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Thank you for considering a gift to Glenbow as part of your estate planning.

Creating a planned gift or financial legacy is a meaningful way to support the long term viability of your favourite charity and make a lasting impact in your community.  It also provides creative and flexible strategies to achieve your tax benefit and estate planning goals.  We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your wishes and ambitions for supporting Glenbow. 

A planned gift can generally be set up without impacting your current financial circumstances and often involves the use of financial or legal instruments, the most common listed below:  


Once you have taken care of your family and loved ones, you may consider naming Glenbow as a beneficiary of a remaining portion of your estate.  In consultation with your professional trusted advisor, this is one of the simplest methods of completing a legacy gift.


A gift of securities is one way to make a planned gift that you might not be able to consider making as a cash gift, and it can provide a meaningful tax advantage. Listed securities can include shares, bonds and mutual funds.  CLICK HERE to download our 1-page form and make an electronic Gift of Securities to Glenbow.


A gift of life insurance is an option to make a sizable donation at a relatively low cost. This includes purchasing or donating an existing policy while naming Glenbow as the owner or beneficiary. A gift of life insurance can also provide you with tax benefits during your lifetime.


A charitable gift annuity is an attractive option if your focus is financial security rather than income. A donation is made to Glenbow, with a portion being used to purchase a life annuity which provides you, or another named individual, with guaranteed income for life through annuity payments which are mostly tax exempt.


Cash, listed securities or real estate can be transferred to a trustee who holds and manages the assets. A trust indenture is required to establish a charitable remainder trust naming Glenbow as the residual beneficiary.


Click HERE to learn more about donations of art to Glenbow.

Should you have questions or would like more information about making planned gift to Glenbow, please contact:

Wendy Fallon
Director, Advancement Operations

Always consult with your professional tax advisor, accountant or financial planner during your consideration of any legacy gift. We would be pleased to work with you and your trusted advisors to ensure that your legacy giving intentions are met.

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