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War and the Homefront

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Alberta was deeply affected by the events and aftermath of the North-West Rebellion, the Boer War, and the First and Second World Wars, on both the war and home fronts. These are the stories of army officers, flying "aces," "barnstormers," legendary constables, and adventurers. The narratives of these Mavericks will facilitate student understanding of how war contributed to the development of Alberta's identity.

Project Plans

  1. Canadian Conflicts Heritage Minutes
    Creating "Heritage Minutes" to Understand How War Changed and Shaped the Canadian Identity
  2. Putting Pen to Paper in the Trenches
    Personal Letters and Photographs Detailing the Experience of Living Through Wartime
  3. Could That Ever Happen in Alberta?
    Using Personal Stories to Study the Moral and Ethical Issue of Internment in Alberta


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Essential Questions

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