Glenbow visible storage racks; Architectural concept rendering by DIALOG


Ensuring Glenbow is radically accessible


Throughout planning and work to renovate the building and rethink the museum, Glenbow has been asking what it means for a museum to be radically accessible. This approach is helping shape the experiences for all visitors coming to Glenbow at the JR Shaw Centre for Arts & Culture.

Free general admission—forever

Thanks to a donation from the Shaw Family Foundation, the JR Shaw Free Admission Endowment of $25 million will eliminate general admission to the museum—forever. This fundamental barrier of affordability previously kept some people from being able to visit the museum. With free general admission, we can ensure everyone has an opportunity to access Glenbow’s resources, always. This transformational donation from the Shaw Family Foundation will shift access to the museum from a privilege for a few, to a right for all.

Visitor accessibility first

As we redesign the building, we are ensuring the new space is without barriers to physical accessibility. This means incorporating inclusive solutions throughout the planning and implementation and listening to experts and advocates with lived experience.

And we can’t forget the new front door, allowing easier and direct access into the building. 

Increased access to the collections

In our new space, more of Glenbow’s incredible collections will be available to view more often, providing opportunities to see more pieces, drive dialogue and support reconciliation. The new collections storage spaces will feature windows, allowing visitors to view art and object storage across floors five, six and seven, which were previously not open to the public.

Dedication to Diversity and Inclusivity

Steve Laut & Lori Egger

Increased accessibility and the dedication to reconciliation and diversity are vital to Steve Laut and Lori Egger—and something they’re eager to get behind.

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