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Oil and Gas

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Knowledge HuntPDF document

A Knowledge Hunt is a fun, online scavenger hunt that will assist you in exploring and quickly becoming familiar with one of the theme areas in the Mavericks site. See how fast you can find the answers to the ten questions in each Knowledge Hunt.

  1. Where did Stewart Herron buy a 960 acre ranch in 1905?
  2. When did Calgary Petroleum Products Company Ltd. begin drilling for oil?
  3. In 1959, how many acres of land did Dome purchase in Canada's Arctic Islands?
  4. What nickname was Jack Gallagher known by?
  5. What job was Charles Stalnaker known for doing?
  6. What explosive was used to shoot oil wells?
  7. As a subsurface stratigrapher, what did Helen Belyea study?
  8. Helen Belyea tried to create a picture of how Alberta looked – how long ago?
  9. In what year did Peter Lougheed become the Premier of Alberta?
  10. What federal program enacted in 1980 did Peter Lougheed fight against?


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