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The Glenbow Museum gratefully acknowledges the financial investment by the Department of Canadian Heritage in the creation of this on-line presentation for the Virtual Museum of Canada.

The development of this online exhibition was a collaboration between the Blackfoot and Glenbow Museum.

Website Team

  • Tom Blackweasel
  • Doreen Blackweasel
  • Beth Carter
  • Gerald Conaty
  • Kirstin Evenden
  • Leo Fox
  • Sheena Jackson
  • Melanie Kjorlien
  • Linda Lucas
  • David Lumb
  • Ron Marsh
  • Owen Melenka
  • Jim Swag
  • Frank Weasel Head
  • Herman Yellow Old Woman
Rare Method designed and developed the website, interactive activities, animation and graphics.

Rare Method Team

  • Dawn Bayers
  • Troy Davis
  • Ken Gold
  • Reza Kay
  • Brent Lowrie
  • Tony Mesiatowsky
  • Nathan Newsom
  • Steve Rabatich

The Alberta Online Consortium also contributed to the development of the website, developed the Teacher’s Toolkit in conjunction with the Toolkit Team, and conducted a research study for the project.

Teacher Toolkit Team

  • Collene Armstrong , Alberta Online Consortium
  • Mary Chief Calf, Aahsaopi Elementary School
  • Gerald Conaty, Glenbow Museum
  • Shirlee Crow Shoe, Piegan Institute
  • Julaine Guitton, Livingstone Range School Division
  • Melanie Kjorlien, Glenbow Museum
  • Sally Listener, Piikani Nation Secondary School
  • Linda Lucas, Alberta Online Consortium
  • Dennis Sedor, Calgary Board of Education
  • Cherry Sham, Glenbow Museum
  • Herman Yellow Old Woman, Siksika

Thank you to the schools that helped make the activities on this site useful in the classroom.

The instructional unit entitled "The Land Seasonal Round Resource" and the description "The tribe - 'Amsskaapipikani'" have been provided by Rosalyn LaPier of the Piegan Institute.

The content of this online exhibition is based on the Glenbow Museum permanent exhibition Niitsitapiisinni: Our Way of Life, which was also developed collaboratively by the Blackfoot and Glenbow Museum. The Blackfoot people who contributed their knowledge are: Tom Blackweasel, Doreen Blackweasel, Andy Black Water, Jenny Bruised Head, Louise Crop Eared Wolf, Charlie Crow Chief, Rosie Day Rider, Leo Fox, Sheena Jackson, Earl Old Person, Allan Pard, Jerry Potts, Pete Standing Alone, Jim Swag, Donna Weaselchild, Frank Weasel Head, Clarence Wolfleg, and Herman Yellow Old Woman. Thanks to the Glenbow staff who also contributed to the permanent exhibition's development.


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