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Curriculum Mapping

Mavericks: An Incorrigible History of Alberta is an interactive site on Alberta history targeted at students from grades four to seven. It has been connected to the Alberta Curriculum and designed to appeal to teachers and students by depicting the voices, opinions, and experiences of individuals important to the development of Alberta's character and spirit.

The following curriculum mapping pages outline links and connections as to how teachers may incorporate the Mavericks resource into teaching and learning

Project Plans Applicable for Specific Social Studies Units

Grade 4 - Alberta: The Land, Histories and Stories

4.1 Alberta: A Sense of the Land

4.2 The Stories, History and People of Alberta

4.3 Alberta: Celebrations and Challenges

Grade 5 - Canada: The Land, Histories and Stories

5.1 Physical Geography of Canada

5.2 History and Stories of Ways of Life in Canada

5.3 Canada: Shaping and Identity

Grade 6 - Democracy: Action and Participation

6.1 Citizens Participating in Decision Making

6.2 Historical Models of Democracy: Ancient Athens and the Iroquois Confederacy

  • No Mavericks Project Plans are applicable

Grade 7 - Canada: Origins, Histories and Movement of People

7.1 Toward Confederation

7.2 Following Confederation: Canadian Expansions


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