Discusses Arctic climate and eastward movement of the Thule. Includes rotating exterior view of summer whalebone house and inquiry links regarding the Thule and their life in the Arctic." />
 Illustration of whalebone house frame 

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What was life in the Arctic like 1,000 years ago?

The Arctic is one of the most challenging environments on earth. Short, cool summers are followed by long, cold winters. But the Arctic is also a place of abundant food – if you know where, when and how to get it. Survival depends on a keen knowledge of weather, landscape and animal behavior. In the past, this knowledge was passed from generation to generation among people who seldom left the region they were familiar with. It was very risky to travel to places where the environment and the weather were unfamiliar.

And yet, the Thule did just that. Within the span of a few generations they moved from west to east, leaving behind the remains of settlements in all regions of the Arctic. What was their life like? What was the environment like when they lived there? How did they survive as they moved into new, unknown territory?