An integral part of Glenbow's history

Join + Give

Volunteers have been vital to the work we do at Glenbow. Thanks to hundreds of dedicated individuals, we’ve had a strong volunteer program for over 50 years.

With Glenbow currently closed for renovations, our volunteer program is paused.  We look forward to welcoming our amazing volunteers back in the future.

Volunteers make a difference

Through the dedication and enthusiasm of our volunteers, we’ve been able to enhance our programs, better manage our collections, and provide visitors with a great experience.

There is a legacy of Glenbow volunteers helping in all areas of the museum. They have been found on the front lines, serving visitors in various programs or the Glenbow Shop, and behind-the-scenes, helping maintain our collections. Our volunteers are all ages, come from all backgrounds, and are passionate about sharing their time, talents and energy. Some volunteers have been with us for over 20 years.

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