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Albertans have always struggled in dealing with a federal government that didn't understand their needs, desires, culture, and aspirations. These are the stories of writers of social and political commentary, social reformers, suffragettes, lieutenant governors, premiers, members of parliament and even preachers. The narratives of these Mavericks will facilitate student understanding of how individuals and governments interact with each other to bring about change in society and analyze how individuals or groups can impact decision making by governments.

Project Plans

  1. Held Accountable by the Media...
    Writing News Articles to Understand How Governments and Politics Affect Their Citizens
  2. Why Should I Agree With You?
    Using Persuasive Speech and Political Mavericks to Examine Historical, Democratic, or Current Issues
  3. Disenfranchised - The Famous Five
    Informing Others About the Historical Plight of the Disenfranchised and Promoting Equality


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Essential Questions

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