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War and the Homefront

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Essential QuestionsPDF document

Essential questions are the "big ideas" that are used to engage students and reflect the core or the essence of the topic being studied. Included are essential questions pertaining to each theme area, as well as questions that relate to exploring the whole Mavericks site. These questions can provide many possible ideas as to how students can examine Alberta history.

Questions specific to War & the Homefront

  • Why do we have wars?
  • How can humans avoid conflicts between cultures or nations?
  • How did Albertans contribute to the war efforts?
  • What effects did war have on Alberta and its people?
  • Do we have to fight wars? Is it ever justified to go to war?
  • When is it appropriate for a country to use military force?
  • Is it ever appropriate for one country to get involved in the internal affairs of another country?

General questions that apply throughout Mavericks


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