Describes Arctic winter conditions and the building materials used to make a whalebone house. Includes rotating interior view of a whalebone house and inquiry links regarding Thule life inside a whalebone house." />
 Illustration of whalebone house interior 

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What was it like to live inside a whale?

Between November and February, the sun barely rises above the Arctic horizon. In the very far north it appears only as a small glimmer of light at the edge of the sky. This is also the time of year when winter storms can last for weeks, hiding the land behind swirling snow and dropping the temperature to -50°C. This was the time of year when Thule people lived in homes made of whalebone frames covered with walrus hide and sod. This was when they lived inside the whale.

Living inside a whale was very different from living in a house in Canada today. Was it dark? Where was the kitchen? Where was the bathroom? Where did the children play?