Photo Willy Maywald © Association Willy Maywald, Adagp, Paris, SODRAC, Montreal (2018)



While almost everyone is familiar with the name Christian Dior, the story of the man credited with creating a fashion revolution is often shrouded in mystery.

Whether you are well-versed in the Dior narrative, or know nothing more than the name, we think you’ll find something to enjoy in the links collected here. Watch, read, listen and feel inspired by the best online content about the renowned designer and his legacy.

Christian Dior opens this Sunday, February 3 at Glenbow


Dior and I Documentary – available to rent on iTunes

Dior, The Man Behind the Myth

Biography Channel – Christian Dior




The Official Website of Christian Dior – This website is a treasure trove of information on all things Dior. You could dedicate hours to exploring this site and the wormholes wouldn’t end. Some highlights include a historical timeline of events, a peak inside the workshops, historical and current footage of fashion shows and a list of all the Dior publications.


Christian Dior : Designer of Dreams by Richard Martin and Harold Koda (1996)
Published by The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The entire text is available to read online.


Further reading: both “Christian Dior: History and Modernity“ by Alexandra Palmer and “Dior by Dior“ by Christian Dior are available for purchase in the Glenbow Shop.

Image credit: Willy Maywald © Association Willy Maywald, Adagp, Paris, SODRAC, Montreal, 2018

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