From left, Grayhawk co-CEO Michael Kaumeyer, Chief of Client Service Aurelie Jaclot, and co-CEO Peter Mann walk together.

Glenbow partners with Grayhawk Wealth to ensure long-term success

Impact and values lens for investments


Glenbow is pleased to announce that Grayhawk Wealth has been engaged as our chief investment office. Grayhawk Wealth will focus on managing our endowments to ensure maximum returns while pursuing an investment portfolio that reflects and supports Glenbow’s values and priorities.

Over our nearly 60-year history, Glenbow is fortunate to have been donated endowment funds that generate income to support general operations, collections care, employee professional development and—thanks to a recent donation from the Shaw Family Foundation—free general admission to the museum in perpetuity, as well as funding to support the JR Shaw Institute for Art in Canada. Endowment fund growth is a key strategy for Glenbow’s sustainability. Thus, skilled and thoughtful stewardship of these donated resources is a chief priority.

As a chief investment office, Grayhawk Wealth works with Canadian families and foundations to provide investment management services, customized to help clients achieve their financial and revenue goals as well as accelerate their impact.

“Bringing Grayhawk Wealth on as our external chief investment office means Glenbow’s endowment funds are in excellent hands,” says Ken Fetherstonhaugh, Governor & Chair, Audit/Investment, Glenbow Board of Governors. “Their strong leadership team will support Glenbow through sound governance of our endowments, while providing the expertise and innovative approach to investment that has led to a field-leading track record of risk adjusted returns. Grayhawk Wealth is a clear choice for implementing our impact investment strategy as supported by both Glenbow’s executive leadership and Board of Governors.”

Grayhawk Wealth shares in our excitement to work toward building an investment portfolio where 100% of our investments are made through a values and impact lens. “Impact investing is increasingly important to thoughtful organizations like Glenbow, and we’re honoured to help them prioritize their investments to support Indigenous reconciliation, environmental sustainability, education and equity,” says Pete Mann, Grayhawk Wealth’s President and Co-Chief Executive Officer. “We are working with Rally Assets, a leading impact investment firm, to drive outstanding returns while leveraging Glenbow’s capital to affect positive change and growth in the areas Albertans care about.”

If you would like to learn more about supporting Glenbow’s endowment programs and ensuring a sustainable future for the museum, please contact Wendy Fallon, Director, Advancement Operations at

About Grayhawk Wealth

As a chief investment office, Grayhawk Wealth works with successful Canadian families and foundations to provide curated investment strategies that help them achieve their goals and accelerate their impact. Grayhawk Wealth has offices in Calgary, Toronto and Montreal.

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