Vanishing Ice: Alpine and Polar Landscapes in Art 1775 - 2012

SEPTEMBER 27, 2014 - JANUARY 4, 2015

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Organized by Whatcom Museum

Vanishing Ice is an artistic exploration of the planet's frozen frontiers. The exhibition traces the impact that glaciers, icebergs, and vast fields of ice - unique and often fantastic formations - have had on artists' imaginations.

For over two hundred years, remote and icy landscapes have inspired artists and thrilled the public; the confluence of art, science and public education is one of the major themes of this exhibition. Vanishing Ice begins with early scientific voyages of the eighteenth century, and the artist-naturalist-explorers who created romantic artistic interpretations of the natural wonders of the world (satiating popular demand for new images of little known territories). The exhibition culminates with contemporary works by a new generation of artists who are once again journeying to alpine ranges and the Poles to document the stunning vistas and the increasing vulnerability and fragility of ice.

Vanishing Ice features over 70 works of art, by artists form Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Russia, Switzerland and the United States. Among the internationally recognized historical and contemporary artists included are: Ansel Adams, Otto Olaf Becker, John Grade, Lauren Harris, Frank Hurley, Issac Julien, Rockwell Kent, Alexis Rockman, Spencer Tunick, and Joseph M. W. Turner. Through their work, Vanishing Ice reveals the transformative power of art in shaping the public's perception of these starkly beautiful environments.

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Adjacent to the Vanishing Ice exhibition, Glenbow is pleased to present Island, a video-based work by Peter von Tiesenhausen. Like many of the artists included in Vanishing Ice, von Tiesenhausen evokes the majesty of the natural world-in this case the shores of Iceland.

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