addresses. -- 1930-1961. -- Regarding Alberta Petroleum Consolidated Ltd.; The Pas Planning Scheme; "Germany in Defeat (by Major H.G. Scott); and the Duke of Edinburgh's presidential address to the Canadian Medical Association.
M-742-133Poems and song lyrics. -- nd
M-742-134Articles and periodicals. -- 1924-1963. -- Consists of copy of tribute to President Kennedy; historical sketch of "Royal Roads"; notes on a tour of Europe; "A Case of Gangrene" by Dr. Harold McGill; issue of Nor'West Miner; issue of Philip H. Godsell's "Relief in the Sub-Arctic"; copy of The Legion Rally, Field Service Pocket Book; and a yearbook of the Ontario Ladies College.
M-742-150Printed literature. -- 19014-1962. -- Consists of Manitoba Medical College student's handbook; army standing orders, field service pocket book, Alberta Military Institute Journal, Alberta United Services Institute Journal, Madam Tussaud's Exhibition catalogue, and University of Manitoba Alumi Journal.
M-742-135Cheque books, bank book, and receipts. -- 1918- 1965
M-742-136Miscellaneous. -- 1942 and nd. -- Consists of questions and answers in the House of Commons about postal censorship; and a first prize tag for a set of ladies underwear made by Emma McGill.
M-742-137Calendar. -- 1947
M-742-138Recipes. -- nd
M-742-139Pictures drawn by grandchildren. -- nd
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Series 10

Newsclippings. - - 1906-1965

M-742-140Newsclippings. -- 1932-1938. -- Regarding Harold McGill's appointment to the Indian Affairs Branch.
M-742-141Newsclippings. -- 1932, 1962 and nd. -- Regarding Emma McGill, clubs and organizations she belonged to, and her early nursing years in Kenora, Ontario.
M-742-142Newsclippings by and about Enid Griffis. -- 1957 and nd
M-742-143Newsclippings. -- 1934, 1957 and nd. -- Regarding Bishop Pinkham, Edith May Griffis and Leonard Sydney McGill.
M-742-144Newsclippings. -- 1935-1965 and nd. -- Regarding politics, the Second World War, Roman Catholic Church, and the Opening of Parliament.
M-742-145Scrapbook of newsclippings. -- [ca. 1920s]-1955. -- Consists of articles about Harold McGill as Calgary alderman, Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA), and in Indian Affairs. Includes articles about politics and social functions in Ottawa and Calgary.
M-742-151Newsclippings. -- 1906-1964 and nd. -- Consists of articles about the Kenora Thistles Hockey Team, Kenora General Hospital, Enid Griffis and Mary Isobel Pinkham, and the McGill family.
M-742-156Newsclippings regarding the family. -- 1928- 1959
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Series 11

Photographs. -- 1881-1967

Many of the photographs have been scanned. View now.

NA-4938Photographs. -- 1881-1950. -- 40 photonegatives. -- Consists of views of the Ingoldsby, Griffis and McGill families; and early Calgary views.
PA-1832Photographs. -- [ca. 1890s]-1967. -- 807 photoprints. -- Consists of views of the McGill and Griffis families, medical college, medical activities during the First World War, and hospitals.
PA-2018Military troop photograph. -- [ca. 1914-1918]. -- 1 photoprint. -- Consists of a view of troops at the Exhibition Grounds, Calgary.
PB-453Photographs. -- 1902-[ca. 1930s]. -- 42 photoprints. -- Consists of views of the McGill and Griffis families.
PB-494Dr. McGill overseas. -- 1917. -- 1 photoprint. -- Consists of view of Dr. Harold McGill and a team with a wounded soldier at the Battle of Amiens.
PC-151Dr. McGill. -- [ca. 1914-1918]. -- 1 photoprint. -- Consists of a framed portrait of Dr. Harold McGill.
PD-133McGill family album. -- [ca. 1920s-1940s]. -- 177 photoprints. -- Consists of views of the Calgary Stampede, McGill family, Prince Rupert, the British Columbia coast, etc.

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