Elaine de Kooning, Elands and Bull (Cave #46), 1985, Collection of Glenbow

Recent Acquisitions 2018


Organized by Glenbow

From compelling artworks by both established and emerging artists to fascinating artifacts and from Glenbow’s Indigenous Studies and Cultural History collections, the exhibition Recent Acquisitions exemplifies the depth and breadth of Glenbow’s vast and varied collection.

Chris Woods, Behold the King, 1997, Collection of Glenbow

For 50 years, Glenbow has collected art and objects that represent the culture and history of our region and beyond. Every item (whether donated or purchased), is acquired into the collection with the intention that it should be used to learn, understand and inspire. This exhibition is an opportunity to share some of the special items that Glenbow collected in 2018.

For more insights into Glenbow’s collecting mandate and what was on view in this exhibition, read our blog posts The Art of Collecting and Collections Connection: Graeme Patterson

Graeme Patterson, Church Lady from the Puppet Collective (edition I), 2008, mixed media, 5/52; Man in Striped Shirt and Jeans from the Puppet Collective (edition I), 2008, mixed media, 42/52; Rockabilly Boy from the Puppet Collective (edition I), 2008, mixed media, 44/52, Ubiquitous Gallery Assistant (edition II), 2009, mixed media, Collection of Glenbow

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