Sybil Andrews: Moving Life


“If you want to get
anywhere in the art world that matters, you must draw and draw and draw. Because
drawing is the bones of your picture. And in drawing you learn to see form,
design, rhythm and structure.”

– Sybil Andrews, from the 1991 Glenbow interview

In anticipation of our upcoming exhibition, Sybil Andrew: Art & Life, we have a special treat to offer you. Glenbow was fortunate to have the opportunity to film a comprehensive interview with Andrews the year before she passed away in 1992. The footage was used to produce this documentary video, which offers intimate insights into her tireless work ethic, impeccable artistry and fascinating, eventful life. The film has not been available for several years, making its rediscovery all the more meaningful as we are allowed to spend time hearing the words of this wonderful artist once again.

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