Allison Hakomaki & John MacAuley, BMO Financial Group

Investing in the Arts, Enriching Lives

BMO Financial Group


In mid-September, we were thrilled to celebrate the announcement of a $1-million gift from BMO Financial Group, in support of the campaign to reimagine the future of Glenbow.

“It’s our privilege to continue to partner with the Glenbow, who alongside talented artists and curators, deliver dynamic exhibitions to our community each year,” says John MacAulay, Regional President, Personal Banking, Prairies. “This expansive renovation will help position the Glenbow as a leading cultural institution – one which showcases art and programming in innovative ways, and which provides access to the arts across Calgary, the province, and beyond.”

In 2024 when the newly renovated Glenbow opens, the Feature Exhibition Reception Space on the second floor will be named “BMO Hall”, in recognition of this milestone donation.

”BMO’s exemplary commitment to funding arts and culture underpins a strategic understanding that access to creativity and innovation benefits everyone,” says Nicholas Bell, President & CEO of Glenbow.

“BMO has been a major patron of the arts for over two centuries, establishing and demonstrating longstanding support to some of Canada’s founding regional and national cultural institutions,” says Allison Hakomaki, Senior Vice President and Head, BMO Corporate Finance, Prairies. “Embedded in our DNA, we’ve remained steadfast in our belief that art informs, inspires, and enriches our lives.”

BMO investing in the arts is an investment in our community’s future.

Nicholas Bell

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