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Guy Weadick
Guy Weadick, [ca. 1912]

Guy Weadick fonds

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Table of Contents

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Series 1Correspondence and personal papers. -- 1909-1959
Series 2Scanned Document Manuscripts, speeches, published articles, poetry, etc. -- 1934-1950 and n.d.
Series 3 Photographs. -- 1891-[ca. 1940s]
Series 4Unprocessed records. -- [ca. 1920s-1940s]


Series 1

Correspondence and personal papers. -- 1909-1959

M-1287-1 Calgary Exhibition and Stampede correspondence. -- 1912-1953. -- Consists of correspondence from various dignitaries and contestants to Guy Weadick when he was manager of the Calgary Stampede. Letters are written by or relate to R.L. Borden, J.J. Bowlen, Patrick Burns, Duke and Duchess of Connaught, A.E. Cross, Edward Prince of Wales, George Lane, Sir Thomas Lipton, A.J. McLean, E.L. Richardson, Fannie Sperry, and Henry Thornton.
M-1287-2 Personal correspondence. -- 1912-1953. -- Consists of correspondence from and about Tom Mix, Will James, Dolly Weadick, Fred Bowen, George Lane, and Tom Three Persons.
M-1287-3 Tom Weadick correspondence. -- 1916, 1954
M-1287-4 Publisher correspondence. -- 1932-1953. -- Consists of correspondence from various publishers to Guy Weadick re manuscripts.
M-1287-5 Bucking horses correspondence. -- 1933. -- Consists of correspondence re "Ray", "Alberta Kid", "Midnight", and "Tom Thumb" (all bucking horses).
M-1012 Jerry Puckett letters. -- 1946. -- Consists of letters from Guy Weadick to Jerry Puckett about the 1946 Calgary Stampede, including comments on the poor quality of events.
M-1286 B.M. Bower and R.E. "Bud" Cowan letters. -- 1933, 1953. -- Consists of transcripts of letters from Bower and Cowan about ranching experiences and the writing of western stories and novels.
M-1287-6 Miscellaneous correspondence. -- 1909-1949. -- Includes information re Patrick Burns, A.E. Cross, Flores La Due
M-1287-7 Calgary Stampede publicity. -- 1912-1952. -- Consists of prize lists, parade permit (1916), official programs, etc.
M-1287-8 Personal papers. -- n.d. -- Re marriage certificate, land title, brochure on Stampede Ranch, etc.
M-1287-9 Guy Weadick vs. Calgary Exhibition and Stampede. -- [ca. 1932]. -- Consists of the "oral judgment" of Justice Ives (re Weadick's firing by the Stampede board).
M-1287-10 Christmas cards, invitations, etc. -- n.d. -- Includes the Weadick's own Christmas card, plus cards from Patrick Burns, Charles Russell, A.E. Cross, Charles Biel, etc.
M-1287-11 Biographical data on Guy Weadick
M-1287-34 Miscellany. -- 1954 and n.d. -- Consists of program, photographs and promotional material for Jack Joyce's Performing Camels; booklet on knot tying; Horse Lover's magazine (1954); and George Lane letterhead.
M-2831 Ticket for wild west show and program of a Calgary Stampede circus. -- 1917 and 1958
M-1287-35 Newspaper clippings about Guy Weadick. -- 1920-1959

Series 2

Manuscripts, speeches, published articles, poetry, etc. -- 1934-1950 and n.d.

M-1287-12 Manuscript by Guy Weadick, "Active early Calgarians". -- 1950. -- Written for the July 1, 1950 issue of Canadian Cattlemen.
M-1287-13 Speech by Guy Weadick, "Pioneer Organizations and Rodeos". -- February 25, 1939. -- Presented at the Annual Reunion of the Montana Cowboys' Association in Great Falls, Montana. The event was dedicated to the memory of Charles Russell.
M-1287-14 Manuscript, "Starting a Cattle Ranch: My First Hired Hand". -- Annnotated: "Written in March 1930 for Old Timers Day".
M-1287-15 Speech, "Fifty Years Ago: My First Partner". -- n.d.
M-1287-16 Manuscript by Guy Weadick, "Cowboy Sports". -- [ca. 1938]
M-1287-17 Manuscript by Guy Weadick, "Double Your Bets". -- n.d.
M-1287-18 Manuscript by Guy Weadick, "Last of the Buffalo". -- n.d.
M-1287-19 Manuscript by Guy Weadick, "Cowboys I have Known - Walt Coburn". -- n.d.
M-1287-20 Manuscripts: Ballie Buck [Belknap Buck] stories as told to Guy Weadick. -- 1935 and n.d. -- Consists of "When Lowry took Russell and Me to Eat", "Ballie Buck", "Range Reminiscences", and "Reminiscences of a Line Camp". Includes two sketches (india ink on paper) done by Ballie Buck in 1935, one entitled "Lowry began to get drowsy" and the other "I wrapped the tarp around gim & the tub".
M-1287-21 Published articles by Guy Weadick. -- 1933-1936. -- Consists of articles published in West magazine about The Montana Kid [James Boyd Austin] (September 1933); Charlie Tipton (November 1934); and Tom Minor (February 1936)..
M-1287-22 Manuscript by Guy Weadick, "The 1944 Roundup of the Montana Cowboys' Association at Great Falls, Montana". -- [ca. 1944]
M-1287-23 Manuscript, "Broncho Busters". -- n.d. -- Consists of Chapter 5 only.
M-4570 Manuscript by Guy Weadick, "Alberta Cow-Country". -- n.d. -- 1 volume. -- Consists of a historical account of the range cattle business, trading posts, freighting, cowboys, horses and ranch life.
M-1287-24 Manuscript by Guy Weadick, "Alberta Cow-Country". -- n.d. -- Consists of pages 122-213 and some loose notes only.
M-4571 Speech by Guy Weadick on the origin of the Calgary Stampede. -- 1948. -- Includes a newspaper clipping about the High River rodeo.
M-4626 Manuscript by Guy Weadick re the Round Top T Ranch from 1879 to 1950. -- [ca. 1950s]. -- Includes data on the High River Horse Ranch and High River pioneers.
M-1287-25 Manuscript, "Billy Henry". -- n.d. -- Consists of pages 7-11 only.
M-1287-26 Autobiographical manuscript by Joe De Yong. -- 1935. -- Written in the form of a letter to Guy Weadick. De Yong was a friend of Charles Russell, and he mentions Tom Mix.

Scanned Document View now.

M-1287-27 Published article by Franch Winch, "Buffalo Bill - Frontiersman" . -- Published in Ace-High Magazine.
M-1287-28 Manuscript of brief biography of Bob Tadlock Jr. -- n.d.
M-1287-29 Manuscript: John E. Gardner's life as told to Guy Weadick. -- n.d.
M-1287-30 Autobiography of Will James. -- 1934. -- Mailed to Guy Weadick by James with a covering letter.
M-1287-31 Handwritten notes about Fort Macleod. -- n.d.
M-1287-32 Notes on cattle and horse brands used on southern Alberta ranches. -- n.d.
M-1287-33 Poems by D.J. O'Malley and Sydney Barr. -- n.d.

Series 3

Photographs. -- 1891-[ca. 1940s]. -- 268 photographs

Many of the photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-267 Views of an EP Ranch table and stand. -- 2 photographs
PA-371 Portraits of Flores La Due and Calgary Stampede views. -- 9 photographs
PA-829 Guy Weadick and Flores La Due and other western personalities. -- 63 photographs
NA-446-(1-139) Views of the Calgary Stampede, rodeo events, the Gleichen Stampede, Vulcan Stampede, Hoot Gibson, Pete Knight, Guy Weadick, and other western personalities. -- 1912-1930s. -- 139 photographs
NA-1235-(1-4) Views of a group at Stampede, Bar U Ranch, RCMP and First Nations Chiefs, and Governor General. -- [1920s]. -- 4 photographs
NA-1483-(1-9) Views of Guy Weadick, Hoot Gibson, the Stampede Ranch living room, and Charles Russell. -- 1906-1935. -- 9 photographs
NA-5457-(1-22) Views of rodeo events, ranching activities, and cowboys. - 1891-1931 and n.d. -- 22 photographs
NA-5495 Views related to Guy Weadick and his activities - largely unidentified. -- 20 negatives [stored in filing cabinet with photos lacking identification.]
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Series 4

Unprocessed records. -- [ca. 1920s-1940s]. -- This material has not been catalogued. Please consult with an archivist before requesting.

M-9899Unprocessed records. -- [ca. 1920s-1940s]. -- 2 cm of textual records. -- Consists of photocopies of visitors' books and scrapbooks from Stampede Ranch [accession 2018.050]

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