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Knowledge HuntPDF document

A Knowledge Hunt is a fun, online scavenger hunt that will assist you in exploring and quickly becoming familiar with one of the theme areas in the Mavericks site. See how fast you can find the answers to the ten questions in each Knowledge Hunt.

  1. What major international event did Bill Pratt help to organize?
  2. What Calgary attraction did Bill Pratt create?
  3. What famous Alberta event happened on land owned by Eric Harvie?
  4. What museum did Eric Harvie establish?
  5. What business was Stu Hart famous for creating and operating?
  6. What type of school did Regina Cheremeteff open in Calgary?
  7. Artist Marion Nicoll is known for this style of painting.
  8. Marion Nicoll was the first Alberta woman awarded membership in this organization.
  9. What famous Canadian company did Melvin Crump work for?
  10. Melvin Crump was the president of this organization.


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