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Integrating Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Strategies

The ICT Curriculum

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) curriculum is supposed to be integrated into the program of studies for language arts, social studies, mathematics, science, health, and art. The ICT curriculum contains skills that are meant to be a part of our everyday life, and are to be used where and when needed to allow students to delve deeper into their learning in ways not possible without the use of technology.

Much of the focus is on category "C" learner outcomes (Communicating, Inquiring, Decision Making and Problem Solving) which involve students evaluating information critically, solving problems, researching, communicating with different audiences, and managing their own inquiry and learning. These learner outcomes should be applied within real-world, authentic learning experiences that are meaningful to the learner.

Integrating the ICT Curriculum into Social Studies

The project plans for working with Mavericks: An Incorrigible History of Alberta have been created to allow for the suitable use of ICT by students in developing their understanding of the stories of Alberta. Various projects use such applications as digital filmmaking software, presentation programs, mind-mapping software, and the use of appropriate Internet sites that may be used to enhance classroom resources.

Of course, these projects have been created so that they are modifiable for any classroom situation. Teachers are expected to adapt the plans to fit the needs of their students, as well as the level of ICT within a specific school. Accessibility of technological resources, such as software, computers, and Internet connections, will determine which projects are most appropriate and how they are used. Most projects, if desired, could be altered to allow students to complete much of the work without using ICT if needed.

Integrating the ICT Curriculum into Mavericks: A History of Alberta

The Mavericks: An Incorrigible History of Alberta resource provides online access to many of the items in Glenbow museum's collection. Students and teachers will find information and background on almost 40 different Alberta "Mavericks" including information and controllable visuals of primary historical artifacts from each Maverick. These include personal affects, clothing, weapons, tools, photographs, documents, artwork and maps. The Mavericks: An Incorrigible History of Alberta resource also includes Internet links for students, glossaries, an online timeline, and a selection of historic maps.

Using a project and inquiry-based learning approach, the resources contained within the Mavericks: An Incorrigible History of Alberta site will allow students to investigate Alberta history from the approach of a historian, formulating questions and building new understandings. The knowledge in Mavericks: An Incorrigible History of Alberta enables students to investigate the "real" person from history, developing a point of view toward the Maverick's historical context, actions, character, and way of life.


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