Matthew Protti & Jillian Kosolofski

Transforming Downtown Calgary

Matthew Protti & Jillian Kosolofski


For Matthew Protti and Jillian Kosolofski, being involved with the newly reimagined Glenbow is about more than a passion for art and culture. It’s about the long-term sustainability of our city.

“We think that the renovation and further opening up of Glenbow’s exhibitions to Calgarians and visitors is a crucial step towards Calgary’s downtown revitalization,” says Matthew.

After reviewing the building plans, Matthew and Jillian chose to support the project because it addressed the importance of revitalizing and repurposing an existing structure, as well as re-fitting it with environmentally sound systems and materials.

The new building’s focus on accessibility was also an attractive pillar of the design. “We have enjoyed visiting museums around the world and feel that the best ones are inclusive, open and accessible spaces for everyone to enjoy,” says Jillian.

In recognition of their generous donation to Glenbow Reimagined, the meeting bench in the new Glenbow lobby will be named for the Protti-Kosolofski Family.

“Both Jillian and I have chosen Calgary’s high quality of life, exceptional community spirit and progressive attitude to make our family’s home, and we look forward to a future where Glenbow is a Calgary cultural cornerstone.”

Calgary, as a young global city, is ready for a modern, transformative museum experience.

Matthew Protti

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