Kate Fischer, Joanne Cuthbertson and Lindsay Fischer. Photo: Ramsey Kunkel.

Fostering Diverse Arts Experiences

Fischer-Cuthbertson Family


The Fischer-Cuthbertson family’s contribution to Glenbow Reimagined underscores their dedication to fostering diverse arts experiences and reflects their longtime engagement with Glenbow.

The four art installations supported by the Fischer-Cuthbertson family’s gift will be located throughout the first floor of the building. With these commissions, Glenbow is committed to supporting artists from Treaty 7, across Canada and around the world. The Fischer-Cuthbertson family will be recognized in connection with the installations when Glenbow reopens at the JR Shaw Centre for Arts & Culture in 2026.

“Our family wanted to be a part of making people feel that they have been considered—that their comfort, interests and learning are at the heart of the reimagined Glenbow and the creation of Glenbow’s exhibitions,” says Joanne Cuthbertson. “Awe-inspiring works that immediately capture your attention seemed to our family to be in keeping with the kind of welcoming place Glenbow is striving to be for its communities.”

Glenbow is a public space, and public spaces should have high regard for the public. Arriving at Glenbow, you’ll feel like you’ve come to a beautiful and welcoming place that says, ‘you’re important, and we’ve made this space for you.’

Joanne Cuthbertson

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