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Historical Map-Based Learning

Student Process Guide

Choose one of the historical maps from the Mavericks: An Incorrigible History of Alberta website. Read the written information about the map and examine it. Answer some or all of the following questions as they apply to each historical map. Complete your work in a journal format, and add any other information or questions that may not be included in this guide.

Student Questions

  1. Who created the map?
  2. When was the map created?
  3. What do we know about the creator from examining the map?
  4. Was the map created by hand or by machine?
  5. Do they belong to a specific group, organization, or culture?
  6. What does it tell us about their group, organization, or culture?
  7. Why was the map created in the first place? What was its purpose?
  8. Who would use this map? What would they use it for?
  9. Is there a scale on the map?
  10. Is there a legend on the map?
  11. Are their any symbols, designs, or decorations on the map? What do they mean?
  12. Is there a great deal of detail on the map? Would it be helpful for other people to use if traveling to the area represented?
  13. What areas does the map represent? Are they represented accurately? (Compare to a modern map of the area in an atlas)
  14. Are there any mistakes contained in the map?
  15. What information is contained on the map about its topic? What does it tell us about the time in which it was created?
  16. Are there differences between this map and a modern map of the same area? Have any borders and boundaries changed?
  17. What did you learn about that time period from the map?
  18. Are we able to infer any ideas about how people lived at the time from the map?
  19. What does this map tell us about Alberta or Canada and its growth?
  20. What do you think is the historical significance of this map? Why is it important to a museum?
  21. What questions do you still have about the map or its subject?


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