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Knowledge HuntPDF document

A Knowledge Hunt is a fun, online scavenger hunt that will assist you in exploring and quickly becoming familiar with one of the theme areas in the Mavericks site. See how fast you can find the answers to the ten questions in each Knowledge Hunt.

  1. What Fort did D.W. Davis help establish?
  2. What was the name of the wife of D.W. Davis?
  3. In 1888, what newspaper did D.W. Davis and a group of partners buy?
  4. How old was Mother Mary Greene when she came to Western Canada?
  5. Who promised to protect Mother Mary Greene during the North-West Rebellion in March of 1885?
  6. What was the name of the book Captain John Palliser published in 1853?
  7. Where is the region known as Palliser's Triangle?
  8. From what organization did Captain John Palliser win a gold medal in 1859?
  9. What nickname did David Thompson earn due to his daily astronomical observations?
  10. How old was David Thompson when he left Britain for Canada?


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