Cyclone Ranching Mavericks


An Incorrigible History of Alberta


Meet some the fascinating people who shaped the history of Alberta. This dynamic gallery told our province’s history through the stories of 48 mavericks – men and women who shaped Alberta with their ingenuity, ambition and adventurous spirit.

Maverick: a unique character, an inspired or determined risk-taker, forward-looking, creative, eager for change, someone who propels Alberta in a new direction or who alters the social, cultural, or political landscape.

Aritha Van Herk, author

Relevant to people of all ages and cultures – Calgarians, Albertans, Canadians and people from around the world – Mavericks tells the story of where we came from and how we grew into a community.

Inspired by Aritha van Herk’s award-winning book of the same title, Mavericks tells the story of what it means to be an Albertan. Here, history comes alive through dynamic, hands-on experiences, providing visitors with an opportunity to learn by doing as well as seeing. From the 25-foot illuminated Telstar Drug sign, a landmark from Calgary’s Kensington community to a replica of a Curtiss Jenny JN-4, the type of plane flown by Alberta First World War pilot Freddie McCall, you’ll discover the rich history of the region. 


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