Tax-effective ways to donate to Glenbow

Finding the best giving option for you


Our team is often asked about the most tax-effective way to donate to Glenbow. 

One of the best options is to make a gift of appreciated securities. By gifting your appreciated securities to a registered charity instead of selling them, you benefit from an exemption of the capital gains taxes. Additionally, you receive a donation receipt equivalent to the full value of the securities.

For investors who have seen considerable unrealized gains on their securities, a gift of securities can allow them to make a donation significantly greater than their initial purchase of securities. In many cases, the tax credit from the donation receipt alone is higher than the outlay cost of the securities.

An example would be to consider an initial $2,000 investment that has now appreciated to $10,000.  If you were to donate $10,000 (Confluence Giving Circle) in securities annually for three years, you would be making a major commitment of $30,000 to Glenbow. That amount would enable you to have a lasting impact on the vibrancy and diversity of the museum, now and into the future.

Do you have securities with unrealized gains that you would like to donate? Consider making a direct transfer of shares, bonds or mutual funds to Glenbow. It’s a great way to save on tax and make a big difference today.

Get started with two easy steps:

  1. Send a completed Letter of Direction to your financial institution or investment advisor. They will activate the transfer to Glenbow.
  2. Glenbow’s financial institution will notify our team of the gift.  We will respect your gift’s designation and issue your charitable donation receipt.

To learn more about creative and flexible strategies to achieve your charitable and financial goals, please contact Wendy Fallon at

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