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Oil and Gas

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Essential QuestionsPDF document

Essential questions are the "big ideas" that are used to engage students and reflect the core or the essence of the topic being studied. Included are essential questions pertaining to each theme area, as well as questions that relate to exploring the whole Mavericks site. These questions can provide many possible ideas as to how students can examine Alberta history.

Questions specific to Oil & Gas

  • What was the impact of oil and gas on Alberta's present and its future?
  • Are Alberta, its economy, and its people too reliant on the oil and gas industry?
  • How has having oil affected Alberta and the lifestyle of its people?
  • How healthy is Alberta's environment for future generations?
  • How are we affecting and changing Alberta's climate?
  • What impact is the oil and gas industry having on the environment?
  • What laws should be in place to minimize the impact the oil and gas industry has on the environment?
  • What can I do to reduce my need for oil and gas?
  • Why do people and societies exploit or conserve natural resources?
  • How does an oil spill affect the environment?
  • Should we allow oil to be transported across water?
  • How can we manage our resources in a sustainable manner?
  • Should Alberta save its oil for its own use?
  • In what ways are humans and the environment interdependent?
  • How does oil affect Alberta's relationships with the rest of Canada?

General questions that apply throughout Mavericks


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