Dedication to Diversity and Inclusivity

Steve Laut & Lori Egger


For visionary philanthropists Steve Laut and Lori Egger, making decisions about new initiatives to support involves the understanding there will be a real, tangible impact for the community.

“What excited us most about Glenbow Reimagined is the forward thinking that has gone into its development,” says Lori.  “The dedication to reconciliation, diversity and inclusivity were aspects we could get behind” adding that they were also drawn to the “increased accessibility, expanded educational programs and more community engagement.”

With an opportunity to view the architectural plans, they were impressed by the welcoming and accessible design of the new building.  Seeing the potential for change inside and out, they were particularly attracted to the concept of renewal for Glenbow.  According to Steve, “We really like the commitment to sustainability, as the original building is being renovated.”

Among exhibitions to look forward to in the new Glenbow, Steve and Lori have always been captivated by Canadian art, offering diverse perspectives for a diverse country.  “We enjoy all art but have a special interested in Canadian art—depictions of  Canadian landscapes, art that tells a story, pieces steeped in symbolism, artwork that includes a bit of whimsey and humour,” says Lori.

Calgary is fortunate to have forward thinking community builders like Steve and Lori, whose devotion to helping others is a family tradition. 

“Philanthropy has always been important for our family. Giving back to our community, whether through donation, time or effort, is understood by all of us to be an essential and long-term commitment,” says Steve.

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