Permanent Exhibitions

Go back in time to explore the stories of Western Canada, or travel the world within our international galleries – all in one day!

Mavericks: An Incorrigible History of Alberta - The Ranching & Rodeo Gallery

On the Second Floor:

Picturing the Northwest: Historical Art from Glenbow’s Collection

From art works that reflect Calgary's unique vantage point as a gateway to the Rocky Mountain parks, to paintings that depict age of exploration in North America and the vast grassy plains inhabited by buffalo before the transformation of southern Alberta in the early 1900s by agriculture and industry. This unique collection of masterpieces of western North American art highlight the landscape and the social history of our region.

This exhibition is supported by BMO Financial Group

Many Faces, Many Paths: Art of Asia

Explore one of North America’s best collections of sacred objects and art from Hindu and Buddhist cultures. The Asian Gallery includes more than 80 superb artworks, including sculpture (in stone, wood, metals and reliefs), masks, and paintings from the first centuries C.E. to the eighteenth century. Enjoy the art. Enjoy the peace. Come back often and stay awhile.

Art of Asia Gallery - Sambandar sculpture, India, 11th Century
Mavericks Gallery - Signs of the Times

On the Third Floor:

Mavericks: An Incorrigible History of Alberta

Unlike a traditional history exhibition that lists dates, names, and events, Mavericks offers an experience of what it means to be Albertan. This dynamic gallery tells our province's history through the stories of 48 mavericks - men and women who shaped Alberta with their ingenuity, ambition and adventurous spirit.

Niitsitapiisinni: Our Way of Life

You are in Treaty Seven territory! Journey through the Blackfoot Gallery and uncover the traditions, values, and history of the people who have lived for thousands of years in the northwestern plains of Alberta and Montana. The Blackfoot share their story in their own words, with interactive displays and artifacts that guide visitors through Nitsitapii history and to the present day.

New Sun Gallery of Aboriginal Art and Culture

Discover the stories of Canada's first inhabitants. From the northern beauty of Inuit carvings to the intricacy of Plains quillwork and distinctive designs created by Northwest Coast Peoples, enjoy an authentic glimpse into the diversity of First Peoples' traditional culture.

Blackfoot Gallery - Nitsitsiniksinaa: Our Stories

On the Fourth Floor:

Treasures of the Mineral World

Glenbow's mineralogy exhibition offers a colourful glimpse into the depth and diversity found in the mineral world. The gallery is a popular stop for geologists, rock hounds, and visitors of all ages. You can see minerals that glow in the dark, find out what Fool's Gold really is, look at a piece of the earth's oldest rock, or just enjoy the sheer natural beauty of rock crystals in every colour of the rainbow.

Where Symbols Meet: A Celebration of West African Achievement

An exhibition that explores how achievement is recognized and rewarded in five major cultural groups from over a dozen West African countries. Most of Glenbow’s West African collection comes from Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Mali and Nigeria.

Warriors: A Global Journey Through Five Centuries

Almost every society has engaged in warfare at some time during its history. This exhibition compares cultural approaches to war and to the people who do the fighting. First Nations of the Plains, Maoris, Samurai, Medieval Europeans, and contemporary society are featured in this eclectic and stimulating presentation.

Warriors Gallery – Otto Gottstein, Infantry At The Battle Of Waterloo, 1815, Diorama

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