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Essential QuestionsPDF document

Essential questions are the "big ideas" that are used to engage students and reflect the core or the essence of the topic being studied. Included are essential questions pertaining to each theme area, as well as questions that relate to exploring the whole Mavericks site. These questions can provide many possible ideas as to how students can examine Alberta history.

Questions specific to Mounties

  • Why do we need a police force?
  • Will we always need a police force?
  • How was policing different in early Alberta?
  • What challenges were faced by the NWMP? How did they overcome them?
  • How did the Mounties affect the First Nations people?
  • Did the Mounties treat the First nations people fairly?
  • How did Canada and the U.S. deal with the First Nations people differently?
  • How should we decide who has "sovereignty" of a region?
  • How has the role of the RCMP changed since the NWMP were created in 1873?
  • Why are the Mounties a famous symbol of Canada?

General questions that apply throughout Mavericks


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