Stories of Gay Calgary: A Conversation with Kevin Allen


Artist Talk

Kevin Allen is the founder of the Gay History Project, an ongoing initiative to document the lived history of Calgary’s LGBTQ2+ community. He is also a fourth-generation Calgarian, the first historian-in-residence at Calgary’s Central Public Library and the author of Our Past Matters: Stories of Gay Calgary.

Today, Friday June 26, 2020, is two days before the 51st anniversary of the Stonewall riots, which are now commemorated annually with Pride festivals around the world, Kevin helps us explore our city’s little known LGBTQ2+ history. In this conversation Kevin shares his journey to becoming a historian, highlights the importance of community gathering places like the legendary Club Carousel, reveals the nuances of language and tells a story that proves Calgary’s gay history goes all the way back to the signing of Treaty 7.

You can find out more about the Gay History Project here:

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