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Dior by the Numbers


Hosting an exhibition like Christian Dior requires a lot of (often delicate) moving parts to be packed (and unpacked), transported, inspected, mounted and lit in an exceptionally tight time frame. Hats off to the dedicated production teams at Glenbow and the Royal Ontario Museum who make all the magic happen. We thought you might be interested in a tally of the significant stats behind the exhibition.

Number of objects in the exhibition Christian Dior:


(Including 37 dresses, 7 pairs of shoes, 9 bottles of perfume and 3 chandeliers )

Number of trucks used to transport exhibition from Toronto to Calgary:


Number of crates used in transport (as big as 74” x 52” x 63”):


Number of days needed to install the exhibition:


Galleries in Glenbow that the exhibition will occupy:


Number of days you’ll have to view Christian Dior:


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