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How we Lived with the Land

Today we travel to nearby stores to buy food and other supplies. In the past our people saw all of their land as their home. They moved camp to be close to wood, or water, to take advantage of ripening berries and roots, and to follow the animals. Join us in our travels through one year.


Our Traditional Territory

Our traditional territory extended from Ponokasisahta (Elk River, now called the North Saskatchewan River) south to Otahkoitahtayi (the Yellowstone River). We lived along the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains and eastward beyond Omahskispatsikoyii (the Great Sand Hills in what is now called Saskatchewan). It is an immense land with some of the richest natural resources in the world.

We knew every detail of this land. Our people travelled constantly throughout it, and their trails were well marked across the grasslands. They lived by hunting game and collecting plants. By moving camp frequently, they were able to avoid depleting the resources in any one area. Our people knew the places where different plants grew and where game was plentiful. Their lives were nomadic, but their movements were not aimless; they always travelled with a purpose.

Camps on the land

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