Irfhan Rawji

Arts + Culture = Thriving Economy

Irfhan Rawji


As a successful tech entrepreneur, Irfhan Rawji knows what it takes to attract talent to cities, and he understands how foundational that is to building and growing Calgary’s economy. 

“Activating cities with arts and culture makes them exciting, engaging, and liveable; it is this engagement that attracts and retains the best talent,” says Irfhan. “The greatest cities around the world, the ones with the most innovative and thriving economies, are also cities with flourishing arts and cultural sectors.” 

Irfhan has played a key role in making Glenbow Reimagined a reality. As a Glenbow Board member since 2014, Board Chair between 2018 and 2021, and as a major donor to the campaign, he truly understands the transformational impact the new Glenbow can have for our community.

“I believe that cultural institutions have a critical role to play in advancing society from our current reality to our desired future state,” says Irfhan, adding that “art museums can inspire and activate the discussions required to catalyze change.”

In considering his gift to the campaign, Irfhan was inspired by the new vertical gallery, designed to draw natural light into the core of the building, to illuminate the entire space. He notes that “the balance of this light both physically and spiritually at the centre of the gallery is beautiful to contemplate.”

As Calgary continues to become a highly diverse, attractive and liveable city, the new Glenbow with its breathtaking design is sure to be one of the highlights for residents and visitors from around the globe.

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