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Knowledge HuntPDF document

A Knowledge Hunt is a fun, online scavenger hunt that will assist you in exploring and quickly becoming familiar with one of the theme areas in the Mavericks site. See how fast you can find the answers to the ten questions in each Knowledge Hunt.

  1. Why did the Canadian government create the NWMP in 1873?
  2. Name three forts that the NWMP established in Western Canada.
  3. In what year did the NWMP begin to deal with problems due to the gold rush?
  4. Why did King Edward add the prefix "Royal" to the RNWMP?
  5. What name was Jerry Potts known as among Native people?
  6. What was Jerry Potts job during the historic signing of Treaty No. 7 at Blackfoot Crossing?
  7. On what date were James MacLeod and Mary Drever finally married?
  8. What member of the monarchy did James and Mary MacLeod meet in 1882?
  9. How old was Fred Bagley when he joined the NWMP?
  10. What rank was Fred Bagley when he retired from the NWMP in 1898?


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