Glenbow’s new main entrance; Architectural concept rendering by DIALOG.


Planning for environmental and financial sustainability


From the outset of Glenbow Reimagined, we knew tearing the building down was not the right solution. Despite its age, we recognized the value and potential green solutions in rehabilitating the existing building. A sustainable Glenbow means taking progressive approaches to both the environment and our finances.

Environmental Sustainability

By reusing the existing building, we’re preventing:

  • 56,000 tons of new carbon being produced over the lifespan of the building
  • 38,000 tons of concrete out of landfill

Building a high performing building envelope and replacing obsolete systems will also:

  • Yield annual energy use savings of 38%
  • Reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions by 41%
  • We’ve considered future risks and hazards associated with climate change and have integrated mitigation strategies into the design to increase the building’s resiliency and to ensure a sustainable future for Glenbow. 

Financial Sustainability

Glenbow is progressively executing an impact portfolio lens across its investments, going beyond environmental, social and governance criteria to directly invest in organizations that support artists, Indigenous communities, mental health and wellness, and a healthy environment.

The building of new restaurant, shop, theatre and event spaces will increase earned revenues, protecting access to Glenbow’s resources from future economic uncertainty.

The JR Shaw Free Admission Endowment will bring more people to the museum and increase traffic to Calgary’s culture district, supporting the community’s economic recovery. 

Driving Cultural and Economic Growth

Glenbow Reimagined is at the forefront of the effort to revitalize Calgary, especially downtown, making it a place of inclusion, innovation and vibrancy. We aim to re-energize our cultural and economic landscape and help reframe Calgary to the world.

With a revitalized space and new access and engagement philosophy, Glenbow is a significant part of elevating our city onto the global stage of design, architecture, renewal and art. Turning the museum into an authentic, community asset will further support our community by inspiring, educating and uniting people.

Matthew Protti & Jillian Kosolofski

Transforming Downtown Calgary

Matthew Protti and Jillian Kosolofski

Transformation, revitalization and sustainability coming together – that’s what Matthew Protti and Jillian Kosolofski are excited to support.

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